BANFF is back for annual showing at UAA’s Wendy Williamson Auditorium

Lake Moraine at Banff National Park, the setting for the Banff Mountain Film Festival.
Lake Moraine at Banff National Park serves as part the setting for many of the films in the BANFF Mountain Film Festival. Photo credit: Florian Fuchs

One of UAA’s biggest events is approaching this weekend on March 3 and 4 starting at 7 p.m. in the Wendy Williamson Auditorium. Every year, UAA hosts the BANFF Mountain Film Festival, which is an international film competition that selects from over 300 films to be presented at the festival. These films are short film and documentary style that are about outdoor cultures and ranges from extreme sports, culture and environment.

In the past, BANFF Mountain Film Festival has been very successful and sells out all the seats in the Wendy Williamson Auditorium, bringing in many students and Anchorage residents.

“I never knew about BANFF until I started attending UAA and I plan to keep going once I graduate,” Jocelyn Humble, finance major, said. “The crowd it attracts is always so involved and pumped up, I plan on going this year and I love seeing all the crazy stuff people are doing around the world.”

What makes these films so enjoyable is being able to experience the individuals in the films’ accomplishments and struggles throughout their journey.

“I have been to BANFF twice and I love it, there is something so cool about watching people do what they love and experiencing their adventures,” Savana Hartley, marketing major and student activities programming manager, said. “You will honestly never see so many smiling faces and Patagonia and North Face apparel.”

Besides taking home the experience of the adventures in the films, there will be other opportunities to take home prizes.

“I like it a lot because it sells out every year and it attracts a lot of outdoor enthusiast on and off campus,” Juan Cielo, elementary education major and Student Activities gallery manager, said. “Minus the films, there’s also a raffle where there’s a bunch of cool free stuff that people can get.”

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After watching these influential films, you’ll be wanting more and plotting your next adventure.

“When it ends, I feel like I should start training at the rock gym to just casually free climb around Alaska some day. Definitely go if you can,” Humble said.

Although BANFF sells out every year, there are still seats available to be purchased on as of now. If you have not attended BANFF in the past, here is your chance to sit down and experience people’s journeys from all over the world alongside your fellow Alaskans.

Films that will be showing at this years BANFF Mountain Film Festival:

Friday, March 3
Young Guns
Iran: A Skier’s Journey
Dog Power
Packing It Out
The Accord
Trail Dog
Super Salmon

Saturday, March 4
Max Your Days
Ruin and Rose
Elk River
Ace and the Desert Dog
For The Love
Four Mums in a Boat
Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out