Movie night off the beaten path

It is Saturday night. A group of friends thinks about going out to the movies. Why not try something different? Affordable home theater is a decent alternative to expensive tickets, scarce choices and schlocky movies designed for broad appeal.

37th Annual Slush Cup at Alyeska Resort

37th Annual Slush Cup at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska on April 12, 2014. The event takes 50 participants chosen for their costumes...

‘Claybody’ lets ceramic art, artists breathe

It starts with a block of clay. Pieces are lopped off, rolled between hands and fashioned into objects and bodies. The edges are delicately pressed and raised. These projects are ideas and viewpoints molded into being by the talented students of the ceramics department. After months of toil, selected student artists will present their work at the Claybody Ceramics Invitational in the Student Union Gallery this month.

Local bluegrass band Well Strung earns fans, First Tap stage

Local bluegrass and country band Well Strung has recently earned local fans, and the stage at Bear Tooth Theatre Pub's April 5 First Tap. Well Strung will be featured at the 9 p.m. event where the brewery will introduce this month's new beer, Dientee Del Oso.

Students take center stage as dancers, choreographers for New Dance 2016

UAA students choreograph original dance pieces for New Dance 2016

Christopher Smith’s “Earning Keep” a keeper earning hearts

Since the moment I heard this album, it’s been on my personal playlist. After the first listen I had to know more about the...

‘Hard Reset’ an enjoyable first person shooter

Hard Reset will kill your reflexes - that’s a fact. With the popularization of cinematic, explosion-heavy military shooters like ‘Modern Warfare,’ the world seems...

The Esports Lounge isn’t just for professional gamers

“Esports” refers to playing video games professionally. The finals for tournaments that attract talent from all over the world are played on the stages...

‘Star Wars’ exhibit mixes hard science, pop culture

It captivated generation after generation and created an entire sub-culture. Now, it’s in Anchorage for the next two and a half months: "Star Wars." The...

When ‘Magical Girl’ relaxes, it captivates

By the climax, Vermut threatens to overstate his point, but he gets engrossed in his story instead and lets it breathe.

A&E Briefs

Iditarod champion tells all with new book Alaskan legend and Iditarod champion Jeff King had a reading and signing of his new book, "Cold Hands Warm Heart," at Title Wave Books on Feb. 13. In his book, King shares autobiographical short stories about living in Alaska and racing sled dogs.

Green Tea Hot Toddy: A drink for the ill who don’t...

Headache, sore throat, body aches and a nose so stuffed up it could reinforce a dam — yep, it’s cold season, and some people have it bad. And bad, of course, is a sugarcoated term for, ”Leave me alone. I think I’m dying.”

‘District 9’ not great, but still worth the money

nyone who saw the previews for "District 9" knew two things. First, it was produced by Peter Jackson and second, it was going to use the documentary format. The viral advertising campaign for this film led many viewers to expect a horror flick that would chill and thrill them.

Two brothers divided by crime in ‘We Own the Night’

While some people might think that this film isn't worth watching from the previews because they've already seen this plot before, "We Own the Night" has plenty of surprises to offer those viewers who are willing to give it a chance. Not only are the story line and acting so great they need to be seen to be believed and appreciated, but the artistry of the film itself is also well worth the cost of admission.

Pumpkin spice delight

There’s nothing quite like the flavors of fall: cinnamon, squash and all. And when it comes to squash, Starbucks hits the spot with its pumpkin spice latte. The drink is a blend of coffee, pumpkin flavor, steamed milk, whipped cream and pumpkin pie spices sprinkled on top — a sure delight for the lovers of autumn.

‘Jumper’ won’t leap into hearts of viewers

This is the era of the comic book. Film noir prostitutes and assassins, superheroes in spandex and capes, and regular people with superpowers abound on both the little and big screen these days. Yet a comic book-like plot doesn't mean instant popularity or success.


The Kooks certainly aren't the first handful of Brits to realize that Americans adore any and all music from their homeland, but despite this potentially tired marketing scheme, their sophomore effort, "Konk," comes out far more ahead of the curve than behind.

Tasteless internet users, a fearless kind

Last month, tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, when a gunman killed 20 young students and six educators. Jan. 15, 20 students sang “Over the Rainbow” on “Good Morning America” and released the song online to raise money for the United Way of Western Connecticut in remembrance of their peers.

K-Bay Caffe gets in the Alaska coffee game

The road to Homer isn't so long when there's a destination in mind like K-Bay Caffe. The little drive-through espresso stand is just a taste of the vision K-Bay owner and roaster Michael McGuire has for coffee and for the rest of the world. With its roots firmly planted in Homer since the late 90s, and its reputation spilling over into the local Anchorage restaurant and café scene, little K-Bay is making a big splash in a pool inhabited by some of Alaska's roasting giants.

‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’ coming to UAA

Two of the nuttier characters in William Shakespeare's “Hamlet” have their own stories to tell, and it's up to UAA's Department of Theatre and...

Local artists creates an indoor sculpture park for gallery show

Heavy, damp, gritty but also a little refreshing; so familiar, but until you step into the Student Union Gallery, it’s a difficult scent to place: grass.

Sweet songs warm the heart

May 16 marked the release of Alaskan Home Grown artist Melissa Mitchell's third solo album "Rain or Shine". The release party was held at the Snow Goose where a diverse melting pot of fans and supporters rallied in celebration of Mitchell's latest "creations"; more than songs - the messages pierce the heart with poignancy and inject a healthy dose of self realization without the nasty after effect of judgment.

‘Utopian Dreams’ embraces the unreal

There’s a whole other world in the Consortium Library ARC Gallery. With snakes of black paint on the walls and fish hanging from the...

Wild art

Lions, tigers and bears? Well, at least bears. Until next week bears and other Alaskan wildlife will be just hanging around – on the...

Relax before school starts with a citywide artwalk and party

The start of fall semester 2009 is fast approaching. With students scrambling to sign up for last minute classes and scrounge up money for tuition and textbooks, it might be a wise ideas to take a night to slow down and take a stroll about the town. The First Friday Art Walk has been a long running tradition with Anchorage, and the First Friday of Aug.

Not all absinthes are created equal

Not all brands of absinthe live up to the Green Fairy seal of approval. Mansinthe by Marilyn Manson (yes, he has an official absinthe)...

‘Rise of the Silver Surfer’ visually stimulating but light on content

Thankfully, "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" is much better than its predecessor. It is better written and has better special effects. Yet even with those working in its favor, the film still leaves the audience unsatisfied.

Kick off the school year with live music, food and SNL...

Campus Kick-Off is a huge welcoming party for UAA freshman and returning students. It's a great way to see what UAA has to offer...