Bivy offers internship, aimed at art students

Bivy, a contemporary art gallery and bookstore in downtown Anchorage, is offering a new internship, fitting for an art student.

The small space, owned by Simonetta Mignano and her husband, Matt, is looking for an intern to fill a role working at Bivy for three to six months, four hours a week. However, Mignano reiterated that the times and duration are flexible and can be accommodated to better fit the intern’s schedule.

Bivy is a contemporary art gallery and bookstore located in downtown anchorage. Bivy will be displaying a new exhibit, "Rabbits Do Not Know What They Are," for the First Friday event in May. Photo credit: Jay Guzman

The internship is open to anyone, but Mignano thinks it’d be an especially “good fit” for an art student to dabble into the world of hosting an art exhibit and working in a contemporary art environment.

“There’ll be a learning experience that happens and networking,” Mignano said. “It’ll be a great chance.”

The role would include attending events, greeting customers, helping set up for exhibits and events, helping with bookstore merchandising and sales and working on the public relations side with social media, communications and invites.

“[The intern] will be in contact with a vibrant community of contemporary artists… They’ll be getting exposed and getting experience concerning publications by artists and artists’ books,” Mignano said.

While the internship is unpaid, Mignano said that she will work with schools for the intern to receive academic credit, if desired. The intern will receive other perks like paid parking downtown for the duration of the internship, as well as 10 percent off products at the bookstore and written letters of support.

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“Internships are an excellent opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in the art world, and to acquire career skills in a professional context beyond the studio classroom,” Riva Symko, art history professor at UAA, said.

Symko had some of her students view a show at Bivy for an assignment in her History of Contemporary Art class. She said that students came back with “insightful ideas” about the show and challenges about what art can be.

“Bivy is an excellent new resource for art students. It’s a space for Alaskans to see a variety of critical and experimental art practices in a smaller, more intimate venue,” Symko said.

To apply for the internship, send a brief letter of interest including your contact information to [email protected]