“Rams” is tragicomedy at its bleakest

Icelandic humor has got to be the darkest kind of humor out there. Looking at the country's history, it makes sense: in around 1260,...

It’s a war of tones in the tryhard Austrian flick ‘Sarajevo’

Never has a movie been as blindingly overexposed as “Sarajevo.”

In ‘The Blind Christ,’ faith is more important than miracles

A Chilean drama that’s as much a poem as it is a movie, makes a mesmerizing effort to put a fresh spin on the story of Christ.

The good in ‘JeruZalem’ emphasizes the bad

Reviewing two zombie movies in a row seems excessive, but hear me out. “JeruZalem” is another in a long line of Israeli genre flicks...

Dour, thy name is ‘The Ritual’

Really, “The Ritual” has an identity problem: is it a monster flick smart enough to look original but too dumb to work? Or is it a coming-of-age story for four friends whose trauma keeps them apart?

Thrilling and complex, “7 Años” spares no one

Title: “7 Años” Director: Roger Gual Release date: Oct. 28, 2016 Genre: Crime drama Country: Spain Rating: 4 out of 5 Stick five desperate people in a room and...

“Sauna” just misses the mark

Horror has the potential to be the most culturally reflective genre in cinema. Beneath the darkness, beneath the bloodshed, there’s something deeper at work....

“Train to Busan” plows ahead at all costs

Zombies have been done time again and again. “Maggie” and “World War Z,” while not great, managed to inject some originality into the genre....

‘The Turin Horse’ is toil for viewers

There was a point in watching “The Turin Horse” where I wanted to curl up in a dark place somewhere and sleep forever. It’s depressing. But not in the “I want to cry” way. It’s depressing in the “Oh, so life is meaningless?” kind of way.