‘Hairspray’ packs a plus-sized fun punch

Fans of musicals will not be disappointed with "Hairspray." This is a delightful romp with a soundtrack that will linger long after the movie is over. From the first moment the movie starts, so does the music. There is no preamble; the actors burst into song from the very first frame.

The New Star Wars Film Awakens your Nostalgia

When I was kid I had an uncle who was obsessed with Star Wars. He collected all the action figures, which one day would...

‘God of War II’

It seems Spartans are getting all the glory these days. But as incredible as Frank Miller's "300" is, movies aren't an interactive format. Luckily, the gods created video games. Those intelligent enough to play the original "God of War" for the PS2 were treated to one of the greatest action games of all time.

May cause dance parties

On the Website for Fol Chen's record label Asthmatic Kitty, the band names a few different artists they sound like. Among the accurate relatives lay Pink Floyd and Gwen Stefani. I can't imagine Asthmatic Kitty, who is home to artists like Sufjan Stevens, My Brightest Diamond, Castanets and Grampall Jookabox, would house an artist that compares themselves to Gwen Stefani, but for Fol Chen, it kind of works.

21st century rambling man has old school appeal

3/5 --- The guitar's dominance of rock music can be attributed to a few key factors. Its portability, versatility and ability to produce both...


Ice Cream Social – July 10 3-4 p.m. at the UAA/APU Consortium Library Ice cream is free for UAA students (with valid ID for spring...

A$AP Rocky’s swag delivers on ‘LongLiveA$AP’

After a year of hype and guest features in 2012, A$AP Rocky has released his awaited debut album, “LongLiveA$AP.” The album captures Rocky’s trill persona while delivering a wide range of recognizable musical features.

Podcast review: Lizard People

If conspiracy theories, crazy people and kooky ideas about what's really going on behind the scenes are your thing, Lizard People is the podcast for you.

“SOMA” just can’t live up to “Amnesia”

“Amnesia: The Dark Descent” was really, really friggin' scary. It wasn't the only game to trigger the indie horror game phenomenon, but with its...

Four of a kind: BIZZAY’s “The Human Condition” explores connected themes...

“It’s a reminder that we’re all mortal, and we’re all going to die… So live as if you’re going to die,” Devan Hawkins said...

Stone lion guards UAA Rock Garden

The massive feline looks startled as if rudely awakened from an afternoon snooze from commotion outside the UAA Natural Sciences Building — fortunately for...

Aesop Rock album takes hip-hop to new level with sporadic style

Aesop Rock’s newest EP, “Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives,” is seven songs of genius, and is just a reflection of why he is...

Reading for fun versus reading for school

It can be hard to do what you need to do. If you're in an English class or any literature class, reading can feel...

‘Aklaq and Nayak’ offers Native interpretation of fairy tale

Anchorage Opera and UAA to offer new twist on fairy tale

H20 is FTW

When it comes to the beverage industry, trends are everything. For the fashion-conscious choice of drink is can be a statement — “Are you Coke or Pepsi?”

Album Reviews: ‘Your Anchor’ and ‘At Mount Zoomer’

Lackthereof have more albums than they have ever played shows. This isn't a product of poor managing but really because Lackthereof is a project that Danny Seim does out of his basement. His first six albums were handed out on CD-Rs to friends and family.

Old sounds resurface in Bj?rk’s new album, ‘Volta’

Bj?rk serves as a rite of passage for young music hounds' professional opinions. It's only when they hear the Icelandic wonder that aural aficionados realize that what someone thinks of a piece doesn't matter. Bj?rk is so strange and obscure that every opinion somehow manages to be objective fact.

Many forms of cartoons and animation at the Hugh McPeck gallery

"Hickory Cartoon Show" features 35 students and professional artists with over 50 works of art ranging from animation to sculpture.

Album Review: Muse, “2nd Law”

Muse have been creating bombastic alternative progressive rock for over a decade. They have earned a reputation for sonic diversity and a uniquely grandiose style. “The 2nd Law” does nothing to challenge that perception. In fact, at times it seems like the album was made to uphold it. This is the most bombastic and grandiose Muse album ever, which seem to be the best two words to describe it.

Senshi-Con, a smash with Alaskan geeks

The mornings of Sept. 28 and 29, 5th Avenue drivers were treated to something of a shock. Geeks in costume lined up these mornings to attend Senshi-Con, Alaska’s oldest and most reputable anime convention and nerd mecca. Senshi-Con had its humble beginnings in 2005. It was hosted in West Anchorage High School’s cafeteria by the school’s anime club. Since that first year, the event was held in UAA’s own Student Union, where it remained and hosted famous guests, such as voice actresses Caitlin Glass and Laura Bailey.

‘Afterlife’ bound to bore audiences to death

"The Afterlife of the Mind," the most recent offering from acclaimed San Francisco playwright William Bivins, boasts an original plot. Harry, a philosophy professor,...
Alexandra McCall, Chase Knutson and Ben Hagensieker play characters Emma, Robert and Jerry in “Betrayal.”

Thesis project betrays the norm

A theatre student’s thesis project is a little bit different than the average thesis assignment. Paitton Reid is graduating in just a few weeks. One...

‘Serendipity’ is destined to be a good rental

Aside from being a really cool word to say, serendipity is the act of discovering desirable things accidentally or unexpectedly. New at the box...

Something for everyone at Tri Sigma’s holiday bazaar

For the second year in a row, the Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma, or Tri Sigma, will host a holiday bazaar for all...

Alaska, more than what we bill for

People don’t visit Alaska for the culture. With mountains, wildlife, glaciers and cruises, we have such a breathtakingly beautiful state that people will travel from all over the world to see and be a part of.

‘Force Majeure’ is unbearably tense

In many other movies, an avalanche would be the climax. The hero, at the end of his rope, hanging over some infinitely black cavern,...

Creativity celebrated in Youth Art Month

Approximately 800 Anchorage School District students will have their art displayed around Anchorage for Youth Art Month. Youth Art Month is a national program under...

Top 5 albums of 2013 from KRUA

And now, for your holiday pleasure, watch as I struggle with the intensely difficult task of hierarchically ordering five of the best 2013 albums of that have graced KRUA's airwaves. With so many uniquely good records, this is going to be nearly impossi — no. Wait. They're all so great. I don't think I can say with certainty that one is better than the other. So I'm going to lay them out here in no particular order. You can decide.