‘Stealth’ movie, like jets, should remain unseen

“Stealth” is a video game, sans controller. The look, feel and pace is that of a shoot-‘em-up action game involving fast jets, big explosions...

A&E Briefs

Depression-era 'The Rainmaker' The setting is a drought-ridden town in the West in Depression era America. The Rainmaker is based around a pivotal hot summer day in the life of spinster Lizzie Curry who keeps house for her father and two brothers on the family cattle ranch.

Wrap your mind around a spooky shot

It’s not Halloween without harvest-themed edibles. Candy corn, baked pumpkin seeds and bite-sized candy bars are a staple for the season. For the over...

Album Review: “Coexist” by The xx

Until iTunes displayed The xx’s album on its “new featured music” page, the talented music group never really had a spotlight. The British indie...

HSB holds Native virtual presentation

UAA’s Health and Sciences Building is holding an exhibition until March 6 titled “Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness.” In the third...

Darkness reigns in ‘Burke and Hare’

Getting by is hard. This adage is so true in the British dark comedy “Burke and Hare” that it drives the titular characters to...

The Boom Booms explode onto the UAA music scene

Rock-pop group The Boom Booms are coming to the UAA Student Union at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 12. They bring with them a unique blend of pop, hip-hop, reggae, soul and funk music.

Larp -A-Palooza hits UAA

Larp-A-Palooza is an event held by the UAA Game Club scheduled for March 5. At this event, students will have the opportunity to meet...

Black History Month Kicks off with Celebration

UAA’s Student Union Cafeteria was a place of celebration on January 29. Members of the community came together to eat, talk, and rejoice at...

‘Short Stories’ paintings are vibrant, striking

The paintings in Kathryn Carovano's show, "Short Stories," demonstrate her quintessential style: lots of rusty oranges and blues, simple but striking compositions, and layers...

Why kiss and tell when you can kiss and show?

Kissing has a vast and extremely complicated history, believed to have evolved from its original purpose of a mother showing affection to her infant,...

A&E Briefs

UAA rocks out with The Mountain Goats The Mountain Goats performed at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium on Feb. 19, the same day their latest studio album, "Heretic Pride," was released. The folk-rock band kicked off their tour in Anchorage before heading for the West Coast.

A&E Opinion: Queen B of Pop? Not yet

The shadows are full of whispers. The loyalists and the rebels are restless for confrontation. In light of a stunning victory in the nation’s greatest arena, a question has arisen: Is Beyonce Knowles the queen of pop?

Title-Symphony of Sounds hits 19th consecutive year

The 19th annual Symphony of Sounds event displayed a wide range of musical talent, including jazz, opera, classical and musical theatre last weekend. This...

Online opinions: When humor leads to threats in real life

Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has a right to express any opinion they have. Comedians, singers, artists, actors, authors and every other form...

Bloc Party’s ‘Weekend’ trip not for travel-weary listeners

Listening to Bloc Party's second album is like listening to the sound of being just barely too cool for school. It's a golden age that can happen at any time: the briefest window when one realizes whatever rat-race one happens to be engaged in is an illusion that won't have any lasting impact on the course of one's life and it's possible to breeze by armed with half-baked ambition and the knowledge that it doesn't matter what people think - until the next crushing societal pressure takes hold of one's psyche, and the window closes.

Sports Briefs

UAA's Williams earns GNAC honors UAA senior Ruby Williams has been honored at the Great Northwest Athletic Conference's co-Player of the Week for women's basketball after helping the nation's top-ranked Division II team run its winning streak to 22 games last week.

A&E Opinion: A meditation on frame rates

This topic is a wee bit technical for most, but I can guarantee that when most people see something at an unusual frame rate,...

Jellybean shooter, a springtime must

Jellybeans don’t just come in Easter baskets anymore. This shooter will knock you on your rump, so pay attention. Pour half an ounce of the blackberry brandy into a shot glass, filling it about a third of the way. Slowly pour in a third of a shot of Sambuca, which will layer it due to the differing densities of the alcohols. Layer the Southern Comfort on top.

Winter kicks off with Avalanche Awareness

The winter sports season has officially kicked off, and Parks and Recreation wants you to be safe by being informed. On Oct. 20 and 21, Parks and Recreation and the North America Outdoor Institute teamed up to present "Be Snow Smart" at Kincaid Park, a free symposium aimed encouraging more snow safety awareness.

‘The Intergalactic Nemesis’: A comic brought to life

How exactly does one describe a graphic novel for the stage? Proposing a solution to this odd question is “The Intergalactic Nemesis,” a sci-fi...

‘A Storm of Swords’ will break hearts while engaging readers

Warning: Review contains spoilers for the first two “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels There should be a support group for fans of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” No human can possibly take the punishment Martin doles out to readers.

A&E Opinion: Harry Potter and the ill-timed marketing scheme

“You’re a wizard, Harry.” These words from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” set many kids and adults on a journey wrought with joy, friendship, imagination, discovery, hurt, personal growth and, in many cases, sacrifice. Seven books, eight movies and 15 years later, Scholastic is honoring the “Harry Potter” books with a rerelease, complete with brand new cover art.

“Dreaming Bears” is a captivating memoir

Trading Greenwood, South Carolina for the remote Alaskan village of Venetie, then medical student J. Michael Holloway, along with his brother, Ted and friend...

Long time Alaskan launches book

Victor Fischer, an Alaskan resident since 1950, has a book launch Oct. 30 for his up-and-coming book, “To Russia With Love,” a journey about his adventurous life.

Blended wine morphs between flavors

Bitter is the name of the game with Claar Cellars Cabernet-Merlot fusion wine. This particular wine is made with a 60 percent helping of cabernet sauvignon and 40 percent merlot. Depending on the vintage and brand, these aren’t always the sweetest wines, but somehow the Claar Cellars blend of the two manages to be extra bitter.

‘The Eye of Moloch’ is bafflingly bad

In the first sentence of Glenn Beck's new thriller, “The Eye of Moloch,” Beck manages to abandon what it means to be a writer....

Rasta-punk band Skindred gets in the groove with latest album

No other group can command attention the way Skindred can. The Prince of Wales quartet is fronted by Benji Webb, a dreadlock-sporting Jamaican with...