Candy graduation lei

Commonly adorned by graduates, leis are traditionally given to people who are coming and going. It only seems appropriate to bestow a graduate with a lei as they leave college on to their next adventure.

The popular garland is most known in Hawaiian culture. Flower leis are most common, but other varieties have been popping up since it became a popular graduation accessory. Money leis, flower leis, origami leis, and candy leis are all common varieties of leis found at graduation. Candy leis make great cheap alternatives to the more expensive floral variety. Here’s how to make your own.

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Photo credit: Young Kim



12 fun size candy bars

24-30 inches of ribbon

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates

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Double stick tape


1. Lay a long piece of cellophane out, about 65 inches long.

2. Place 12 fun size candy bars in the middle of the laid out cellophane, with about 1 inch in between each candy bar. Leave 4 inches or more at each tall end of the cellophane.

3. Place the double stick tape parallel to the candy bars. Fold the cellophane over the candy bars, tucking them into the cellophane. Roll until it’s completely enveloped much like you would roll a burrito.

4. In each gap between the candy bars take 2-3 inches of ribbon and tie in a bow.

5. Tie each of the cellophane ends into a knot, and bestow upon your graduate.