‘The Odd Couple’

The most respectable American musical collaboration since Dr. Dre met Snoop Dogg, Gnarls Barkley has once again brought legitimate toe-tapping material to the mainstream in its new release "The Odd Couple." Matched well, like peanut butter to jelly, Gnarls Barkley's Cee-Lo Green and Danger Mouse incorporate Grammy-winning electronic mastery with all the Atlanta soul one could possibly ingest in a single sitting.

A$AP Rocky’s swag delivers on ‘LongLiveA$AP’

After a year of hype and guest features in 2012, A$AP Rocky has released his awaited debut album, “LongLiveA$AP.” The album captures Rocky’s trill persona while delivering a wide range of recognizable musical features.

Valentine’s Day playlist: how to set the mood

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and whether you’ve got yourself a “boo” or you’re swiping right until your fingers are sore, there...

Rza’s ‘Afro Samurai’ soundtrack stumbles

A great soundtrack can make a mediocre movie good, as Zach Braff and Eminem can attest. And a soundtrack can't be critiqued without taking its film into consideration. The Wu-Tang Clan's Rza was hired to score the anime miniseries "Afro Samurai," so there's no question as to the level of excellence that the soundtrack achieves.

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Untitled Unmastered’ is exceptionally striking

Back in Dec. 2014, Kendrick Lamar was the last musical guest on the Colbert Report. He performed an untitled song that saw Kendrick take...

Flobots ‘dazzle’

“Survival Story” The Flobots RECORD LABEL: Republic RELEASE DATE: March 16, 2010 Following the indie-to-mainstream success of 2008’s “Fight With Tools,” the Flobots are back. With their hip...

Sweet songs warm the heart

May 16 marked the release of Alaskan Home Grown artist Melissa Mitchell's third solo album "Rain or Shine". The release party was held at the Snow Goose where a diverse melting pot of fans and supporters rallied in celebration of Mitchell's latest "creations"; more than songs - the messages pierce the heart with poignancy and inject a healthy dose of self realization without the nasty after effect of judgment.

Christopher Smith’s “Earning Keep” a keeper earning hearts

Since the moment I heard this album, it’s been on my personal playlist. After the first listen I had to know more about the...

‘Beating Back the Claws of the Cold’

Thank you, George Harrison. On behalf of me and perhaps The Pica Beats as well, thank you for making the sitar cool in pop music. Like Harrison's incorporation of Indian music to The Beatles, many bands have created innovative and interesting sounds by blending genres, for instance: Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly, Beirut, and now The Pica Beats.

Rapper Sage Francis fights change on Copper Gone

After a long and tense hiatus, Rhode Island-based emcee Sage Francis is back with his much-anticipated LP, “Copper Gone.” His previous album, “L(i)fe,” was...

Florence and the Machine’s new album: Easy to tune out, worth the ceremony

“Florence + The Machine” are an interesting band that mixes opera, blues, orchestral music, and pop from the 60s. And harps. Lots and lots...

Deadmau5 isn’t dead yet

My circle of friends has always regarded Deadmau5 as being “that redundant electronic artist,” but his newest album, uniquely titled “Album Title Goes Here,” is shockingly fresher than his previous works.

Owl City’s MySpace fame not forgotten

Adam Young is one of the few MySpace musician success stories we still care about. His fourth studio album under his Owl City music project, “The Midsummer Station,” is a good example why.

Track Review: Kanye’s ‘No More Parties in LA’ Will Make you want to Party...

As part of his upcoming album, “Swish,” set to release on Feb. 11, Kanye West is releasing a new song almost every Friday as...

The Shins latest album steps away from indie roots

This week, we’re going to take a look at The Shins’ new album, “Port of Morrow.” The Shins are an indie band originally from...

Peter Case a hit to music-lovers

The life experience of an artist will often times be the determinate for the quality of their work. Many art mediums from literature to...

August Burns Red turns Christmas metal this year

Hardcore bands consistently receive heavy criticism for sounding too similar to each other. It seems August Burns Red, or ABR, has heard enough of these insults and snapped, pushing them to write "Sleddin' Hill," a 42-minute onslaught of Christmas metal.

‘The Family Sign’ a sign of growth and musical maturity

Indie hip-hop super group Atmosphere has been on a roll of album releases lately, with a double EP a few scant months ago, and...

Seether jumps on bandwagon

eether’s gone soft. And it’s ok. All the artists are doing it these days; it’s a sort of trend. Kid Rock lost his vicious wit, Linkin Park did a complete 180 after their fantastically raw “Minutes to Midnight” by releasing the over-processed and tame “A Thousand Suns,” Godsmack took a massive chill pill and now Seether has jumped onto the bandwagon.

Album Review

When I fi rst heard of the band Loney, Dear I thought 'Lonely Dear, what an interesting name.' But I was quickly corrected in my Googling of the nonexistent band Lonely Dear and redirected to Loney, Dear (comma and all). It's diffi cult enough to have a band name that sounds exactly like something that it's not, but now the band has taken their ambiguity to the next level: they've changed their name.

Localize It: This False Ghost releases their debut EP

Titled "Love Dies//Rewind," This False Ghost brings new music to the table

Ke$ha’s debut album all about being a party ‘Animal’

ALBUM: " Animal" ARTIST: Ke$ha RECORD LABEL: RCA RELEASE DATE: Jan. 5 With her catchy and semi-intelligent single “Tik Tok,” Ke$ha seemed poised to be the next Lady...

The Word Alive breaks the cycle

The Word Alive screams their way to victory with their 2012 album titled “Life Cycles.”

No direction leaves Moros Eros’ new album at a dead end

Mediocre art punks Moros Eros know what kind of sound they want, and unfortunately they aren't filling their own shoes. Sharing lineage with bands such as The Blood Brothers and Death From Above 1979, their new full-length album, "Jealous Me Was Killed By Curiosity" (Victory), tries hard for post-rock greatness but comes up short.

Daughtry concert phenomenal

Daughtry in concert was fantastic. They performed songs from their latest album “Leave This Town” with a couple of their previous hits, such as...

Blonde is the breath of fresh air we didn’t know we needed

2016 has been an incredible year for music so far. Numerous releases...

10 Tracks to get you ready for graduation

The last four years have been emotionally exhausting. Maybe you got and regretted getting food surprises from the Cuddy. You were definitely late to...

Animal Collective’s new album ‘Painting With’ is more of the same

For many years, Animal Collective has had a large discography of primarily experimental music. “Painting With” is the band’s tenth release in the band’s...

Album Review: ‘Soft Airplane’

When you've made it on national TV, you've made it as a musician, right? Well Chad VanGallen was on The Late Show with David Letterman back in 2002. Of course, he was on the Stupid Human Tricks feature and his friend climbed all over him without touching the ground.

A politically fun band releases a new album

Seeing is not believing. Freegan is believing, well, according to Yoome that is. They are a collaborative group including Chicago rapper Serengeti, producer Tony Trimm along with New Zealand singer Renee Louise Carafice, and on their debut album "The Boredom of Me" they preach about "The freedom of being freegan," on the track Freeganism.