Taylor Swift chosen for The Hunger Games

Taylor Swift has been center stage in contemporary country music for roughly five years now. Originally a Myspace music phenomena, Swift skyrocketed to fame...

Outlook bright for ski team

Bringing together all of the different elements of a ski program is a tough feat to accomplish. The ski team essentially consists of four different teams: men's alpine, women's alpine, men's nordic and women's nordic. Altogether, these four teams end up being about the same size as the hockey team.

Local bluegrass band Well Strung earns fans, First Tap stage

Local bluegrass and country band Well Strung has recently earned local fans, and the stage at Bear Tooth Theatre Pub's April 5 First Tap. Well Strung will be featured at the 9 p.m. event where the brewery will introduce this month's new beer, Dientee Del Oso.

Redman transcends bland beats with wry rhymes

Redman is better than your favorite rapper. This isn't an opinion. This is an objective fact. Easily one of the most consistent MCs out there, Redman recorded an obviously good album with "Red Gone Wild." Even after his six-year hiatus, was there ever really any doubt? Though he's never been known for being clean, Redman took his triple-extra-grimy style down two notches when "Doc's Da Name 2000" came out in 1998.

Track Review: Kanye’s ‘No More Parties in LA’ Will Make you want to Party...

As part of his upcoming album, “Swish,” set to release on Feb. 11, Kanye West is releasing a new song almost every Friday as...

Ten of the most anticipated albums of 2014

Check out some awesome music that will be coming to your ears soon! Music Preview compiled by Oliver Petraitis, KRUA 88.1 FM Music Manager.

Disturbed back with a vengeance

Disturbed is back with a vengeance. The new record is hard-edged, rough, incredibly precise and presents a social commentary throughout.Unfortunately, fans new and old...

Sleigh Bells offer both familiar and new sound

Nearly two years ago, Sleigh Bells came on to the scene with their highly acclaimed “Treats” album. The outcome was a loud, distorted and noisy (yet surprisingly refreshing) pop sound that suddenly made Sleigh Bells an overnight sensation.

New Teitur CD releases with melodic sounds

4 out of 5 stars From Denmark's Faroe Islands, a new singer and songwriter has emerged. He's actually been producing albums for five years now, even though his name is still unknown to most. Teitur Lassen's latest album, titled "The Singer," offers unique rhythm and melodies and timeless lyrics that are guaranteed to leave you thinking.

‘Imperfect Harmonies’ earns a perfect score

It has been three long years, marked by only one single release, since Serj Tankian put out his “Elect the Dead” album. He’s finally back...

Kingston’s ‘Tomorrow’ fizzles

With multiple hit singles and one full-length album, Sean Kingston is riding high on a platinum wave. But in his sophomore album "Tomorrow," he...

Discover “The Bright Side” of this summer with Meiko

“The Bright Side” is one of those little gems that make you smile whenever you listen to it. Meiko’s sophomore album (which is also...

‘Puddle City Racing Lights’

On paper, Matthew Thomas Dillon's band Windmill does not sound all that special. He's a singer-songwriter from England who plays the piano and writes songs about heartbreak. It sounds like a Coldplay or a Keane album. But in actuality it sounds more like a Flaming Lips or a Why? record ghostwritten by Elliott Smith.

La Roux’ debut album rocks the electro-pop scene

Album: La Roux Artist: La Roux Record Label: Cherrytree Records La Roux is a British duo comprised of singer-songwriter Elly Jackson and synth-player and co-writer Ben Langmaid....

A$AP Rocky’s swag delivers on ‘LongLiveA$AP’

After a year of hype and guest features in 2012, A$AP Rocky has released his awaited debut album, “LongLiveA$AP.” The album captures Rocky’s trill persona while delivering a wide range of recognizable musical features.

