First Friday showcases: UAA’s Jason Quisenberry

Jason Quisenberry, a BFA junior from the Bay area in California did not think that he would get into art. He finished high school,...

‘Predestination’ runs laps around viewers

A good time travel movie makes the viewer naive. It’s a wonder that genre fare like it has stuck around for as long as...

August Burns Red turns Christmas metal this year

Hardcore bands consistently receive heavy criticism for sounding too similar to each other. It seems August Burns Red, or ABR, has heard enough of these insults and snapped, pushing them to write "Sleddin' Hill," a 42-minute onslaught of Christmas metal.

The celluloid ceiling needs cracking

Imagine a world where you have no voice simply because of the social caste you belong to. Imagine a world where you cannot sit in a popular restaurant simply because of the color of your skin. Imagine a world where you are not allowed to show your forearms or ankles, but must cover your entire body simply because of your sex.

‘The Family Sign’ a sign of growth and musical maturity

Indie hip-hop super group Atmosphere has been on a roll of album releases lately, with a double EP a few scant months ago, and...

Bare: A Pop Opera provides moving performance

The Fine Arts Building showcased Bare: A Pop Opera this past weekend. The story encircles the lives of Peter and Jason, two gay roommates...

‘Strike Vector’ is a potent shooter

Multiplayer shooter games today lack a sense of thrill. Getting kills and points is easy in a game like “Call of Duty” and as...

A&E Briefs

Iditarod champion tells all with new book Alaskan legend and Iditarod champion Jeff King had a reading and signing of his new book, "Cold Hands Warm Heart," at Title Wave Books on Feb. 13. In his book, King shares autobiographical short stories about living in Alaska and racing sled dogs.

Waits’ new album loses the piano but doesn’t lose touch

“Real Gone” finds Tom Waits at an interesting point in his career. He has released 25 albums since the early 70s and has enjoyed...

Beta Love: Ra Ra Riot’s new electronic embrace

After three years, New York-based band Ra Ra Riot is back with "Beta Love." Unfortunately, there is a constant reminder the band is going through a little bit of a genre identity crisis.

The true star of ‘Radius’ is its story

With serviceable performances and a killer narrative, “Radius” rides on its formal strengths more than anything.

Dreamworks puts together strong cast for weak movie

3D movies are the wave of the future. Everyone in Hollywood is talking about them: the advances in technology, the endless movie possibilities, and the potential for great cash rewards for the powers that be. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any film using this technology that has really captured the hearts and imaginations of the movie-going public.

The bard’s take on a galaxy far, far away

The first “Star Wars” was a landmark in filmmaking, pushing the boundaries of what could be done with special effects back in the late ‘70s. When adapting to another medium, then, the most obvious choice is classical theater —Wait, what?!

Print Club members showcase the art of printmaking

The Hugh McPeck Gallery on the second floor of the Student Union opened its doors to “Print Club,” an exhibition showcasing the work of...

2015 summer movie preview

Word Count: 442 Headline: 2015 summer movie preview By George Hyde   It's that time of year; seniors graduating, flowers blooming, and summer blockbusters exploding. As per usual,...

Mason Jennings’ Anchorage debut concert a spring treat

The Bear Tooth Theatre Pub has always been good about getting bands that guarantee a good time and will rock the crowd for First Tap and other celebrations. This year will be more on the mellow side because singer/songwriter Mason Jennings will be making his debut appearance in Alaska.

‘Anchorage Is’ provides a colorful portrait of Anchorage’s 100 years as...

Over the past few weeks, “Anchorage Is” has been playing weekend after weekend at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub. It was originally scheduled for three...

A&E Briefs

Big band name comes to Alaska The headlining group from the 2007 Warped Tour, Chiodos, made a visit to Alaska recently. They performed in Club Millennium on Friday, Sept. 12, and then moved the show up to Fairbanks for a performance at the Chena Convention Center on Sept.

‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre:’ A look at Western greed...

Iconic film shows the psychological impact of prospecting

Bottled Cosmopolitan, a must-have for lazy days

There is nothing more chic, sophisticated and feminine than the Cosmo. This fruity cocktail is a true doozy, and well-made ones challenge even the manliest of men to call them tame.

Old sounds resurface in Bj?rk’s new album, ‘Volta’

Bj?rk serves as a rite of passage for young music hounds' professional opinions. It's only when they hear the Icelandic wonder that aural aficionados realize that what someone thinks of a piece doesn't matter. Bj?rk is so strange and obscure that every opinion somehow manages to be objective fact.

5 games to ward off boredom this summer

Summer is a time to get lost in the wilderness. Take a hike up Flattop or a trip down to Seward. Somebody’s ideal summer...

Overtones of others in ‘Great Escape Artist’

“Jane’s Addiction” has a new album called “The Great Escape Artist.” It’s a great little record that sounds like “Cage the Elephant,” “Bjork,” and...

Great Actors without Oscars

There are many actors and actresses who have never won Academy Awards (Oscars) despite many believing that they are more than deserving of the award....

Alaska Gaming Convention comes to UAA

Alaska has a vast gaming community, but for a long time, organizing it was rather difficult. However, the folks behind Senshi-Con, the massively popular...

Last laugh of the summer available at Snow Goose

Scared Scriptless will be holding a performance on Saturday, Aug. 8 at the Snow Goose Restaurant and Pub. This is their last show of the summer break, so anyone looking for one last good laugh should keep this in mind. As the name implies, Scared Scriptless is a comedy show where all the performers act on pure improvisation alone.

Ali brings some brotherly love

For those of you who are strangers to Brother Ali, allow me this shallow introduction: Ali is an albino Muslim battle rapper. I say this to front load the introduction so you can quickly get past any preconceived notions or socio-programmed stereotypes to get straight to this point-Brother Ali is in a word: dope.

{Music Review}

Since 2002, Xiu Xiu has released one album and countless singles and split EPs every year. This prolific output matched their ascent into critical...

Blind Boys of Alabama still going strong

This gospel group of blind men from Alabama (just like the band name suggests) has been around for a long, long, long time. They have won five Grammy Awards for their work, were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and have won the Lifetime Achievement Award.