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It’s awfully fashionable to bemoan the way that categories arise and affect pop music. But if viewed with a critical eye, the labels that...

‘Midsummer’ in the midwinter is a must-see at Cyrano’s

Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” currently running at Cyrano’s Off-Center Playhouse, is perhaps the mst dependable entertaining play ever written. Actors and audiences can...

Pharoahe Monch creates newfound ‘Desire’ in hip-hop with latest album

When Pharoahe Monch's sophomore album, "Desire," was released with a picture of Pharoahe bandaged up like a mummy on the cover, it was hard to figure out if he was joking or not. "OK, we get it. You're a mummy, like a pharaoh. Hey, look at that - as the CD booklet progresses, you're unraveling your bandages..."


As local band Conversing with Zookeepers finished playing Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android,” lead singer and guitarist Joe Mintz looked out at the crowd of around...

Words are weapons in ‘Typing of the Dead: Overkill’

Many old arcade fans fondly remember “The House of the Dead,” a series of light-gun games that had players shooting up zombies. It was so popular that it later inspired, of all things, a typing tutor, “The Typing of the Dead,” in which players used a keyboard instead of a light gun to kill zombies using the power of spelling and grammar. It was very tongue-in-cheek, combining the already faux-terrible acting of the series with the silliness of deadly words.

Two brothers divided by crime in ‘We Own the Night’

While some people might think that this film isn't worth watching from the previews because they've already seen this plot before, "We Own the Night" has plenty of surprises to offer those viewers who are willing to give it a chance. Not only are the story line and acting so great they need to be seen to be believed and appreciated, but the artistry of the film itself is also well worth the cost of admission.

A&E Briefs

Clarinet Ensemble prepares for fi rst concert of the semester Clarinet Ensemble will be performing their fi rst show for the semester on Sunday, Feb. 8 in UAA's Fine Arts Building room 150. This performance will show the hard work and dedication of UAA students and will treat listeners to a sound different from the usual rock concerts.

Record Review: Summer 2018 has arrived in Kali Uchis’ ‘Isolation’

As winter retreats and snow continues to melt, the promise of summer glimmers in the near future, Kali Uchis’ debut studio album "Isolation" hints...

‘Next Year in Zion’

Why listen to songs with intricate instrumentation and innovative song structuring when you can get simple melodic refrains and a singer's quirky French accent that prefers rhymes to not actually rhyme? Why listen to songs with deep meaningful lyrics when you can listen to songs about afternoon dance parties with girls from Texas or his girlfriend's bizarre phobias? So why not listen to Herman Dune? They're a duo out of France that play fun, loveable folk songs that are akin to the likes of Kimya Dawson or Jeffrey Lewis both of whom have been tour mates.

‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ connects with audiences

The best-selling novel “Tuesdays with Morrie” did more than top the New York Times’ non-fiction charts in 2000. The touching autobiographical tale of a...

’30 Days of Night’ has soft bite, AK inaccuracies

With the very cool idea behind the graphic novel "30 Days of Night" - vampires tramping up to Barrow, Alaska, for a monthlong feeding frenzy during winter's prolonged darkness - it was virtually assured that Hollywood would turn it into a movie. Yet while the flick is a huge cut above most of the gorefests passing themselves off as scary movies today, the premise and its repetitive gimmicks gradually grow as monotonous as, well, 30 days of night.


A raw `in your face' thriller, “Hannibal: The Silence is Broken,” serves audiences with a well-done insight into the life of a sociopath. Picking...

‘Tantric’ comes to Alaska for summer fun

The rock band known as Tantric will be performing in Alaska in the Dena'ina Center on July 24. A time of the show has not been released yet, but tickets are on sale. Tantric is a post-grunge rock band with three albums out, their debut titled 'Tantric" being a platinum hit.

Sweet symphonic sounds

Every year the UAA music department and its students give the university a special symphony featuring every style of music from jazz to opera to hymnal chants. The 13th Symphony of Sounds, held recently last weekend, was a benchmark performance at UAA. The Symphony of Sounds may be a melodious treat to its listeners, but to the music department, it is an important fundraiser and an even more important showcase of the best of UAA's talent.

