‘Nymphomaniac: Vol. 1’ is lusty indulgence

Film: &nbsp Director: Release date: Rating: Country: "Nymphomaniac: Volume 1" Lars von Trier March 6, 2014 4/5 stars Denmark If the viewer could look into filmmaker Lars von Trier’s mind, chances are it would look almost...

‘Kung Fu Dunk’ comes on and slams

It’s the last five minutes of the second half. Your team is down by three. There’s no stopping your ruthless opponents. You take the shot from the free-throw line. You miss. All hope is lost. The game is done.

Once is never enough for the murky thriller ‘Bluebeard’

Like the great crime thrillers “Bluebeard” tries to be, it leaves you with more questions than answers. Unlike those same movies, however, it’s not smart enough to let viewers come up with the answers.

It’s worth discovering “Where the Road Runs Out”

With so many grim movies being released, a crowd-pleaser feels taboo. Even superhero flicks like “Captain America: Civil War” and “Batman V. Superman: Dawn...

‘We Are Not Alone’ feels like nothing at all

If I taught a horror history course, I’d open it with the Peruvian bore, “We Are Not Alone.” Not because it’s anything special, mind...

Some stories are black-and-white, ‘A Yellow Bird’ is black and blacker

Siva (Sivakumar Palakrishnan) is always on the outside looking in. As an ex-convict, getting out of prison only presented more challenges. Life outside it...

‘Night of the Wild Boar?’ More like ‘Night of the Wild Bore’

Sitting through “Night of the Wild Boar” is like walking on cold coals: by the end, you’ve overcome no obstacle and just end up with dirty feet.

“Childish Games” is a treat for horror fans

Title: Director: Country: Genre: Release date: Rating: "Childish Games" Antonio Chavarrias Spain Horror March 9, 2012 4/5 Taking “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt” to the extreme, the compact Spanish thriller, “Childish Games”...

By putting characters first, ‘Ixcanul’ becomes a transcendental experience

Guatemalan drama starts slow, surprises later with its striking characters and deemphasized setting