Bonding over culinary traditions


Global Kitchen, hosted by Student Activities and Commuter Programs, will be taking place April 13 in the Student Union from 5 – 7 p.m. This is a chance for multiple clubs and organizations to come together and provide unique foods and culinary traditions for all UAA students, staff and faculty. This event was created to celebrate UAA’s diverse student body over the love of foods from all over the world.

“The event was first put on three years ago by former Student Union manager, Romal Safia, who wanted to start a cultural tradition here on campus,” Kris Morse, bachelor of science and applied leadership technologies major and commuter programs manager, said. “We are continuing the event because it has grown even more every year since it started. Last year we had over 200 students show up for the event.”

The Japanese club participated in Global Kitchen last year and has signed up for this year’s event. Jane Lee, Japanese major, is excited to present the club’s dish, yakisoba noodles, with fellow students of UAA.

“It seems like a great event to relax and have some fun. It gives a great opportunity for students to explore other cultures,” Lee said. “If you’ve ever wanted to try different cultures now is your chance.”

Another organization that will be sharing their historical food that has been passed down each year is the Phi Alpha chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

“We will be providing a washtub mac and cheese whose recipe has been passed down for many years from Dennis ‘Buckwheat’ Perry, an alumni and recruitment legend from our organization Tau Kappa Epsilon,” Hayden Riebe, civil engineering major and member of TKE, said.

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All over the world, many cultures bond over their authentic foods. This event will allow students to showcase their food with their peers.

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“I think the Global Kitchen is a genius way of showing just how diverse our campus is. We are truly ripe with culture and what better way to show that off than sharing our native cuisine with one another,” Riebe said.

Not only will this event have free food but a chance for students to consider joining a club or organization.

“Students love free food, so they should love this event. It is also a great way to find a new club or organization to become a part of a growing campus tradition,” Morse said.

There is anticipation for a huge turnout for this year’s Global Kitchen, and it’s encouraged for more students to attend and experience the different cultures of UAA.

There is still a chance for more clubs, departments and organizations to participate in this year’s Global Kitchen event.

Groups can sign up at or contact Student Activities and Commuter Programs for more information.