‘Vulnicura’ by Björk

In this world of cliches, predictable plots and simplistic, overused song structures, the world can rest easy knowing there is at least one artist...

Alaskans don’t spend PFD on the arts

Aisles are packed shoulder to shoulder with shoppers. Check-out lines are a nightmare. And parking lot traffic leaves many locals wishing they’d never left...

Lowering inhibitions through suggestion, comedy hypnosis shows

You ruffle your feathers, flap your wings, forge the face that people make fun of on Facebook; yes, you’re a duck, or at least...

‘Super Meat Boy’ a rather interesting Team Meat release

The development team behind “Super Meat Boy” has definitely got some crazy ideas kicking around in their heads. For starters, the characters are named...

Freddy Krueger returns in remake

Any die-hard movie purist should give this attempt at a cult classic remake a wide berth. There is no redeeming factor to this movie...

Lara Croft redesign needs to go back to the tombs

My fiance and I were browsing at Bosco’s in the Dimond Mall, and we overheard two male employees discussing Lara Croft’s redesigned look, which will debut in “Tomb Raider” March 5, 2013. I sensed they were both unhappy with the redesign, but I shrugged it off. A few minutes later, I glanced up at the TV and saw a game trailer.

Movie Review: “Jurassic World” is brain-dead fun

The first “Jurassic Park” film was a landmark in cinema. While it didn’t have the most captivating story, the special effects were groundbreaking, combining...

‘Binding’ dark but humorous

Imagine playing with your toys and then suddenly your mother hears a voice in the heavens, telling her to kill you. And you hide...

‘God of War II’

It seems Spartans are getting all the glory these days. But as incredible as Frank Miller's "300" is, movies aren't an interactive format. Luckily, the gods created video games. Those intelligent enough to play the original "God of War" for the PS2 were treated to one of the greatest action games of all time.

‘Dan in Real Life’ portrays realistic love story with laughs

Most truly successful and memorable romantic comedies have women as their protagonists and have therefore earned the name "chick flick" as a way for guys to avoid them. However, "Dan in Real Life" leaps upon the fact that men have romantic experiences and enjoy romantic comedies on occasion too by making the main character a man that everyone can relate to.

From government to children’s books, a conversation with Fran Ulmer

She may have retired from being UAA’s chancellor, but Frances “Fran” Ulmer has been keeping busy. Ulmer visited UAA on March 1 to share something very special to her, a children’s book she wrote for her three-year-old grandson, Lucas.

Thomas Chung’s ‘The Trickster’ on display at ARC Gallery

After drawing controversy over decapitated Trump painting, UAA art professor’s current exhibit looks at the trickster archetype

Tasteless internet users, a fearless kind

Last month, tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, when a gunman killed 20 young students and six educators. Jan. 15, 20 students sang “Over the Rainbow” on “Good Morning America” and released the song online to raise money for the United Way of Western Connecticut in remembrance of their peers.

‘Soul Punk’ a catchy but trashy release

Dear Lord. This week we have yet another generic pop artist that sounds like Boyz II Men, Maroon Five, Ke$ha, Michael Jackson, or any...

Thrilling and complex, “7 Años” spares no one

Title: “7 Años” Director: Roger Gual Release date: Oct. 28, 2016 Genre: Crime drama Country: Spain Rating: 4 out of 5 Stick five desperate people in a room and...

Understory deadline this Thursday

You have probably seen the posters hanging in every nook and cranny of the UAA campus. The bold black font imploring the passerby: “We need submissions!” These posters are in reference to “Understory.” “Understory” is an annual collaborative arts magazine overseen by undergraduates and distributed by UAA. It is written, compiled and features exclusively selected work from the undergraduate student body showcasing poetry, prose and visual art; each piece selected from hundreds for its uniqueness and excellence.