Brew Stop makes return to east side of campus

UAA has a tasty new addition, but its mysterious location and strange hours have yet to make it a prevailing commodity. Servicing the hungry and caffeine-deprived, the newly reopened Brew Stop is located in the Administration Building and operates from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Before the Student Services moved to the University Center, the cafe was the hot spot for several departments. It is now seen as an untapped energy resource but future additions, attractions and publicity may help bring it the popularity it once enjoyed.

The Brew Stop opened Oct. 25 and is managed by Aramark Campus Dining, which provides nearly all the food on campus. Preparations for its grand opening were hasty, said Rick Leibowitz, food service director for Aramark.

“I like to plan things out and have a nice opening to make it work,” Leibowitz said.

Aramark had not intended on managing another location this semester.

“The decision came from the vice chancellor. He basically said he wanted a food establishment opened,” Leibowitz said. “It was a matter of lining up equipment: an espresso machine, refrigeration area, and storage space… it took only three weeks… The longest part of it was getting the cashiering system to work with IT services.”

Despite its hurried commencement, business has been decent, said Brew Stop barista and French student Jared McCauley.

“We’re mostly busy between classes. People like to get coffee before they go to class,” McCauley said. “I think the busiest hours are at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.,” he said.

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McCauley said he thinks the hours are a little odd. “Hopefully the hours will change,” he said.

A weird operating schedule is not the only setback the Brew Stop has to acknowledge. “We were told that we’d have a big storage area, but once we got everything there we didn’t have very much,” Leibowitz said.

Currently, the lack of patrons to the cafe isn’t ideal. “There isn’t much traffic, or Counter Culture, that’s close enough,” Leibowitz said.

Although plans for the near future do not address the lack of space, they may help with bringing in more of a crowd.

“There will be a new food menu starting towards the end of [this] week, more take out foods, and more prepackaged foods,” Leibowitz said. “They’re also talking about getting small cafe tables, but there are some logistics to work out.”

The movement of the English department into the Administration Building next semester will help pick up business, McCauley said.

With every business, location and convenience is everything.

“Hopefully this will be one more place where people can enjoy Aramark’s food service,” Leibowitz said. “We want everyone to be happy to the best of our abilities.”