Bad girls ruin good boys

Hello ladies. Recently, I heard a woman say, “There aren't any good men left. They are either taken, or gay.” Well that's not entirely true. Good men still exist, however, they are headed for the endangered species list.

These men are rapidly becoming extinct because some have come to the conclusion–nice guys finish last. It is a sad statement but it is becoming more and more true everyday. They are tired of being taken advantage of and being mistreated. Most of all they are tired of getting the shaft from man-eating piranha's masquerading as women. Who can blame them for becoming jerks? I sure can't. Just remember all women aren't man-eaters. So guys don't let the bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. I know a great guy who is married with children. This man works two jobs so his family can be comfortable. He loves his children and is a very thoughtful father and husband. Being that she is a stay at home mom, he encourages her to get out and enjoys some time away. He watches the kids while she's gone. You name it he does it.

His kindness and love is repaid by having his wife use the children against him at every opportunity. If she gets mad she threatens to take the kids and leave town, which she's done before.

He is very careful about what he says and does as not to aggravate an already explosive situation. His nightmare is coming home to an empty house.

What is really sad is that he is so unhappily married that he thinks of suicide often. Would he actually do it? No. He loves his kids too much. But he won't leave that hateful vindictive hag. He is so afraid that if he files for divorce he will lose his kids.

He said, “The legal system can't be trusted. Courts favor the mother no matter how bad she is.” “I can't take that chance. I won't be a weekend dad.”

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This being the case he has decided to stay with his wife until his daughter graduates from high school (six years) and he establishes a good foundation with his son who will be 13 years-old soon.

The silver lining is that he knows that there are still good women out there and plans on being happily married to one of them in the future. He would never cheat on his spouse, so for now he is just going through the motions.

Don't be one of these females. Their actions ruin life for those women who are looking for a good man. Women who deserve a good man and want someone that is crazy about his children and theirs. Because there are too many males out there who don't give a damn about their kids or anyone else.

So when you say, there are no good men left, think about the men you have dated. Was there a good one in your past. If so, what did you do to cultivate him? Did you treat him with the respect he was due or did you make him wish he wasn't a good guy at all?

`Til next week be safe.

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