Alaska’s leading ladies cameo in stage adaptation of ‘Adam’s Rib’

"Adam's Rib," a stage adaptation of the classic movie, opened to a standing ovation Feb. 17 at Cyrano's. The play, newly adapted to the...

Chad Carpenter juries for eclectic art exhibition

The annual Juried Student Art Exhibition is currently on display in the Student Union Gallery; in it are the 26 favorites as chosen by this year’s juror, Chad Carpenter. Carpenter, the creator and artist of Tundra comics, was tasked with choosing what he considered to be the best works out of the over 70 submissions, a task he said wasn’t easy. “I think I did a pretty good job getting the ones I thought would best fit what I was looking for, but it was tough,” he said. “You get anybody doing what I did, and you’re going to get 26 different answers. It’s difficult because I don’t want any of the artists to think that what I say actually matters. It’s just one man’s opinion.”

‘Child of Light’ is a thoughtful fantasy

Game: Developer: Platform: Genre: Rating: “Child of Light” Ubisoft Montreal PS4, XBO, Wii U, PS3, 360, PC RPG 4 These days, role-playing games (or RPGs) come in many shapes and sizes. Western RPGs, like “Skyrim,”...

‘The Eye’ a scary but artfully produced remake

The latest remake of a Japanese horror film hits screens this weekend and succeeds in scaring its viewers. But this film isn't out for chills alone. Instead, "The Eye" is an artistically pleasing visual story underlying the horrorfest. Successful violinist Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba, "Fantastic Four," "Sin City") has been blind since she was five years old.

New Teitur CD releases with melodic sounds

4 out of 5 stars From Denmark's Faroe Islands, a new singer and songwriter has emerged. He's actually been producing albums for five years now, even though his name is still unknown to most. Teitur Lassen's latest album, titled "The Singer," offers unique rhythm and melodies and timeless lyrics that are guaranteed to leave you thinking.

Thera gears up to open for the Uneroath concert

“Someone once described us as melodic, hardcore rock,” said Ronnie Plate, a vocalist and guitarist in Thera, as well as a geology major in...

{Music Review}

It’s awfully fashionable to bemoan the way that categories arise and affect pop music. But if viewed with a critical eye, the labels that...

`Little Nicky’ A laughing matter

After observing the success of Adam Sandler's previous films, one can safely rely upon this rule: You can never underestimate his ability to give...

Artsy action elevates ‘No Tears for the Dead’

Well done genre fare is a treat. While “No Tears for the Dead” takes the action genre a step further, it works best when...

‘New Horizons’ for Flyleaf

After a decade as lead singer for Christian alternative band Flyleaf, Lacey Sturm (nee Mosley), is parting ways from the group to pursue the next chapter of her life — but not before leaving fans with one last album to remember her by.

‘Stick and Puck’ showcases professor’s colorful side

Artist inspired by tale of late-NHL enforcer

‘X’ and ‘Y’ are super effective

The “Pokemon” franchise has seemingly been stuck in a state of flux, being unable to move past the many tropes and conventions that made it popular in the first place. While the games themselves have generally been stellar, they’ve hardly made any major improvements over one another, aside from adding a new batch of creatures every installment. With “X” and “Y,” though, the series makes several sweeping changes that make the latest entries great for both newcomers and seasoned trainers alike.

Foghorn Stringband hits Alaska to perform at Folk Festival

Nadine Landry, bassist and singer for Foghorn Stringband, talked to me on the phone about her excitement for the Anchorage Folk Festival, her past...

Retro Rewind: ‘Singin’ in the Rain’

“Singin’ in the Rain” is an indisputable classic. It’s fun, light-hearted and has a bunch of catchy tunes that’ll be stuck in your head...

MGMT to perform 21+ show at Moose’s Tooth May 29

MGMT, the electric indie rock group famous for their songs “Kids” and “Electric Feel,” will make its first appearance in the 49th state on...

Albums to be released promise good sounds

2008 was a good year for music. There were a lot of great debut releases, some great albums from well known artists and even a few from bands that were long thought dead (excluding, of course, "Chinese Democracy"). The big themes seemed to be 80s' influenced electronic and mellow, often eerie, folk.

Web TV: what it has to offer, what’s holding it back

YouTube alleges that more video is uploaded to their site in one month than the three major US networks have created in the last 60 years. Critics would dismiss it as all junk, and there certainly is plenty, but is it really just quantity over quality?

‘R.I.P.D.’ is a fun, if uninspired, good time

“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth.” That is the premise of horror film after horror film, sometimes with...

First Friday showcases: UAA’s Jason Quisenberry

Jason Quisenberry, a BFA junior from the Bay area in California did not think that he would get into art. He finished high school,...

Pacific Northwest rapper Grieves to perform in Anchorage

Williwaw and Showdown Productions bring Grieves to Alaska

Murals of opioid addictions, recoveries and hope

The murals are on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building until March 8, when they will be featured at Anchor Park Methodist Church for a showing hosted by the Opioid Task Force at 4 p.m.

Film Review: “Kung Fury” is a rad love letter

There are some movies that are so full of holes and flaws that they descend below awfulness and become good again. “The Room” and...

Stray Dogma performing at Tap Root Saturday night

The famous Alaska cover band will be providing a free concert at the local Tap Root Café on Saturday, April 4 from 8 to 10 p.m. Stray Dogma is known for their cover songs on well known hits from today and retro music as well. Their music is something that can be enjoyed by those of all ages, so make sure to take advantage of this free show.

Stone lion guards UAA Rock Garden

The massive feline looks startled as if rudely awakened from an afternoon snooze from commotion outside the UAA Natural Sciences Building — fortunately for...

Great Actors without Oscars

There are many actors and actresses who have never won Academy Awards (Oscars) despite many believing that they are more than deserving of the award....

Top 5 albums of 2013 from KRUA

And now, for your holiday pleasure, watch as I struggle with the intensely difficult task of hierarchically ordering five of the best 2013 albums of that have graced KRUA's airwaves. With so many uniquely good records, this is going to be nearly impossi — no. Wait. They're all so great. I don't think I can say with certainty that one is better than the other. So I'm going to lay them out here in no particular order. You can decide.