An interview with the artist from ‘The History of Nothing’

There was a relief print exhibit at the Hugh McPeck Gallery from Aug. 5-28 titled “The History of Nothing.” The artist, Levi Werner, is...

Bosco’s Opens New Location

"Geeks are not only opinionated, but passionate about their geekdom." - Eric Helmick, Bosco’s manager

Anchorage International Film Festival returns with hundreds of new films

Anchorage International Film Festival is in its 16th year and runs Dec. 1-10

Local promoter presents first Alaskan EDM festival, gateway to much larger...

Tourists flock to Alaska for many things, such as cruises, mountains, wildlife and the Iditarod. Alaska’s entertainment scene, that is, the various concerts and shows that are scheduled around the state, don’t typically draw in the out-of town tourism similar scenes boast in the lower 48. One local promoter, Michael Mason, and his company, A Dose of Know-How, are trying to change that.

Masquerade ball goes steampunk

USUAA student government will hold their masquerade ball April 5 at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Anchorage at 8 p.m. till 1 a.m. April...

Alaska Water Wars

A recent five-part radio series on Pebble Mine brings Alaska Native voices to the forefront.

The Rock ruins it again

“Snitch” is based upon true events put into play in part by Reagan-era drug laws. Director Ric Roman Waugh’s fourth film edges close to home for many audience members who have gone through similar situations, but doesn’t quite hit it out of the park.

‘Chinese Take-Out’ undercuts humor with grief

People of a certain personality just can’t stand folks in their space. It’s not that they hate people, necessarily, their ecosystem is just delicate...

‘Hounds of Love’ should have had a tighter leash

For all its earnest intensity, “Hounds of Love” has remarkably boring stretches. I was puzzled by those moments because everything on-screen was important and...

Behind the horror: anatomy of a haunted house

The air is thick with the smell of sickly sweet cotton candy. The lights, a murky glow through the simulated fog, cast eerie greenish shadows; taking on any and every shape from your childhood closet.

‘Lone Surfer’ a moving and honest effort from Rothbart

Davy Rothbart’s new compilation of short stories, “The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas,” is like being in love for the first time: full of...

“Akalabeth:” A crude classic revived

“Ultima.” “Baldur's Gate.” “Might and Magic.” “Dragon Age.” All of these are role-playing classics, and they all owe their existence to one game: “Akalabeth: World...

Drink Review: Manischewitz Blackberry Wine

The Manischewitz blackberry wine is made completely from blackberries, with no additional fruits thrown in. Its color is a deep red hue, similar to strawberry jam, and its scent is sweet and fruity, though not easily identifiable as blackberries.

Charles Ramsey: More than an Internet sensation, a hero

Heroes aren’t jokes. Cartoon superheroes wearing their underwear on top of their pants are funny, and it’s perfectly fine to go nuts with the wisecracks....

Local band The Smile Ease to play at First Tap in...

Playing music since 2001, The Smile Ease has been around the block when it comes to Alaska’s music scene. They’ve been around a lot...

“No Big Heads”: Self-portraits can be more than faces

Students will showcase their artistic creativity at the annual “No Big Heads” self-portrait contest held at the Hugh McPeck Gallery. This is the 34th...

Rundown of February’s First Friday

Explore the creative and the eclectic local art in an Anchorage First Friday walk

‘Dishonored,’ killing baddies with supernatural style

If you’re a fan of “Bioshock” and “Assassin’s Creed,” chances are that you’ll like “Dishonored.”

Jackass becomes heartfelt with ‘Bad Grandpa’

Jackass and heartwarming — the world thought it wasn’t possible, but in “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,” Jackass pulls on the viewers’ heartstrings and proves they are more than just a stunt gang.

Woody Allen departs from his usual style in ‘Match Point’

~.~.~.~. Match Point Dreamworks Pictures/BBC Films, 2005 Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Scarlett Johansson, Emily Mortimer Directed by Woody Allen Rated R, 124 min. Drama/romance "Match Point" is the least Allenesque Woody...

Local renaissance fair celebrates 20 years of success

Time changes things — new technologies are developed, businesses come and go, children grow up and trends shift. With everything that unavoidably changes as...

Why kiss and tell when you can kiss and show?

Kissing has a vast and extremely complicated history, believed to have evolved from its original purpose of a mother showing affection to her infant,...

A&E Briefs

Virtus Unita performs classical guitar music at UAA Giovanni Demartini and Roland Stearns of Virtus Unita performed at the UAA Fine Arts Recital Hall on March 25. The duo's origins in music stems from European classical music for the guitar. Stearns, who is a classical guitarist and lutist, is a term member of the UAA music faculty; Demartini is the founder of a major guitar festival in his home town of Cervia, Italy.

Breaking down ‘Fast & Furious 6’

Has the franchise finally run out of gas? “Ride or die, remember?” Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) poignantly summed up “Fast & Furious 6” with those four words.

Dark, romantic ‘Disturbia’ a stunning masterpiece

You cannot watch 'Disturbia' without comparing it to Alfred Hitchcock's classic film "Rear Window." Despite claims to the contrary, this is a remake of that film and an incredible one at that. From the opening lines of the film you know you're in for a special treat.

Joel Piper is ‘Dying to Live’

Former Confide drummer/vocalist Joel Piper is back with his first full length solo album, titled “Dying to Live,” and it’s nothing like you’d expect. If...

‘Zathura’ a well-rounded, feel-good family film

nnnn? Zathura Columbia Pictures, 2005 Starring Jonah Bobo, Josh Hutcherson, Dax Shepard, Kristen Stewart Directed by Jon Favreau Written by David Koepp and John Kamps Rated PG, 113 min. Adventure/family/ sci-fi "Zathura"...

A&E Briefs

Conference presents faculty-chosen works A select number of UAA students presented original papers and projects in the Student Union April 3 and in the Fine Arts Building April 4. The conference promoted dialogue between students and community members to discuss topics like global warming, breast self-exams, English literature and salmon farming.

Finding time to play video games without missing deadlines

Turning in assignments on time is one of the most important factors to succeeding in college and just about anywhere. The grade for a...