Burning Brides — Fall of the Plastic Empire

Frontman Dimitri Coats is mourning for Nirvana and pissed off at the boy bands and “cute rock” groups, who he says are just the revivals of 80s and 90s MTV shame. This punk group has re-released their “Fall of the Plastic Empire” not so much as a stab, but an effort to offer media-fat-free music. The idea is today’s corporate world of music is a plastic empire, a civilization made of less-than-adequate materials revolving around false themes unconcerned with real music.

The band is quick to tell media that while not trapped in this plastic empire, they are not so pompous as to say they alone will deliver us out of the rubble and back into good music. This record is an honest effort from the bare minimum organic band elements. Their numbers are few, but the results are rich.

In “Stabbed in the Back of the Heart” and “Rainy Day,” Coats’ guitar line punctures like thick piercing needles. They can slow you down without losing energy – a feat all good bands and cold medicines should accomplish. And then they speed you up again and throw you into a brick wall with screaming anthems and pouring bass.