‘Omnion’ by Hercules and Love Affair: A Different Side of EDM

Dance music in the modern day and age has become a convoluted art form. "Omnion" by Hercules and Love Affair harks back to a simpler time.

VIDEO: ‘ALAXSXA | ALASKA,’ a multimedia storytelling experience

https://youtu.be/_-HktkwHVyM?loop=0 Here’s a glimpse of “ALAXSXA | ALASKA,” a multimedia performance by New York City-based Ping + Chong Company. The theater company will return home...

Classical pianist wraps up van tour of Alaska

Brooklyn-based classical pianist Miki Sawada hoped to show classical music's continued relevance through her "Gather Hear Alaska" tour

Thomas Chung’s ‘The Trickster’ on display at ARC Gallery

After drawing controversy over decapitated Trump painting, UAA art professor’s current exhibit looks at the trickster archetype

‘We Are Not Alone’ feels like nothing at all

If I taught a horror history course, I’d open it with the Peruvian bore, “We Are Not Alone.” Not because it’s anything special, mind...

@unlikelyhikers hopes to redefine what it means to be an...

By sharing stories about "unlikely hikers," Jenny Bruso hopes to break stereotypes about who play outdoors.

Mixing art and documentary ‘ALAXSXA | ALASKA’ comes to UAA

Innovative theater group Ping Chong + Company asks what it means to be Alaskan in their new performance that combines Yup'ik drum and dance, video, audio and puppetry.

‘Transition’ art exhibition will pay tribute to Hugh McPeck

Students and colleagues will honor McPeck's name with works inspired by their late mentor and friend.

‘Shin Godzilla’ propels Gojira into the 21st century

Thank the lord for the linear thrill ride of “Shin Godzilla.” In a world where white supremacists are on the march again and our...

Pigs and memories at the Hugh McPeck gallery

"Neon Guardians' Invisible Traits" examines memory and cultural perceptions of the pig.

A tired story doesn’t drag down ‘Headshot’s’ ferocious spectacle

You don’t need to read this review to know what to expect from “Headshot,” a go-for-broke martial arts romp from Indonesia. It’s right there...

In ‘Raw,’ the family that eats together, keeps together

Save the cannibalistic urges, relating to “Raw’s” protagonist Justine (Garance Marillier) as she navigates the bloody sex maze of Veterinarian school is easy. She’s...

New restaurant, Froth and Forage, debuts with rave reviews

Froth and Forage, a new farm-to-table restaurant, recently opened in Indian and is run by a husband and wife duo with a passion for fresh ingredients.

Local movie makers screen their first feature film

BIZZAY, a local production company with ties to the University of Alaska, recently screened their first feature length film, "Chance"

Goosefest returns for its third annual celebration

UAA's first and only summer music festival is back for another round

‘The Look of Silence’ goes where ‘The Act of Killing’ couldn’t

The critically acclaimed precursor to “The Look of Silence,” “The Act of Killing,” was criticized for its ethical problems. In making its subjects, those...

What’s the hullabaloo at the Hugh McPeck art gallery?

"Transatlantic Hullabaloo" currently showing at the Hugh McPeck art gallery is a shotgun blast of creativity.

Hazia’s new album is more than gloom and doom

It's easy to forget that the synth-heavy indie rock album "Watch it Burn" is a local release.

‘Hounds of Love’ should have had a tighter leash

For all its earnest intensity, “Hounds of Love” has remarkably boring stretches. I was puzzled by those moments because everything on-screen was important and...

There’s not a dull moment in ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’

“Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is one of those movies where everything about it just works. It's a remarkable thing, given how disparate so many...

‘The Night Circus:’ Welcome, one and all, to the circus of...

There is an aura of elegant mystery surrounding “The Night Circus,” and it’s not just because of the black-and-white colored tents. Though the monochrome...

Despite a valiant effort, ‘Extraordinary Tales’ falls flat

It’s hard to add to an artistic legacy like Edgar Allen Poe’s. The first adaptation of his work was released over 100 years ago,...

From the states to Alaska’s stage

What it takes to bring up a musician to perform live in Alaska

‘The Last King’ makes quiet moments feel like a race

There's a moment in “The Last King,” a Norwegian historical action flick, where farmers turned royal bodyguards Skjervald (Jakob Oftebro, “Masteren”) and Torstein (Kristofer...

Localize It: This False Ghost releases their debut EP

Titled "Love Dies//Rewind," This False Ghost brings new music to the table

‘Working: The Musical’ provides a relatable narrative for UAA audience

What to expect when attending the UAA theatre department's latest production

There’s a terrifying secret hiding ‘Under the Shadow’

There’s something to be said for the horror genre repeating itself. Like other genre fiction, horror has some very specific tropes and archetypes it...

KRUA celebrates 25 years of being on the air

UAA's student-run radio station to host a free concert in lieu of their 25th birthday.

UAA students Jade Ariah and Danielle Morgan host opening of HER...

The gallery in UAA's Student Union has held dozens of art shows since its opening, each unique and crafted by students on campus. Starting...

The Modern Savage host album release party to celebrate ‘Unwilling Participants’

Anchorage's fab five release their second full length album