Bike share program now open to summer students

Available to anyone who is currently paying the $3 Green Fee and provides their own helmet, the bike share program presents an opportunity for students to be more mobile on UAA's campus. Photo credit: Young Kim

The Information Desk in the Student Union commenced the Green Fee sponsored annual bike share program on May 22. The bike share is open to any student from spring or summer 2017 who has paid the $3 Green Fee. Bikes are free for students to rent all summer in one month intervals. Student Boards Coordinator and Media Adviser, Zac Clark, helps administer the program, and he said the bikes help students enjoy campus in the summer.

“I would like to think that one of the sort of hidden benefits of the program, and I wasn’t around during it’s inception, but the campus is so beautiful in the summer,” Clark said. “Any way for the students to go out and experience it, not from their car or not from a busy street, is a way for student to feel more connected to campus.”

The bikes are single gear, cruiser bikes, and in past years Clark said around 25 bikes were rented throughout the summer. To rent the bike, students have to bring a helmet to the information desk, and in exchange students will receive a key to unlock the yellow bikes.

“Any student who wants to rent a bike needs to bring their Wolfcard or have their I.D. number, they physically need to have their own helmet. They check to make sure you are paying the fee,” Clark said.

Clark said that the bike share also helps sustainability efforts on campus by replacing cars with bikes. Another benefit of the bike share is to help students exercise.

“Exercise of course is always good, and on these fixed gear bikes every time you go up a hill you are going to get your exercise for it just because you can’t shift out,” Clark said.

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Devan Hawkins, social work major, lives on campus and was one of the first students to sign the paperwork to rent her bike. Hawkins said having a bike helps her get around campus, especially since she doesn’t have a car of her own.

“It’s nice to have available to students because walking can get kind of tiring and the quickness of everything,” Hawkins said. “It just makes more sense for me to have a bike that I can keep at my dorm and just ride to classes and stuff.”

Joshua O’Leary, accounting major, does not plan to participate in the bike share, but he appreciates this type of program on campus.

“I have my own bicycle that I ride in the summer, but that’s a good idea for people who don’t,” O’Leary said. He also believes the bike share will be good at keeping “traffic down around UAA, it keeps people outside.”

The Student Union Information Desk is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed on the weekends.