Title-Symphony of Sounds hits 19th consecutive year

The 19th annual Symphony of Sounds event displayed a wide range of musical talent, including jazz, opera, classical and musical theatre last weekend. This...

Blended wine morphs between flavors

Bitter is the name of the game with Claar Cellars Cabernet-Merlot fusion wine. This particular wine is made with a 60 percent helping of cabernet sauvignon and 40 percent merlot. Depending on the vintage and brand, these aren’t always the sweetest wines, but somehow the Claar Cellars blend of the two manages to be extra bitter.

Winter kicks off with Avalanche Awareness

The winter sports season has officially kicked off, and Parks and Recreation wants you to be safe by being informed. On Oct. 20 and 21, Parks and Recreation and the North America Outdoor Institute teamed up to present "Be Snow Smart" at Kincaid Park, a free symposium aimed encouraging more snow safety awareness.

The Boom Booms explode onto the UAA music scene

Rock-pop group The Boom Booms are coming to the UAA Student Union at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 12. They bring with them a unique blend of pop, hip-hop, reggae, soul and funk music.

A&E Opinion: A meditation on frame rates

This topic is a wee bit technical for most, but I can guarantee that when most people see something at an unusual frame rate,...

Why kiss and tell when you can kiss and show?

Kissing has a vast and extremely complicated history, believed to have evolved from its original purpose of a mother showing affection to her infant,...