‘Explorers’ discovers young talent, unusual story

Long before “Spy Kids,” the mid-‘80s had plenty of adventure movies starring kids. But unlike flicks such as “Cloak and Dagger,” “Goonies,” or “The...

A&E Briefs

Conference presents faculty-chosen works A select number of UAA students presented original papers and projects in the Student Union April 3 and in the Fine Arts Building April 4. The conference promoted dialogue between students and community members to discuss topics like global warming, breast self-exams, English literature and salmon farming.

‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ underwhelms

Mindless action films have been a staple of American cinema ever since Sylvester Stallone mumbled and murdered his way through “Rambo: First Blood Part II” and “Rambo III.” “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” directed by Jon M. Chu, is another patriotic installment on this list filled to the brim with big-name actors.

12th Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference attracts writers from across the nation

Enjoy writing? It doesn't matter if it's non-fiction, fiction, poetry, screenplays or song lyrics, the Kachemak Bay Writers' Conference hopes to have it covered. The conference is a nationally recognized event that features workshops, readings and panels all about the art of creative writing. There are even activities such as boat cruises, camp-outs and bonfires to get those creative juices running.

Iron & Wine

UAA's Concert Board hosted nationally acclaimed folksinger Sam Beam, the artist of Iron & Wine, on Friday, March 28 at 7:30 P.M. at the...

Jay-Z starts another successful company

The modern-day music business can be seen as more industry driven, leaving executives to make decisions on what the public sees and hears. The...

TapRoot’s first Fall Music Festival caps off summer season

Taproot's first ever Fall Music Festival

‘Beating Back the Claws of the Cold’

Thank you, George Harrison. On behalf of me and perhaps The Pica Beats as well, thank you for making the sitar cool in pop music. Like Harrison's incorporation of Indian music to The Beatles, many bands have created innovative and interesting sounds by blending genres, for instance: Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly, Beirut, and now The Pica Beats.

Bad dreams get ‘Taken’ for a good ride

While the plot might not seem like the most original, "Taken" actually feels like something never seen before. It is a thriller with a different spin on a kidnapping story that captivates the audience. Yet it also succeeds in not placating the viewers or treating them like they're Neanderthals who only want pretty explosions.

Thera gears up to open for the Uneroath concert

“Someone once described us as melodic, hardcore rock,” said Ronnie Plate, a vocalist and guitarist in Thera, as well as a geology major in...

Shadows of the Damned review

No More Heroes creator, Suda 51, has teamed up with the guys from Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill to create an amazing tale...


True love conquers all. Or at least it does in the fairytale world of “Shrek”. This summer blockbuster by Dream Works is about an...

“Bourne Ultimatum” action-packed but hard to see

While "Bourne Ultimatum" is a nice conclusion to the series, it isn't quite what fans might expect. This film picks up exactly where the last one left off. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon, "Ocean's Eleven," "The Brothers Grimm") is in Russia and he's wounded.

Lemon Drop: so delicious, you can’t stop

Do you like the kick of a plain martini, but also enjoy fruitier flavors? The Lemon Drop martini is a glorious cocktail and fits...

The Escher complex of ‘Antichamber’

Enter the world of “Antichamber,” a first-person PC puzzler developed by industry newcomer Alexander Bruce. Bruce has been working on the game for four years. What he accomplished is incredible.

“Papers, Please” deserves your utmost attention

Being the inspector of a nation’s border doesn’t sound like much fun. In fact, most real inspectors would tell you it’s a slog. But...

What it takes to do stage auditions

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou ... what was the line again? It may sound easy, but landing a role in one of UAA’s Theater shows isn’t a cakewalk, even if it is a university production.

Creative Corner: In the service of the Crown, part 1

Since the beginning of the eleventh century piracy plagued the seas of the world. Many famous pirates, such as Sweyn Forkbeard, Stortbeker, Redbeard also known as Barbarossa, and Klein Hanslein also known as Little Jack, brought fear to many who sailed across the open ocean. During this time and up to the golden age of piracy of the late 1600’s, many struggled to end this scourge of the seas.

Rasta-punk band Skindred gets in the groove with latest album

No other group can command attention the way Skindred can. The Prince of Wales quartet is fronted by Benji Webb, a dreadlock-sporting Jamaican with...

Winter kicks off with Avalanche Awareness

The winter sports season has officially kicked off, and Parks and Recreation wants you to be safe by being informed. On Oct. 20 and 21, Parks and Recreation and the North America Outdoor Institute teamed up to present "Be Snow Smart" at Kincaid Park, a free symposium aimed encouraging more snow safety awareness.

A&E Opinion: Queen B of Pop? Not yet

The shadows are full of whispers. The loyalists and the rebels are restless for confrontation. In light of a stunning victory in the nation’s greatest arena, a question has arisen: Is Beyonce Knowles the queen of pop?

Jay-Z’s rhymes poorly designed on ‘The Blueprint 3’

With a big name like Jay-Z, one would expect a certain amount of quality. For example, a listener might not want to hear the...

A&E Opinion: Zombie films need a boost in story artistry

Zombie movies have become a joke. The ravenous undead are no longer terrifying. Now they're stupid, shambling mannequins on which laughable premises are thrust.

Jellybean shooter, a springtime must

Jellybeans don’t just come in Easter baskets anymore. This shooter will knock you on your rump, so pay attention. Pour half an ounce of the blackberry brandy into a shot glass, filling it about a third of the way. Slowly pour in a third of a shot of Sambuca, which will layer it due to the differing densities of the alcohols. Layer the Southern Comfort on top.

The bard’s take on a galaxy far, far away

The first “Star Wars” was a landmark in filmmaking, pushing the boundaries of what could be done with special effects back in the late ‘70s. When adapting to another medium, then, the most obvious choice is classical theater —Wait, what?!

“Dreaming Bears” is a captivating memoir

Trading Greenwood, South Carolina for the remote Alaskan village of Venetie, then medical student J. Michael Holloway, along with his brother, Ted and friend...

‘Xenoblade’ is still a huge leap for RPGs

Upon its 2010 release, “Xenoblade Chronicles” subverted all expectations for the Japanese role-play game, or JRPG, genre. It was almost an anti-JRPG, adapting to...

The Ten-Week Gaming Initiative: Gaming classics I’ve never played before

  I like to think of myself as a pretty decent gaming critic. But with that said, with the many new releases that I cover...