Beck – Morning Phase

Beck - Morning Phase Rating: 3/5 It's pretty clear from just the 41-second introduction to Beck's new Morning Phase that novelty, boundary pushing, and plain weirdness...

‘Mortal Kombat X’ is brilliant and desperate

Within the last four years, NetherRealm Studios has become one of the most prolific fighting game developers in the industry. In 2011, they rebooted...

Red Chair a deceptively dark pale ale

Brew: Red Chair, NWPA Brewery: Deschutes Available: January to April ABV: 6.2% IBU: 60 For those who aren’t fond of pale ale, Red Chair is a decent in-between to...

From government to children’s books, a conversation with Fran Ulmer

She may have retired from being UAA’s chancellor, but Frances “Fran” Ulmer has been keeping busy. Ulmer visited UAA on March 1 to share something very special to her, a children’s book she wrote for her three-year-old grandson, Lucas.

MellowHype raises the bar

Sharing hundreds of blunts and stages as a member of OFWGKTA with infamous rapper Tyler the Creator gave rising rap duo MellowHype the knowledge of what rap fans want to hear. No longer destined to merely be the mid-stage lurkers at shows, MellowHype's new album "Numbers," released Oct. 9, establishes them as serious contenders in the rap industry.

Wolf Eyes spontaneous, not scatterbrained on new album

Wolf Eyes takes an imaginary sound and makes it reality on “Burned Mind.” The noise this Michigan-based trio creates has that ever-elusive combination of...

‘The Life of Pablo’ underwhelms

People hate Kanye. I get it, he's an egotistical asshole that says whatever he wants and for the most part, gets away with it....

“The Salvation” is anything but

Title: “The Salvation” Director: Kristian Levring Release date: May 22, 2014 Genre: Western Country: Denmark Rating: 2 out of 5 “The Salvation” is anything but By Jacob Holley-Kline...

‘Birds in Art’ awes and educates

Birds have been used in art for thousands of years. But artists have come a long way from the cave drawings of old. “Birds in Art” is an art exhibit that garners thousands of submissions a year from around the world.

Sketching with thread; turning habit into artwork

Traditional artists roam the isles of art supply stores seeking canvas and pens to free an image that is trapped within their minds eye. But artist Dallas Wildeve would prefer to roam a construction site. This is where she finds her inspiration and the materials that bring that inspiration to life. “There is joy for me in taking discarded materials and giving them new life,” said Wildeve. “I find myself collecting construction materials, packaging and all sorts of odds and ends.”

Retro Rewind: ‘Singin’ in the Rain’

“Singin’ in the Rain” is an indisputable classic. It’s fun, light-hearted and has a bunch of catchy tunes that’ll be stuck in your head...

’30 Days of Night’ has soft bite, AK inaccuracies

With the very cool idea behind the graphic novel "30 Days of Night" - vampires tramping up to Barrow, Alaska, for a monthlong feeding frenzy during winter's prolonged darkness - it was virtually assured that Hollywood would turn it into a movie. Yet while the flick is a huge cut above most of the gorefests passing themselves off as scary movies today, the premise and its repetitive gimmicks gradually grow as monotonous as, well, 30 days of night.

‘All in Good Time’ needs a little more time, humor

All in Good Time Barenaked Ladies Raisin’ Records Release Date: March 30, 2010 With the funny men of Canada missing a vocalist, they aren’t so funny this time...

‘Dr.Dolittle 2’

Twentieth Century Fox has another blockbuster on their hands and Eddie Murphy cements his position as the sequel king in Dr. Dolittle 2. The world...

App Review: Dishonored: Rat Assassin

While gamers endure the pure, unadulterated torture of waiting for “Dishonored: Rat Assassin” to be released next week, the game publishers have generously gifted the eager masses with a teaser game so they can get their assassination fix in the meantime.

Valentine’s Day playlist: how to set the mood

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and whether you’ve got yourself a “boo” or you’re swiping right until your fingers are sore, there...

Pumpkin ‘Rumtini,’ a festive drink to carry through the autumn holidays

It’s a misnomer if there ever was one — there’s no vodka or gin in the Pumpkin Martini, so it isn’t a real martini. But it is a delicious drink for autumn.

March First Friday rundown

Experience Fur Rondy and local art downtown this First Friday

Heroic epic ‘Beowulf’ draws in audience with animation

It's been a long time since an animated film was made that was aimed at an audience of adults only, but "Beowulf" succeeds in this medium better than it has in some of its live-action adaptations.

‘Youth Novels’

People who think they know a lot about music say that the best pop comes out of Sweden. Their defense comes from ABBA, The Cardigans, Peter Bjorn and John, and most recently, Lykke Li. New to the Swedish music scene, Lykke Li can only hope to hold up those high-quality pop music standards.


IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK . . . ...Refuse to face reality every day, and this year sparkles as one of the most unreal....

Baths: ‘Obsidian’

Whereas 2010?s “Cerulean” chirped and twitched in artistically novel way, knob-turner/producer savant Baths’ new album, “Obsidian,” favors blood-thinning vocal performance of chilling lyrics atop his signature organica-influenced blend of musical surrealism.

Becoming Alaskan through fish and Art

Known for his fish inspired art, Ray Troll continues to be inspired by Alaskan fish culture.

Behind the Scenes Pt 1: Unsung heroes

The actors take a final bow, the curtain falls and opening night of their show, the end product of weeks of meticulous training & memorization, has come to a close. After changing they all make their way out to the crowd of friends, family and supporters to receive well-deserved words of congratulations.

Best chocolate cupcake in town

For many, birthday parties and celebrations are among the greatest joys of growing up. The expectation of ingesting copious amounts of sugary treats usually puts a smile on kids’ faces.

UNKLE describes their ‘War Stories’ from albums past

James Lavelle is nuts. But maybe that's UNKLE's defining factor: James Lavelle is nuts. The man who started the band insists on full cardboard packaging on all of his CDs, possibly having some grudge against plastic. His albums, which started out creepy and cinematic, only get more so with every release. And his band roster is most similar to that of The Gorillaz, but without the successful gimmick of a cartoon front.


Most years, one could wear last year’s fall fashion and no one would know the difference. But every so often, a season comes along...

‘The Night Circus:’ Welcome, one and all, to the circus of...

There is an aura of elegant mystery surrounding “The Night Circus,” and it’s not just because of the black-and-white colored tents. Though the monochrome...

Claybody Club hosts annual ceramics exhibition

UAA’s Student Union gallery opened its doors Thursday, January 22 for “Claybody.” The Claybody Club at UAA consists of UAA students that are enrolled...

A&E Opinion: Zombie films need a boost in story artistry

Zombie movies have become a joke. The ravenous undead are no longer terrifying. Now they're stupid, shambling mannequins on which laughable premises are thrust.