A&E Opinion: Zombie films need a boost in story artistry

Zombie movies have become a joke. The ravenous undead are no longer terrifying. Now they're stupid, shambling mannequins on which laughable premises are thrust.

‘Wrecking Ball’: Breaking walls?

Intimacy is a hard thing to achieve, especially for anyone raised in a home wracked by abuse, drug addiction or alcoholism. I grew up in an alcoholic household and I, like anyone who’s ever wanted to connect with other people, have a hard time connecting in any meaningful way.

Promoters finally bring big names to Alaska concert goers

Alaska, home of beautiful mountains, scenic coastlines, large expanses of land, tons of wildlife and mostly friendly people. Alaska, isolated from the rest of...

12th Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference attracts writers from across the nation

Enjoy writing? It doesn't matter if it's non-fiction, fiction, poetry, screenplays or song lyrics, the Kachemak Bay Writers' Conference hopes to have it covered. The conference is a nationally recognized event that features workshops, readings and panels all about the art of creative writing. There are even activities such as boat cruises, camp-outs and bonfires to get those creative juices running.

Graffiti: Art vs. Vandalism

Keith Haring started painting on subway stations, using nothing but chalk on blank advertising panels, matted in black. He thought of the subways as his personal laboratory; New York commuters were fascinated by his work and would watch him design as they waited for their trains. Later he favored bright yellows, reds and purples, in designs that represented unity and vitality. Haring’s first official art show was held in 1981 at the Westbeth Painters Space, one that would turn out to be the first of many.

“Papers, Please” deserves your utmost attention

Being the inspector of a nation’s border doesn’t sound like much fun. In fact, most real inspectors would tell you it’s a slog. But...

No-heat-o Mojito worth the effort

The No-heat-o Mojito virgin drink is not a simple mocktail. Its sweet flavor will appeal to both those under and over the drinking age. Despite its minor complexities, a focused attention to detail is well worth the delicious result.

May cause dance parties

On the Website for Fol Chen's record label Asthmatic Kitty, the band names a few different artists they sound like. Among the accurate relatives lay Pink Floyd and Gwen Stefani. I can't imagine Asthmatic Kitty, who is home to artists like Sufjan Stevens, My Brightest Diamond, Castanets and Grampall Jookabox, would house an artist that compares themselves to Gwen Stefani, but for Fol Chen, it kind of works.

Smaller theater companies work more, bond more: ‘Saucy Jack’

Anchorage has a booming theater community; between the numerous theater companies, the city offers a wide range of productions for a wide range of...

‘Kingdom Hearts,’ as magical as it was back then

Over 10 years ago, the video game scene was graced with what seemed like one of the strangest crossovers in existence: Disney with Final Fantasy. Players were skeptical, but soon after its release it became a darling of the industry with its surprisingly deep narrative and excellent action-RPG mechanics.

Epic ‘Beowulf’ draws in audience with action and animation

It's been a long time since an animated film was made that was aimed at an audience of adults only, but "Beowulf" succeeds in this medium better than it has in some of its live-action adaptations. For the first time, the epic really springs to life with great special effects and monsters that could only be created as fantastically as they are in this method.

BoA makes American debut

Album: "BoA" Artist: BoA Record Label: SM USA Arsenal Record BoA (pronounced like the snake) is a Korean hip-hop/dance sensation in Asia.  After taking most major Asian...

Drink Review: Fu-Ki Sake

Fu-Ki Sake may sound like a silly name, but this traditional Japanese rice wine packs quite a punch. It’s clear, heavy and possesses a light, earthy aroma that’s subdued but powerful once it’s in your nose.

Top 5 movies to look forward to this summer

Plenty of popcorn flicks and more underrated features are coming out this summer. Between nights around a bonfire and vacationing out of state, here...

Christopher Smith’s “Earning Keep” a keeper earning hearts

Since the moment I heard this album, it’s been on my personal playlist. After the first listen I had to know more about the...

Bottled Cosmopolitan, a must-have for lazy days

There is nothing more chic, sophisticated and feminine than the Cosmo. This fruity cocktail is a true doozy, and well-made ones challenge even the manliest of men to call them tame.

No Big Heads, open this week

For the past 27 years, small packages from around the country have been sent to UAA’s campus and displayed for two weeks. Inside of those packages are self- portraits under one square foot in dimension.

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Untitled Unmastered’ is exceptionally striking

Back in Dec. 2014, Kendrick Lamar was the last musical guest on the Colbert Report. He performed an untitled song that saw Kendrick take...

‘Saving Silverman’ brings lovesick puppy and manipulative shrink to big screen

 “Saving Silverman” is a well-acted, outrageous comedy where three best friends test their friendship to the end. Darren Silverman (Jason Biggs), Wayne Le Fessier (Steve...

Rain and Zoe travel to the main stage

"Rain and Zoe Save the World" is about the journey of two teenagers who travel cross-country via motorcycle to join a group of oil protesters. Along the way, Rain and Zoe learn the possible dangers the world may experience.

The Modern Savage host album release party to celebrate ‘Unwilling Participants’

Anchorage's fab five release their second full length album

‘The Life of Pablo’ underwhelms

People hate Kanye. I get it, he's an egotistical asshole that says whatever he wants and for the most part, gets away with it....

Student choreography, dancers take center stage

Dance in Performance returns to Harper Studio

‘The Reaping’ performs a minor miracle for a B-movie

Finally, here is a thriller with religious themes that doesn't fall back on clich?s or cheesy plots! Despite what seems to be the obvious storyline advertised in the previews, this movie has many surprises in store for the viewer and isn't quite what one would expect.

Guess 2013 Oscar picks to win free movie tickets

Ladies and gents, the Oscars are coming! The Academy’s picks for the best of the best in movies will be announced, and devoted fans everywhere will stomp their feet, throw popcorn at the screen and complain for a week as their favorite nominees are passed over for awards — at least I will be.

‘Grand Theft Auto V,’ a wide-open paradise

When “Grand Theft Auto III” hit the scene over a decade ago, it changed the gaming landscape forever. Its open-world nature has inspired games as varied and diverse as “Saint’s Row” and “Red Dead Redemption.” It’s even worked its influence into franchises such as “Fallout” or “The Elder Scrolls.” Now, Rockstar is bringing the franchise back to end the current gaming generation on a high note with its most ambitious project yet: “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Former slam poetry champion to perform at UAA this week

UAA celebrates a wide variety of art forms on a regular basis. There are art exhibitions, concerts, comedians, dance performances and theater shows all over campus, but one art form commonly left in the dark is the spoken word. There are very few poetry readings advertised around UAA. There is one however, Shihan, the 2004 National Poetry Slam Champion, is performing for UAA on Thursday, Feb 2. For junior English major Joseph Selmont, the president of the UAA poetry club, it’s a refreshing change of pace form other shows offered on campus.

For better and worse, ‘Look Who’s Back’ rides on its premise

Oliver Masucci plays a mean Hitler, one who, surprisingly, is hard to hate. Sure, he’s Hitler, but his time has passed. Or has it?

TapRoot’s first Fall Music Festival caps off summer season

Taproot's first ever Fall Music Festival