Rich Brian’s debut, ‘Amen,’ blesses the charts

Rising artist Rich Brian, the 18-year-old rapper from Indonesia, releases his debut album

Taking classical guitar and percussion to another level

"Mundus Canis: A Guitar and Percussion Concert" will take place Nov. 2 at 7:30 p.m. in the UAA Fine Arts Building. Tickets are $9.99 for students, $14.99 for seniors and military and $19.99 for adults.

UAA painting professor provokes thought with exhibition in Anchorage Museum

“When I first walked in, the thing that struck me was the level of skill that I saw in the paintings. They are incredibly...

Countdown to Senshi Con

Alaska's largest anime convention is more than just cosplay and comics.

‘New Kid’ sends important message to children disguised as humorous play

“New Kid,” the next performance on the UAA Theatre and Dance schedule, is a production aimed at Anchorage’s younger audience of elementary-aged students. The...

Anchorage International Film Festival returns with hundreds of new films

Anchorage International Film Festival is in its 16th year and runs Dec. 1-10

Student sends political message with art collection

There will be a First Friday reception for “We’re All in This Together” from 5 to 7 p.m. March 2 in the Hugh McPeck Gallery, located upstairs at the Student Union.

The First Friday of fall preview

Experience new art across downtown Anchorage during this month's First Friday event Oct. 6

Biennial faculty art exhibition to show off talent in art department

Erudite Antics, the 11th UAA Faculty Biennial Exhibition returns to the Kimura Gallery on Nov. 12. The exhibition occurs every two years in order...

Local Artist Spotlight: Brian Schuch

Originating from a background in wilderness survival, Brian Schuch’s knife making follows traditional practices to produce unique, authentic and practical works of art. In under...

‘Shin Godzilla’ propels Gojira into the 21st century

Thank the lord for the linear thrill ride of “Shin Godzilla.” In a world where white supremacists are on the march again and our...

‘Roseanne:’ The reboot America needed

20 years later, the Connor family tackles modern issues with inclusive comedy

November First Friday offers wide range of art, photography events

Museums, boutiques and restaurants are once again hosting works of art and events in Anchorage for the First Friday of November.Events at the Anchorage...

‘Radium Girls’ opening this weekend

The UAA Department of Theatre and Dance's production tells the story of one woman's fight for justice against dangerous corporate practices.

UAA’s Multicultural Fair: Celebration for everyone

UAA’s first Multicultural Fair took place in the Student Union on March 21. The event offered a chance for students to experience different nationalities...

Ancient Greek comedy, ‘Lysistrata,’ opens this weekend

It’s 411 BCE. The Peloponnesian War is ongoing. A woman named Lysistrata takes it upon herself to help stop the war by persuading other...

Two sides to every story

UAA alumnus displays artwork at ARC Gallery outside of Consortium Library

“Splice” is twisted, morally disturbing

The writer’s of “Splice” are as visionary in their concept as they are depraved. This movie depicts an internal battle of morals versus the...

Localize It: Throw, trim, glaze, repeat

Maxine Feteke's love for ceramics has thrown her into in what UAA's art program has to offer.

‘Infinite possibility’: ARC Gallery displays nests in various forms

The subject of “nests” can mean many things. It can symbolize a home, a place of growth and even femininity. The ARC Gallery is...

‘The Giver’ is a classic read

Originally a phenomena when published in 1993, The Giver (the first of a loosely bound trilogy) has continued to enthrall subsequent generations. Written by...

Kim Petras delivers everything you love about halloween in “Turn off...

Kim Petras is back at it again, delivering an eight track mixtape: “Turn off The Light Vol. 1.” It’s just in time for October’s...

Upcoming exhibit highlights artists’ majors

“My College Is…” will feature artwork submitted by students majoring in psychology, business, English and geology.

Swing by the Anchorage Folk Festival

This year’s schedule packs in over 140 local acts and 40 workshops, with topics ranging from juggling, to Zen of music theory, to swing dancing. Each week of the festival also features a special guest artist.

Kick off the school year with live music, food and SNL...

Campus Kick-Off is a huge welcoming party for UAA freshman and returning students. It's a great way to see what UAA has to offer...

Bivy offers internship, aimed at art students

The small space, owned by Simonetta Mignano, is looking for an intern to fill a role working at Bivy for three to six months, four hours a week.

Reindeer sausage food quest

On a quest though downtown Anchorage to find the best reindeer hot dog.

Theatre students debut ‘Earthquake ’64’

Upcoming play focuses on impact of Good Friday earthquake on state and nation

Rain and Zoe travel to the main stage

"Rain and Zoe Save the World" is about the journey of two teenagers who travel cross-country via motorcycle to join a group of oil protesters. Along the way, Rain and Zoe learn the possible dangers the world may experience.

Female perspectives on female bodies

Riva Symko will host a short walk through of the exhibit to point out some of her favorites and interesting facts on March 1, 12:15 - 12:45 p.m.