Fairbanks California Sherry: Not an original, but still a tasty wine

Despite not actually being from Fairbanks, this California Sherry wine definitely packs a punch. This sherry is light in color, a touch of amber in an otherwise clear liquid, and it’s got a powerful scent. At first, the scent is consumed with the odor of alcohol, but a second try reveals a deeper, nutty and earthy undertone.

The Anchorage International Film Festival provides a cornucopia of film flavors

When big budget movies at mega-cinemas begin to stagnate, many film fans flock to screenings of more independent films, like those found at Bear...

No Big Heads, open this week

For the past 27 years, small packages from around the country have been sent to UAA’s campus and displayed for two weeks. Inside of those packages are self- portraits under one square foot in dimension.

12th Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference attracts writers from across the nation

Enjoy writing? It doesn't matter if it's non-fiction, fiction, poetry, screenplays or song lyrics, the Kachemak Bay Writers' Conference hopes to have it covered. The conference is a nationally recognized event that features workshops, readings and panels all about the art of creative writing. There are even activities such as boat cruises, camp-outs and bonfires to get those creative juices running.

Gorillaz new album is lacking

ARTIST: The Gorillaz ALBUM: Plastic Beach LABEL: Virgom RELEASE: Mar 9, 2010 It has been nearly five years since the stellar “Demon Days,” and a third album is...

A&E Briefs

'Future Islands' set to come to Alaska Psychedelia, prepare for a revival because the post-wave band known as Future Islands is coming to Alaska for three performances in the south central area. If someone likes the retro sounds of synthesizers and the most out-there vocals, then Future Islands is the band to listen to.

Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’ sports surprises

First off, “Frankenweenie” is the first Tim Burton movie since “Big Fish” not to feature Johnny Depp, and the first since “Sleepy Hollow” not...

Heroic epic ‘Beowulf’ draws in audience with animation

It's been a long time since an animated film was made that was aimed at an audience of adults only, but "Beowulf" succeeds in this medium better than it has in some of its live-action adaptations.

Soda smorgasbord

A drink review of Sioux City Sarsaparilla, Kickapoo Joy Juice, Bawls Guarana, and Waialua Soda Works Mango Soda!

Like its protagonist, ‘A Company Man’ is afraid of commitment

"A Company Man" can’t figure out what kind of movie it wants to be.

‘Robots’ short on plot, long on zany fun

“Robots,” the new computer graphics animated comedy from 20th Century Fox, utilizes the same formula that “Shark Tale” screwed up so thoroughly a couple...

There’s no place like Portlandia

The signature catchphrase “Always on. Slightly off;” sums up the feel of this off-beat TV show quite nicely. Originally on a budget of less than...

Fur Rondy Snow Sculpture Competition: Ice art at it’s finest.

Imagine having to create a piece of artwork from 8 cubic feet of compressed snow while having to deal with the tough Alaskan climate....

‘Grand Theft Auto V,’ a wide-open paradise

When “Grand Theft Auto III” hit the scene over a decade ago, it changed the gaming landscape forever. Its open-world nature has inspired games as varied and diverse as “Saint’s Row” and “Red Dead Redemption.” It’s even worked its influence into franchises such as “Fallout” or “The Elder Scrolls.” Now, Rockstar is bringing the franchise back to end the current gaming generation on a high note with its most ambitious project yet: “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Pearl’s debut pays homage to ’80s rockers

Album: "Little Immaculate White Fox " Artist: Pearl Label: R.E.D. Distribution Release date: Jan. 19, 2010 Pearl Aday's music is a peculiar beast. Her band Pearl combines the...

Old sounds resurface in Bjork’s new album, ‘Volta’

Bjork serves as a rite of passage for young music hounds' professional opinions. It's only when they hear the Icelandic wonder that aural aficionados realize that what someone thinks of a piece doesn't matter. Bjork is so strange and obscure that every opinion somehow manages to be objective fact.

8 mile: Lose yourself in the movie

When I first heard Eminem was starring in a movie, I was skeptical. My initial thought was that this movie would end up being...

‘The Clone Returns Home’: Sci-fi with a twist

In the world of “The Clone Returns Home” cloning a body is possible, but what about the spirit? “Even if you extract the memories and destroy the original body, the original soul will still remain,” says Professor Teshigawara (Toru Shinagawa, “Dark Water”) in a scene from the film.

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at UAA

Mountains have a certain picturesque setting to them that draws many in — both for the beauty and danger. The Banff Mountain Film Festival...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Costumes, prizes, a mocktail bar and a movie of affair and Frankenstein-like creation are all in store for those 17 and older in a Halloween showing of the film “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” This event, put on by the Student Union and Commuter Student Services, Student Life and Leadership, the Dean of Students’ Office and Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol, will run from 7-10 p.m. Oct. 31.

A&E Briefs

Alaskan woman's story comes to life at Cyrano's Playhouse The theatre has a wide variety of genres available to it, but one that seems to be lacking is plays about Alaskan women in the early 19th century. "Make Good The Fires" is not only about a woman in Alaska from 1913-1917, but she's a socialist organizer as well.

‘Steel Magnolias’ for and about community

As Madonna’s “Material Girl” blares over the speakers at Cyrano’s Off Center Playhouse, I’m seated next to a long row of women cradling glasses...

Clam Chowder Food Quest

House of Bread - $4.75 for a cup, $6.25 for a bowl, $8.25 for bread bowl House of Bread’s delicious clam chowder will have you...

Making up stories increases the heartbreak of tragedy

If there is one thing that is completely and utterly deplorable, it’s taking a mas­sive tragedy and creating lies about it.

Here We Go Magic takes a trip down the rabbit hole

Luke Temple (jack of all trades for Here We Go Magic) made his name by recording albums in his bedroom, playing all the instruments, singing all the parts, and pretty much doing whatever he wanted. So naturally when you hear that the guy has a new project out you think, "oh, he must have formed or joined a band and is trying out new musical adventures.

‘Arkham City’ a delicious, expansive Batman sequel

The Bat Signal fills the night sky and you, the ultimate detective, are racing towards it. But then a gang of misfits is beating...

‘B4.DA.$$’ is a badass debut by 20 year old rapper

Very rarely is the debut album of a rapper preceded with such a large amount of anticipation and excitement as “B4.DA.$$.” Joey Bada$$, who...

‘Bangerz’ by Miley Cyrus

It’s just sad. It’s sad to see someone with talent, especially very specific talents, take them in a direction that doesn’t coincide with their capabilities. And it happens for a variety of reasons, this kind of reaction formation. In the case of Miley Cyrus, she’s going through a musical reactionary period that harks back to the title of the debut album from the Arctic Monkeys, “Whatever You Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not”: You say I’m a country star? I rap. You say I’m a Disney child? I party. You say I’m a role model for young girls everywhere? I twerk.

New, fictional Alaska TV show in the making

A small town in Southeast Alaska is home to approximately 8,700  people. That town is Sitka. It’s the same place that the rom-com “The...