Yellowcard Q&A with violinist Sean Mackin

Yellowcard a pop punk/alternative band that’s been around for 17 years and began playing together purely for the opportunity to play the Vans Warped...

Two sides to every story

UAA alumnus displays artwork at ARC Gallery outside of Consortium Library

Kick off the school year with live music, food and SNL...

Campus Kick-Off is a huge welcoming party for UAA freshman and returning students. It's a great way to see what UAA has to offer...

Where to get some grub around UAA

Food in Gorsuch Commons Creekside Eatery The Creekside Eatery, mainly used by students living on campus, offers all-you-can-eat buffet-style meals. Meals can be purchased with meal...

‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre:’ A look at Western greed...

Iconic film shows the psychological impact of prospecting

Swing by the Anchorage Folk Festival

This year’s schedule packs in over 140 local acts and 40 workshops, with topics ranging from juggling, to Zen of music theory, to swing dancing. Each week of the festival also features a special guest artist.

Bivy offers internship, aimed at art students

The small space, owned by Simonetta Mignano, is looking for an intern to fill a role working at Bivy for three to six months, four hours a week.

Theatre students debut ‘Earthquake ’64’

Upcoming play focuses on impact of Good Friday earthquake on state and nation

Art and commerce are the rich man’s game in ‘Beltracchi: The...

In its most striking moments, “Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery” drops its sympathetic eye and watches the artist work.

Reindeer sausage food quest

On a quest though downtown Anchorage to find the best reindeer hot dog.
Students from a wide variety of majors submitted artwork to the 2018 UAA Juried Student Art Show, which opened at the Hugh McPeck Gallery on April 12. The pieces will be on display until April 27.

Juried Student Art Show highlights talents from all majors

Any and all are welcome to submit their pieces to the art show to be judged by a juror

Anchorage lacks arcade scene, offers alternatives

Late one night, rain was falling hard on the streets of Shanghai. The promenade led to a shopping center and upon entering, the booming bass of Asian pop bordered on deafening and the flashing cabinet lights punctuated the neon glow. In rows, people faced each other, accompanied by shouts that either relished victory or lamented defeat.

High school filmmakers aim for international recognition

“It’s very interesting because I’ve always been in a position where I am able to speak for myself because I’ve been raised in a country where my first language is the main language. So, I find it very interesting that I’m able to express someone else’s version of what it’s like to live in a different country,” Cailey Winn, the actress playing Sasha, said.

God save us from ‘Rise of the Legend’

The martial arts genre is built on Wong Fei-hung's life. Born in 1847, the Chinese folk hero ran a martial arts school and medical...

It’s a war of tones in the tryhard Austrian flick ‘Sarajevo’

Never has a movie been as blindingly overexposed as “Sarajevo.”

Goosefest replaced with smaller events this summer

After three years of Goosefest, the July event will not be returning this summer. Goosefest, a small music festival at Cuddy Quad, was starting to...

English department’s annual anthology accepting creative work from all majors

"Understory: An Annual Anthology of Achievement" features undergraduate works of creative writing and scholarly research.

‘Transition’ art exhibition will pay tribute to Hugh McPeck

Students and colleagues will honor McPeck's name with works inspired by their late mentor and friend.

Rain and Zoe travel to the main stage

"Rain and Zoe Save the World" is about the journey of two teenagers who travel cross-country via motorcycle to join a group of oil protesters. Along the way, Rain and Zoe learn the possible dangers the world may experience.

Female perspectives on female bodies

Riva Symko will host a short walk through of the exhibit to point out some of her favorites and interesting facts on March 1, 12:15 - 12:45 p.m.

What’s the hullabaloo at the Hugh McPeck art gallery?

"Transatlantic Hullabaloo" currently showing at the Hugh McPeck art gallery is a shotgun blast of creativity.

Fandoms showcased in Anchorage

The new exhibit at the Anchorage Museum will host a unique mix of fandoms for all ages.

The people are the point of ‘The Propaganda Game’

So many documentaries about North Korea focus on Kim Jong-un's regime. Interviews with the citizens emphasize the horror they live under, but not who...

Dour, thy name is ‘The Ritual’

Really, “The Ritual” has an identity problem: is it a monster flick smart enough to look original but too dumb to work? Or is it a coming-of-age story for four friends whose trauma keeps them apart?

The zine scene

Small magazines celebrate local artists, photographers

34 years on, there’s no movie like ‘Eight Diagram Pole Fighter’

I first watched the Shaw Brothers masterpiece “Eight Diagram Pole Fighter” on a Saturday with my now fiancée. I knew what the Shaw Brothers...

Incompetency reigns in the Spanish hodgepodge ‘The Invisible Guardian’

“The Invisible Guardian” is another banal crime thriller slapped together with all the good pieces of better crime thrillers.

‘Sword Master’ tries to hide its well-trod story

The fight scenes are grand, the performances are larger than life, and the set design is lavish.

There’s not a dull moment in ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’

“Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is one of those movies where everything about it just works. It's a remarkable thing, given how disparate so many...

‘Catch & Release’ welcomes students back to campus at Hugh McPeck

Two UAA fine arts majors are sharing the Hugh McPeck Gallery’s space for its latest exhibit. Katherine Massong and Erin Cockreham have been working during...