Kick off the school year with live music, food and SNL...

Campus Kick-Off is a huge welcoming party for UAA freshman and returning students. It's a great way to see what UAA has to offer...

The last First Friday of summer

There's a lot to do while the sun's still out this First Friday in downtown Anchorage with events starting as early as 4 p.m. The...

Get pumped: Six summer festivals for you

With the wide variety of music festivals and functions going on this summer, there is just about something for everyone to enjoy.The Bear Paw...

UAA graduate showcases ‘Intimacy’

In May, Anya Gudimova graduated from UAA with a degree in art with a concentration in painting, and a minor in English with an...

Looking back on ‘The Clone Returns Home’ and the Foreign Film...

Five years ago, “The Clone Returns Home” was the first movie I reviewed for this column. And as a movie about returns to life,...

Print Club members showcase the art of printmaking

The Hugh McPeck Gallery on the second floor of the Student Union opened its doors to “Print Club,” an exhibition showcasing the work of...

Goosefest replaced with smaller events this summer

After three years of Goosefest, the July event will not be returning this summer. Goosefest, a small music festival at Cuddy Quad, was starting to...

All About Anchorage: summer events in June

Take a look at what Anchorage has to offer through the first month of the summer

PBS Kids show portrays Alaska Native culture

Princess Daazhraii Johnson, a Gwich’in Athabascan producer who lives in Fairbanks, is the creative producer for the series. She is also an alumna of UAA.

Bivy offers internship, aimed at art students

The small space, owned by Simonetta Mignano, is looking for an intern to fill a role working at Bivy for three to six months, four hours a week.

Coming to peace with injury: UAA artist creates her urn

Ember Jackinsky has an upcoming First Friday show at Bootleggers 8 Star Saloon, 612 F St., on May 4 at 5 p.m.

UAA ensemble to play crowd favorites for spring commencement

With a few more rehearsals to go through, Proskurnya and the ensemble will be ready to play in the Alaska Airlines Center on May 6 to celebrate this year’s graduates.

It’s a war of tones in the tryhard Austrian flick ‘Sarajevo’

Never has a movie been as blindingly overexposed as “Sarajevo.”

Ceramics students to present a semester’s work in Annual Spring Pottery...

On May 4 at 8 a.m., the doors to the wheel throwing studio will open for the Annual Spring Pottery Sale. UAA’s Clay Body...

Seven seniors hold thesis exhibit

For many seniors, a thesis paper is mandatory before graduating, but for the bachelor’s of fine arts students, a week-long exhibition showcasing their work...

Every opportunity ‘The Windmill’ has, it squanders

It’s rare to have a slasher so frontloaded with exposition that it feels rushed in its last half, but here we have “The Windmill,”...
Students from a wide variety of majors submitted artwork to the 2018 UAA Juried Student Art Show, which opened at the Hugh McPeck Gallery on April 12. The pieces will be on display until April 27.

Juried Student Art Show highlights talents from all majors

Any and all are welcome to submit their pieces to the art show to be judged by a juror

Students to showcase unique abilities in UAA Talent Show

On April 19 at 7 p.m., UAA students, staff, faculty, and the general public will have the opportunity to watch students show off their...

Quick Dash Films shows off collaborative talents in short films

Brothers James and John Kendall are making short films for now, but hope to someday create a feature film. The Kendall brothers grew up in...

Record Review: Summer 2018 has arrived in Kali Uchis’ ‘Isolation’

As winter retreats and snow continues to melt, the promise of summer glimmers in the near future, Kali Uchis’ debut studio album "Isolation" hints...

Some stories are black-and-white, ‘A Yellow Bird’ is black and blacker

Siva (Sivakumar Palakrishnan) is always on the outside looking in. As an ex-convict, getting out of prison only presented more challenges. Life outside it...

Dancers open the floor for next generation

During these dance battles, all the participants sign up for a specific battle and showcase their moves in front of their opponent(s). While they give it their all, three judges intently watch how they groove to the music and connect with their opponent.

The Weeknd steers us through heartbreak in ‘My Dear Melancholy’

The album consists of six songs with a total run time of 22 minutes. The album’s size takes you on an emotional journey through The Weeknd’s eyes.

Rain and Zoe travel to the main stage

"Rain and Zoe Save the World" is about the journey of two teenagers who travel cross-country via motorcycle to join a group of oil protesters. Along the way, Rain and Zoe learn the possible dangers the world may experience.

Pop into the Recital Hall for a concert of covers

The Contemporary Pop Songs Concert is free and open to the public.

Two sides to every story

UAA alumnus displays artwork at ARC Gallery outside of Consortium Library

Dour, thy name is ‘The Ritual’

Really, “The Ritual” has an identity problem: is it a monster flick smart enough to look original but too dumb to work? Or is it a coming-of-age story for four friends whose trauma keeps them apart?

‘Roseanne:’ The reboot America needed

20 years later, the Connor family tackles modern issues with inclusive comedy

Blink and you might miss the fierce Indian crime caper ‘Delhi...

In this dark Indian comedy, Tashi’s empty-headed fiancee Sonia unknowingly plays courier for a crime syndicate but can’t follow through, so she thrusts the responsibility onto Tashi, who thrusts onto Nitin, who thrusts it onto Arup.

‘Polished luminescence’ portrayed in New Dances 2018

Seven choreographers and 30 performers came together to create New Dances 2018. Each choreographer brings in their own concept and works independently with a group of dancers throughout the semester.