Carlo Rossi’s Sweet Red a diabetic’s worse nightmare

Not all wines are created equal, and while Carlo Rossi’s Sweet Red has its ups and downs, it’s a great deal for your dollar — and your sweet tooth.

The wine is a rich, ruby red color when held up to the light, and the nose is riddled with floral aromas that tease and tantalize. But until the tip hits your tongue, there’s no real warning to just how sweet this wine is. Even its name sounds too tame a descriptor once you’ve gotten a taste.

The Sweet Red is sweet to a fault. For the first few sips, you’ll honestly wonder if you’re at risk of going into a sugar coma; it will take you a second or third glass before your tongue grows used to it enough for you to really enjoy the wine. Once you reach that point, you’re finally able to taste a distinct fruitiness in the wine, and the flavor starts to take on a tartness at the back of your throat when swallowed, like it typically should (in varying degrees).

Once you’re accustomed to the sweetness, you’ll be able to detect a comfortable weight to the wine as it rests on your tongue, neither too heavy or too light, and despite the residual tartness, it’s hard to recognize the taste of alcohol in the beverage until you’re already somewhat inebriated. This makes it a dangerous wine that is easy to disregard.

For roughly $16 at Brown Jug, you can get a four-liter jug of the wine, so don’t purchase it unless you plan on sharing it. And while it is an amazing wine for those who like sweet things, for those who don’t it is borderline inedible. Drink at your own risk.