The New Star Wars Film Awakens your Nostalgia

When I was kid I had an uncle who was obsessed with Star Wars. He collected all the action figures, which one day would...

Bad dreams get ‘Taken’ for a good ride

While the plot might not seem like the most original, "Taken" actually feels like something never seen before. It is a thriller with a different spin on a kidnapping story that captivates the audience. Yet it also succeeds in not placating the viewers or treating them like they're Neanderthals who only want pretty explosions.

‘1776’ mixes humor, music, history with aplomb

Once you get past the initial giggles induced by the idea of a musical about the American Revolution, it’s smooth sailing. It would...

Unique online rental options abound

Video rental stores are quickly becoming a thing of the past, with little mom and pop stores rapidly disappearing. Some even predict that all movie rental stores will become an entity of the past within the next year or two. Yet Americans are still investing a good chunk of change in their favorite past time with an estimated $7 billion spent in movie rentals alone.

Mobile app review: Shazam ID’s music

It is a powerful app. On Friday nights, when your neighbors are blasting intriguing music, you can Shazam through the walls, and learn that...

Out North houses new collaboration between local dance group and poetry

Art takes many shapes and forms; it can be a painting on a wall, a statue in the park, a melody by a local musician, a dance in a recital or even a pencil scribbling on a scrap of paper. As creativity expands upon itself and artists take chances, art mediums are sometimes combined to make something new, unique and unified. This is what’s happening at Out North Contemporary Art House. After the closing of MTS Gallery last summer, the artists of various disciplines who called the gallery and performance space home had to find somewhere new to congregate.

Chad Carpenter juries for eclectic art exhibition

The annual Juried Student Art Exhibition is currently on display in the Student Union Gallery; in it are the 26 favorites as chosen by this year’s juror, Chad Carpenter. Carpenter, the creator and artist of Tundra comics, was tasked with choosing what he considered to be the best works out of the over 70 submissions, a task he said wasn’t easy. “I think I did a pretty good job getting the ones I thought would best fit what I was looking for, but it was tough,” he said. “You get anybody doing what I did, and you’re going to get 26 different answers. It’s difficult because I don’t want any of the artists to think that what I say actually matters. It’s just one man’s opinion.”

Additions to the Shootout half-time lineup

Halftime is cool-down time. The players are off the court, the bathroom breaks are commencing and it’s everyone’s chance to unwind from the game tension for a few minutes.

‘Space Dandy’ first impressions

“Space Dandy” is a new space-themed comedy anime series by director Shinichiro Watanabe and studio Bones that premiered Jan. 4 on Toonami. The protagonist, Dandy, is an alien-hunting womanizer who travels across galaxies to harvest rare specimens of alien life.

‘House of Lies’ soundtrack only works for TV show

Everyone gets the blues every once and awhile, and no music is a better cure for the blues than the blues itself. The “House...

‘In Bruges’ is impossibly poignant

It is said that on the final day, the Son of Man will return to earth and separate the good from the evil, the...

‘Grim Fandango’ raises the dead

In 1998, “Grim Fandango” was released to critical acclaim and then soon forgotten. Despite the fact that it won several awards — even beating...

Riff Raff hits Fiesta Room for mere 20 minutes

Last Friday Night, the Fiesta Room was filled with concertgoers excitedly awaiting the arrival of Riff Raff, also known as the Neon Icon or...

The xenophobic “Them” falls short

In a tight 77 minutes, “Them” manages to convey an unsettling message, one not easily forgotten. However, that message is enough to undermine the...

‘Minutes to Midnight’ – New album’s different sound unlikely to bring...

In a world of music elitists, aspiring industry hounds and coffee-table artist development divisions of record labels, Linkin Park will never be anything more than a guilty pleasure or the favorite band of some kid with bad taste in music. Linkin Park's time is just about up.

{Music Review}

The Sick Lipstick is an example of that rare breed of band that seems to have started out by attempting to replicate five-second segments...

Park music goes well with a sandwich

Free music and good food always go well together. On Aug. 12 and 14, there will be two separate occasions of live music in the downtown Peratrovich Park. First to perform will be The Greatlanders who will be giving a show from noon to 1 p.m. since the concert is only an hour long, make lunch plans to go along with it.

The five most rightly anticipated games of fall

5) “Battlefield 3” (Oct. 25, 2011) Let’s face it; several military shooters will come out this upcoming year. Most gamers tend to go for whatever...

Read, recycle, Eco Chic it up

In the midst of “continually depleting’” natural resources, and the recycling craze that is meant to help circumvent the “extinction” of nature’s wonders; it is only fitting for UAA to creatively get on board the band wagon of sustainability. Thus USUAA’s sustainability committee presents: Eco Chic. “The clothing industry is really bad with the amount of water they use, and the pollutants they put into the air,” said Director of sustainability Paula Williams. “So if there is something that already exists, we should try to make use of it.” The focus and goal of this recyclable fashion show is to encourage the general populace to think outside of the box with their clothing choices, visually, creatively and locationally.

Til death do friends part

It’s hard to let someone go, especially when he or she has surrounded you for several years. But when you see it coming ahead of time, when you see the light at the end of your loved one’s tunnel and feel the rush of time and mortality, it can be even more difficult.

No-heat-o Mojito worth the effort

The No-heat-o Mojito virgin drink is not a simple mocktail. Its sweet flavor will appeal to both those under and over the drinking age. Despite its minor complexities, a focused attention to detail is well worth the delicious result.

‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ re-imagines while paying homage

The joy of seeing the land of Oz on the silver screen is absolutely incredible. Most people who see this new prequel are too young to have seen “Wizard of Oz” in theaters back in 1939, but that doesn’t diminish the wonder of it.

‘Once’ is a bittersweet lullaby

Tales of star-crossed lovers have graced movie screens since the beginning of cinema. Some are fine with being sappy, others strive for realism, but...

“The Women” presents a pleasant view of modernization

If the title alone didn't give it away and one knew nothing about this film's background, then there might be some very disappointed audience members. For the remake and modernization of the play and the 1939 film of the same name still holds true to the original concept: there are no men on screen at all during this film.

Dragonball Evolution

The camera takes a long languorous close-up of Goku (Justin Chatwin, "The Invisible") as sweat drips slowly down his face. A bead clings to his eyelashes and falls almost like a teardrop. Then the camera cuts to another close-up of moisture dripping slowly from the tip of his nose.

April Movie Preview

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” - April 4 Captain America or Steve Rogers (Chris Evans, “Thor: The Dark World”), wakes up in the future and...

Howlapalooza: A day of music and food

The Anchorage arts community is bustling with talent. Musicians, visual artists and acrobats alike have made their name in the community. Now, with the help of UAA Student Activities and local marketing firm Spawn Ideas, this local talent will have a big venue to perform for UAA students and the Anchorage community alike with “Howlapalooza.”


Most years, one could wear last year’s fall fashion and no one would know the difference. But every so often, a season comes along...


There seems to be a lot of themes with 2009's bigger releases so far: Animal Collective, Loney Dear, Andrew Bird. Animals, right? Well, yeah, that's the obvious one. But the slightly more clandestine theme seems to be growth. Animal Collective delved deeper into their melodic nautical.

Local painter favors the human body as her canvas

Face painting is a staple at most fairs, festivals and children’s birthday parties, yet the artistic liberty in face painting is usually lost to...