Bosco’s Opens New Location

Bosco’s, the ultimate hub for geeks and nerds, recently opened a new location. The store is Alaska’s only major comic book store and resource to fuel geekdom. This store has something to offer a variety of inner nerds; from bacon Band-Aids and armory to video games and board games, they have it all. 

The parking lot was packed last Thursday with a slew of people playing Dungeons and Dragons in the new game space. Every week dedicated players will be able to get together in the game space and play their favorite games on designated days, including D&D, Yu Gi Oh and Magic: The Gathering. This is also an opportunity for new players to learn about and join the gaming community.

On Feb. 14, Bosco’s moved to a new location on Spenard Road, not far from its previous location on the same road.
“Bigger game space is really important,” said Bailey Deakin, a language student at UAA and employee of Bosco’s.
The new location has made Bosco’s products even more accessible by providing more space.

“We ran out of room to expand. … There wasn’t another wall we could knock down,” said Bosco’s manager Eric Helmick, who has been working with the store for 22 years.

The new space has allowed Bosco’s to have a little more breathing room for its products. The space has also allowed for more organization and better product categorization.

“There’s more elbow room, more of a designated area for certain things,” said Graysen Spiller, an undeclared student at UAA and Bosco’s shopper.

Bosco’s owner John Weddleton owns the building at the new location, unlike the rented space of the previous location. This will allow the store to have more freedom and independence to make changes, utilize the extra space for events and have its own parking lot. 

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The new Bosco’s store is located at 2301 Spenard Rd. Bosco’s also has a location at the Dimond Center mall. For more information about upcoming events, visit