Fair Verona comes to UAA in “Romeo and Juliet”

The classic love story of “Romeo and Juliet” is coming to the University of Alaska Anchorage through the Department of Theatre and Dance. The...

Employee art featured at First Friday

The first Friday of every month is a celebration of all things artistic in Anchorage. Galleries and locally owned shops host special receptions revealing their newest art and products, often offering deals as well. In the past, restaurants have even gotten in on the festivities by making special dishes for the occasion.

Thomas Chung’s ‘The Trickster’ on display at ARC Gallery

After drawing controversy over decapitated Trump painting, UAA art professor’s current exhibit looks at the trickster archetype

New ‘Fallout’ pack is a little bit alien

"Mothership Zeta," the newest "Fallout 3" downloadable content pack has you fighting your way out of a massive UFO with a death ray. That's right, a death ray. This is the last "Fallout 3" downloadable content pack to be released, so might as well end on a high note.

New movie bogged down by feminine stereotypes

Marriage, kids and career; three delicate aspects of life that, when combined, must be juggled with care in order to ensure the growth and...

Overtones of others in ‘Great Escape Artist’

“Jane’s Addiction” has a new album called “The Great Escape Artist.” It’s a great little record that sounds like “Cage the Elephant,” “Bjork,” and...

Don’t bother with ‘Alliance’

Gameloft is setting its sights on the PS3. The mobile game publisher only releases downloadable games, which usually are clones of more famous games,...

Soda smorgasbord

A drink review of Sioux City Sarsaparilla, Kickapoo Joy Juice, Bawls Guarana, and Waialua Soda Works Mango Soda!

‘Top Hat’ a refreshing rom-com, despite being several decades old

Romantic comedies are a dime a dozen in the movie industry, and while their plots are mostly the same, occasionally a gem shines through. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened for at least a decade. Unless you’re an avid rom-com-aholic, most movies in this genre are forgettable and interchangeable.

Bad dreams get ‘Taken’ for a good ride

While the plot might not seem like the most original, "Taken" actually feels like something never seen before. It is a thriller with a different spin on a kidnapping story that captivates the audience. Yet it also succeeds in not placating the viewers or treating them like they're Neanderthals who only want pretty explosions.
Students from a wide variety of majors submitted artwork to the 2018 UAA Juried Student Art Show, which opened at the Hugh McPeck Gallery on April 12. The pieces will be on display until April 27.

Juried Student Art Show highlights talents from all majors

Any and all are welcome to submit their pieces to the art show to be judged by a juror

Blonde is the breath of fresh air we didn’t know we...

2016 has been an incredible year for music so far. Numerous releases...

UAA Glee Club packs the house

The UAA Glee club closed out the semester this weekend with two performances that absolutely packed the house. By the end of the Friday night concert, the nineteen member performance ensemble had received two standing ovations and a call for an encore, for which they received yet another standing ovation. As a group that began with a six member collaborative roughly two years ago, this is a dream come true.

A&E Briefs

Local novelist discusses writing science fiction and other works Alaska author David Marusek gave a signing and discussion of his first novel, "Counting Heads," in the UAA Campus Bookstore on Oct. 26. Marusek has been named one of the best sci-fi authors to date.

‘Sin City’ an opus of filth and beauty

In recent years, there has been a steady stream of movies adapted from comic books. Never has a comic book been adapted as faithfully...

‘Her’: A provocative technological love story

Can a human fall in love with a computer? One that progressively learns with each word spoken with it, and can calculate or search for anything in a nanosecond? Is technology jumping forward fast enough to the point that people can create machines and software that can feel sorrow and joy? What are the ethical implications of that?

Dear Science

"Return to Cookie Mountain," TV on the Radio's 2006 album, was one of the most talked about albums of that year. People wouldn't shut up about it. It was "TV on the Radio this" and "TV on the Radio that". Of course, there are some high expectations for the band to live up to.

‘After Earth’: Has M. Night Shyamalan lost his touch?

“After Earth” is a film about emotions. Its central theme is that of conquering fear and overcoming negative emotions in order to overcome the...

What really makes a best picture at the Oscars

It's time for the movie "Superbowl" otherwise known as the Oscars, and viewers from all over the world will be tuning in to see what movie will win the Best Picture of the year award. However, over the last few years a certain pattern has become more and more evident.

Kim Petras delivers everything you love about halloween in “Turn off...

Kim Petras is back at it again, delivering an eight track mixtape: “Turn off The Light Vol. 1.” It’s just in time for October’s...

‘New Dances 2013’ showcases student talents

From the things that bring us together and pull us apart, to the damaging generalizations that can imprison us, the UAA department of theater and dance has something to say about the human experi­ence.

Successful first concert at the Alaska Airlines Center

The Alabama Shakes took the stage Sept. 13 at the Alaska Airlines Center with opening Alaskan act the Whipsaws. The concert was the first...

‘Now You See Me’: Will you believe in magic?

Filmmaking in and of itself is an illusion. With a strong story and effects, a film effectively fools the audience and draws them in...

‘Team America’ uses satire, puppets to address terrorism

Over the years, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have tackled many heavy issues on their smash-hit television show “South Park.” From Charles Dickens to...

UPASS celebrates 20-year anniversary with art competition

The “Platinum Partnership” art exhibit, named after the anniversary metal for 20 years, is a component of a year-long celebration in honor of the...

Local artists creates an indoor sculpture park for gallery show

Heavy, damp, gritty but also a little refreshing; so familiar, but until you step into the Student Union Gallery, it’s a difficult scent to place: grass.

Becoming Alaskan through fish and Art

Known for his fish inspired art, Ray Troll continues to be inspired by Alaskan fish culture.

Local band The Smile Ease to play at First Tap in...

Playing music since 2001, The Smile Ease has been around the block when it comes to Alaska’s music scene. They’ve been around a lot...

Dance Together Alaska Festival begins at UAA

The third annual three-day celebration of dancing and general merriment is coming to UAA this week. April 24 through April 26 will feature over 30 classes on dance open to the public, a dance competition and a final dance performance. The first day involves the So You Think You Can Dance, Alaska? dance competition at 7:30 p.

‘Imperfect Harmonies’ earns a perfect score

It has been three long years, marked by only one single release, since Serj Tankian put out his “Elect the Dead” album. He’s finally back...