Lester & The Hoax

Q: Who are the band members on the recording? And who are the band members performing at the CD release? A: I played all the instruments on the CD. The Hoax live line up includes me on guitar and percussion and my friends Ted and Jeff from the Moon Knights and iLeah from Miss Midnight Ago Go.

Kim Petras delivers everything you love about halloween in “Turn off...

Kim Petras is back at it again, delivering an eight track mixtape: “Turn off The Light Vol. 1.” It’s just in time for October’s...

Uncovering the history of the Black Death

Former UAA history professor Dieter Wuerth gave a discussion at the bookstore Oct. 7 about controversies surrounding the outbreaks of plagues. The speech was largely based upon the works of Samuel K. Cohn Jr, who wrote “The Black Death: The End of a Paradigm.” The main controversy Wuerth discussed was if the second pandemic of plague, or “medieval plague” which began in 1347, and the third plague, or “modern plague” that broke out in 1894, are the same disease.

Action and danger collide in Radical Reels 2013 show

The Canadian Banff Mountain Film Festival has a night dedicated to action and extreme sports films, dubbed Radical Reels. Each year after the festival, the films tour around the world in the Radical Reels Tour. Radical Reels Tour 2013 recently paid visit to UAA’s Wendy Williamson Auditorium and didn’t disappoint the thrill-seeking and outdoorsy Alaskan crowd.

Get off the couch!

Not sure what to do this weekend? Here’s a list of events both on campus and around town that are sure to get you...

Taylor Swift chosen for The Hunger Games

Taylor Swift has been center stage in contemporary country music for roughly five years now. Originally a Myspace music phenomena, Swift skyrocketed to fame...

A farewell to Blockbuster

The Blockbuster on Northern Lights is closing. That means that there are four Blockbusters left in the state. While that number is higher than...

Game Review: ‘The Walking Dead’: A tough story that will rip...

Player choice has been an interesting trend in the gaming industry over the years. It's been seen as both a blessing (in cases like “Mass Effect” or “Spec Ops: The Line”) and a curse (in cases like “inFamous”), but rarely has any game literally moved me to tears. “The Walking Dead” is one such game.

Dour, thy name is ‘The Ritual’

Really, “The Ritual” has an identity problem: is it a monster flick smart enough to look original but too dumb to work? Or is it a coming-of-age story for four friends whose trauma keeps them apart?

Francois Virot ‘Yes or No’

With digital music being so widespread and accessible, it's becoming harder for bands to make money. It's probably safe to say that this is directly correlated with the fact that many bands are setting up home recording studios and not forking over the money to rent out a professional studio.

Planetarium presentation to examine supernovae

Supernovae are some of the most important events in the known universe. They help form many of the things that humans know, both on...

Jay-Z starts another successful company

The modern-day music business can be seen as more industry driven, leaving executives to make decisions on what the public sees and hears. The...

‘Bangkok Dangerous’

Nicolas Cage ("Next") has become a bit of a typecast actor and one suspects that this is his own doing. He usually stars in leading roles (as the hero or anti-hero) where he gets to save the day and kick butt in some fashion or other.Lately, this has been the only thing he's done and his movies have lacked any sort of appeal because of that stale persona.

Classic with a twist

Upon seeing the trailer for “Mirror Mirror” (a Snow White parody) many people shrugged it off with disdain, mentally comparing it to 2007’s “Enchanted,” however, you may be pleased to know, it is significantly better and lacks any terrible musical fluff.

A night of music and community

Sinfonia is a one-night-only performance, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. The show will run roughly 90 minutes with an intermission at the Recital Hall in UAA's Fine Arts Building. Tickets are $9.99 for students, $14.99 for military and seniors and $19.99 for general public adults, available for purchase at artsuaa.com.

Winterfest 2020 events calendar

In celebration of winter, UAA is hosting its annual Winterfest extravaganza. Events began Feb. 22 and will continue until March 7. Students and UAA...

UAA ensemble to play crowd favorites for spring commencement

With a few more rehearsals to go through, Proskurnya and the ensemble will be ready to play in the Alaska Airlines Center on May 6 to celebrate this year’s graduates.

Rap made respectful with ‘All You Can Do’

With recent stirrings in the black community regarding the appropriateness of Iggy Azalea’s participation in hip-hop, a common complaint wasn’t the mimicry in musical style, but rather the artist “trying black culture on for size” — disrespectfully appropriating language and aesthetics to fake an identity and background that is not her own.

Young talent makes noise in hardcore and electronic world

It’s hard to believe when listening to Idiot Pilot’s “Strange We Should Meet Here” that so much noise can be made by just two...

2015 summer movie preview

Word Count: 442 Headline: 2015 summer movie preview By George Hyde [email protected]   It's that time of year; seniors graduating, flowers blooming, and summer blockbusters exploding. As per usual,...

‘God of War II’

It seems Spartans are getting all the glory these days. But as incredible as Frank Miller's "300" is, movies aren't an interactive format. Luckily, the gods created video games. Those intelligent enough to play the original "God of War" for the PS2 were treated to one of the greatest action games of all time.

Metal, post-hardcore genre limitations shattered in ‘Issues’

Album: “Issues” Artist: Issues Genre: Nu-metal, metalcore, post-hardcore Label: Rise Records Release Date: Feb. 18, 2014 4/5 stars   What happens when a pop R&B singer gets together with an unclean...

Those stranded in Anchorage for spring break look to concerts for...

Spring break is next week and if mom and dad didn't feel kind enough to send their favorite college student to Hawaii this year, you are stuck in Anchorage while it defrosts. While the rest of the student are busy doing things they are going to regret in Mexico, don't just lay on the couch and watch America's Best Dance Crew-go to a concert.

The zine scene

Small magazines celebrate local artists, photographers

{Music Reviews}

Shame on those who aren't familiar with The Roots. They are one of the few groups that has yet to release a bad album....

Alaska Gaming Convention comes to UAA

Alaska has a vast gaming community, but for a long time, organizing it was rather difficult. However, the folks behind Senshi-Con, the massively popular...

Best chocolate cupcake in town

For many, birthday parties and celebrations are among the greatest joys of growing up. The expectation of ingesting copious amounts of sugary treats usually puts a smile on kids’ faces.