Board of Regents in Juneau – Continuous updates

On the Strategic Direction Initiative:

“It’s about leadership and collaboration. We must focus on the students, and listen to the students. Even when they burst our bubble. When we think that we have it nailed, and then talk to a group of students, and they say, “no, that’s not where we are at, that was ten years ago.” We must listen,” UA President Pat Gamble.

“We are a small, far away, cutting edge University. How can we change our brand to reflect this innovation?” asked Regent Gloria O’Neill.

“We are talking about culture change for the whole University, and that can take time,” Gamble Responded.


The Tanana bridge model was in collaboration with an out of state University. None of the University of Alaska’s Engineering schools were approached for the project.

Regents discuss 3% raise in tuition for the University of Alaska system. This tuition raise would result in 1.3 million in revenue for the University system. This is only 1/3 of the University Systems operating costs. Currently, this revenue goes to the college that generates the most credit hours.

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Regents postpone vote on differential tuition vote for the School of Management tuition increase.