‘Catch & Release’ welcomes students back to campus at Hugh McPeck

One of Massong’s paintings featured at the Catch & Release exhibit, open until Aug. 30

Two UAA fine arts majors are sharing the Hugh McPeck Gallery’s space for its latest exhibit.

Katherine Massong and Erin Cockreham have been working during the summer to create an exhibit of emotions through paintings and ceramics titled “Catch & Release.”

For junior student Massong, “Catch & Release” was inspired by the emotions that all humans experience and face through her art in watercolor. Her paintings are a mix of pictures displaying pain and peace, a depiction of “anguish” people experience and then the acceptance and release of those emotions.

“Life is all about catching moments, whether joyful or sad, and then eventually releasing these emotions after a period of time. My hope is that my paintings represent this process of ‘catch and release,'” Massong said.

Massong has always loved art but didn’t consider pursuing it as a career until high school. Then, when it was time to start college, she started thinking more about pursuing fine arts as her major. This is her first exhibit.

“I am thoroughly enjoying broadening my skills as an artist and growing in the use of different mediums,” Massong said.

Cockreham is a senior at UAA majoring in art with a focus in ceramics. This will be her first art exhibit as well.

“City Shakers” by Erin Cockreham is on display in the Hugh McPeck Gallery’s art installation, Catch & Release.
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“For me, personally, [Catch & Release] deals with my need to practice letting things go and a recognition of how far I’ve come [through] growing from traumatizing experiences in my personal life,” Cockreham wrote in an email.

The two girls put together this show at the last minute after the spot in the gallery opened. They spent about two months creating and polishing up their art before it was time to put it on display for the student body to enjoy.

“It’s difficult to explain, but learning to deal with the stress of putting a show together on the fly and dealing with all of the things that went wrong along the way was probably the best part for me,” Cockreham said.

The Hugh McPeck Gallery is located on the second floor of the Student Union, open Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. There will be a reception for “Catch & Release,” on Aug. 27, 5 – 7 p.m., three days before the exhibit closes on the 30th.