Annual 2-D and 3-D Invitational showcases the many dimensions of UAA...

Each semester since spring 2012, UAA art professors have chosen one student per class to show in the annual 2-D and 3-D Invitational show in the Student Union Gallery. The invitational features art from students who have demonstrated advanced levels of skill in their classes.

The top 5 games of 2013

2013 has been an incredible year for gaming enthusiasts, perhaps too incredible for some to handle — which is understandable. After all, players have not only had to handle many incredible experiences, but also two brand-new consoles. But now that the holiday break is upon students, it’s time to list off some suggestions of games to play this season, because it really has been hard to keep up. So once the finals are done, kick back, relax and enjoy these fantastic experiences.

Alaska hip-hop flourishes in summer spotlight

Despite being Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage is not well known for its hip-hop scene. Some disc jockeys have risen to local club prominence and...

UAA | University Art Analysis – Multimedia artworks by Sheila Wyne...

UAA’s Engineering and Industry Building has new art already making a buzz before its dedication. “Ingenerare” is a wall-mounted, found object artwork located on the...

Samus makes a victorious return to the gaming scene

After a three year hiatus, the titular heroine Samus Aran is back in the saddle in this joint effort between “Dead or Alive” developers...

First remodeling of Anchorage Museum successful

Recently the Anchorage Museum opened its shiny new doors to reveal the exquisite "Gold" exhibit, a touring show that is displayed all over the country. It was possible for the museum to bring this show up only because of its recent expansion project it has undergone.

New Alaska Airlines Center artwork depicts a myth and the sun

New York City-based artist Osman Akan was inspired by Alaskan themes

The painful ‘After the Wedding’ hits hard

The best family dramas can be unbearable to watch. Anyone who's had a tense confrontation with a loved one can attest that complicated dynamics...

‘Lakeview Terrace’ is slow and strangely disturbing

A good movie will grab the audience's attention within the first ten minutes, promising great adventures or complicated plots. "Lakeview Terrace" is not one of them. This movie is slow to start, slow to develop, and takes a torturously long time to get to the end.

It’s a war of tones in the tryhard Austrian flick ‘Sarajevo’

Never has a movie been as blindingly overexposed as “Sarajevo.”

Dance Ensemble gears up for annual fall performance

Leaps, bounds, lights and music: It’s the middle of the semester, and that means that Dance Ensemble is in full swing, prepping for the first of two annual dance concerts on campus.

{A Second Look}

In this series, The Northern Light investigates the meaning and history of public artworks around campus. "Transaction," 1999 Bright Bimpong She sits, not in a chair, but...

Game Review: Where Am I?

In the tradition of “Slender,” designer Mark J. Hadley brings us the aptly named “Where Am I?” — another free experience in a line of terrifying indie projects for computer gamers.

It’s a dangerous world in “Theeb”

A typical coming-of-age tale starts with a confused kid. Coming to understand what they didn't before is what evolves the character, but “Theeb,” a...

‘Hedwig’ sexy, smart but too sugarcoated for its own good

Drag comedy shows generally aren’t my cup of tea. I’m no expert on the subject, but what I’ve seen has been a disappointing mix...

{Music Review}

Since 2002, Xiu Xiu has released one album and countless singles and split EPs every year. This prolific output matched their ascent into critical...

Best chocolate cupcake in town

For many, birthday parties and celebrations are among the greatest joys of growing up. The expectation of ingesting copious amounts of sugary treats usually puts a smile on kids’ faces.

“Evita” comes to Alaska in a dazzling show

Argentina doesn't have to cry anymore, because the hit musical "Evita" is coming to Anchorage in a dazzling display of singing and dancing. Being the project of Theatre Artists United, the musical has a cast brimming with local talent that is both new and seasoned with experience.

‘A Most Wanted Man’ is a fitting swan-song

Title: Director: Country: Genre: Release date: Rating: “A Most Wanted Man” Anton Corbijn U.K. Thriller July 24, 2014 4/5 Lauded spy novelist John Le Carre’s “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” made it to the big screen in...

Surprisingly vibrant ale for a Dead Guy

When in doubt, ask a waiter for one of the darkest beers the restaurant carries. But even if the darkest brew he or she has to offer is an ale, don’t turn him down. It might surprise you.

Behind the Scenes Pt 1: Unsung heroes

The actors take a final bow, the curtain falls and opening night of their show, the end product of weeks of meticulous training & memorization, has come to a close. After changing they all make their way out to the crowd of friends, family and supporters to receive well-deserved words of congratulations.

‘After the Disco’ by Broken Bells

Album: “After the Disco” Artist: Broken Bells Genre: Alternative rock, space rock, disco Label: Columbia 4/5 There are certain bad words in the music world, cliché adjectives that describe...

A politically fun band releases a new album

Seeing is not believing. Freegan is believing, well, according to Yoome that is. They are a collaborative group including Chicago rapper Serengeti, producer Tony Trimm along with New Zealand singer Renee Louise Carafice, and on their debut album "The Boredom of Me" they preach about "The freedom of being freegan," on the track Freeganism.

Red Hook: Copper Hook Copper Ale

I've just been told that I can do a regular column on Beer. What a blast. What they may not know is just how...

Despite a valiant effort, ‘Extraordinary Tales’ falls flat

It’s hard to add to an artistic legacy like Edgar Allen Poe’s. The first adaptation of his work was released over 100 years ago,...

Wrap your mind around a spooky shot

It’s not Halloween without harvest-themed edibles. Candy corn, baked pumpkin seeds and bite-sized candy bars are a staple for the season. For the over...

Prehistoric action ensues in ‘10,000 B.C.’

A narrator's voice speaks out of the darkness, talking of legend and a blue-eyed girl. He goes on to illuminate all of the significance behind the grand scope of the story, and though he's trying to sound important, he's more like that annoying guy in the movie line who critiques the film before he's even seen it. Instead of captivating the audience, the voiceover simply sounds pretentious.

‘Sun Bronzed Greek Gods’ EP is light-hearted and fun

There are some bands that are great just because of their sound. In the case of Dom it’s that the band has a grainy...

Old ordinance complicates local dance party

Paperwork is required for almost everything in this day and age, including party planning. “Touch,” an electronic music dance party hosted last February, was...

‘Half-Life 3’ is sublime perfection

After almost seven years since the last “Half-Life” game, “Half-Life 3” is finally here, and it has blown away every single expectation ever made...