Aussie band growls out a new album

What do beards, feedback, and vocal static have in common? They’re all fuzzy. Straight from Australia, The Growl’s new 11-song album “What Would Christ Do?” is a hazy, bluesy indie rock album that lives up to its ambitiously growling title.

‘Family Guy’ creator releases ‘Music is better than Words’

Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane has released a jazz album. The arrangements are pretty good, and it’s really difficult not to tap your toe...

‘Mint’ by Crunchy Kids

There’s a phenomenon in the rap world called trap music. Trap is a contraction: terrible + rap = trap. At least the internet will...

Album Review

When I fi rst heard of the band Loney, Dear I thought 'Lonely Dear, what an interesting name.' But I was quickly corrected in my Googling of the nonexistent band Lonely Dear and redirected to Loney, Dear (comma and all). It's diffi cult enough to have a band name that sounds exactly like something that it's not, but now the band has taken their ambiguity to the next level: they've changed their name.

Keep it in rotation with Mick Jenkins’ ‘THC’

You may have heard of Mick Jenkins this year with features on Noname’s album Telefone and Chance the Rapper’s discarded Coloring Book song ‘Grown...

Seether jumps on bandwagon

eether’s gone soft. And it’s ok. All the artists are doing it these days; it’s a sort of trend. Kid Rock lost his vicious wit, Linkin Park did a complete 180 after their fantastically raw “Minutes to Midnight” by releasing the over-processed and tame “A Thousand Suns,” Godsmack took a massive chill pill and now Seether has jumped onto the bandwagon.

Tim Hecker’s ‘Virgins’ is dissonant, destructive

Following on the heels of his 2011 EP, “Ravedeath, 1972,” Hecker returns with an even more richly textured, live instrumental album. “Ravedeath” represented a shift in his production. Hecker went from using samples to live instruments, and the result was well worth the wait. It’s safe to say that with “Virgins,” Hecker has successfully lived up to and exceeded “Ravedeath.”

Lovely lyrics with a weak repetitive sound

This band has something that the rock industry has needed. I don't what it is exactly, but it is in the sound. The music of the Thermals catches a listener's attention immediately and holds them there for the whole song. The first time you listen, you'll be impressed, even on the second and third time.

Daughtry concert phenomenal

Daughtry in concert was fantastic. They performed songs from their latest album “Leave This Town” with a couple of their previous hits, such as...

Weezer’s “Hurley” delivers better than it sounds

Despite the CD cover art, “Hurley” does not contain anything to do with the television series “LOST.” The only song that could be considered...

Papa’s new album a fantastic find

This week, we’re reviewing Papa and their brand spankin’ new EP, “A Good Woman is Hard to Find.” Right away there are two things that need...

‘Youth Novels’

People who think they know a lot about music say that the best pop comes out of Sweden. Their defense comes from ABBA, The Cardigans, Peter Bjorn and John, and most recently, Lykke Li. New to the Swedish music scene, Lykke Li can only hope to hold up those high-quality pop music standards.

Christopher Smith’s “Earning Keep” a keeper earning hearts

Since the moment I heard this album, it’s been on my personal playlist. After the first listen I had to know more about the...

Nick Thorburn gets into yet another band

Band: Reefer Album: Reefer 3 1/2 out of 5 stars Perhaps earlier this year you read my review for Human Highway's album Moody Motorcycle. If so, then I don't really need much of an introduction to the main guy behind Reefer. But just in case you missed it, here goes the abridged version: Canadian musician Nick Thorburn is or was in the following bands: The Unicorns, Th' Corn Gangg, Islands, Human Highway and now the Hawaiian indie pop escapade Reefer.

‘The Speed of Things’ by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

What “Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second” did for STRFKR, “If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On the Dancefloor)” has done for the eclectic indie-pop doppel-doppelganger that is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “If You Didn’t See Me” is both something of a love-lawsuit demanding an alibi and a subtle suggestion to the music world to take stock of this group. Maybe it’s just a long-song-name thing that works for breakout tunes.