Back to school: Nicole Sola shares her new passions

Student Nicole Sola might be seen around campus studying chemistry or at Bear Tooth Theatre Pub serving pizza and beer. A UAA graduate in international studies with minors in German and political science, 24-year-old Sola is back at school on a new path studying biology.

“(I) Decided I wanted to come back and study biology. I want to do something super nerdy, like be a scientist and save the human race. You know — simple stuff,” Sola said facetiously.

Jon Mobley, a classmate and friend of Sola, is confident that Sola will achieve her dreams, whatever they may be.

“Nicole is very ambitious. She puts 100 percent in. She chases what she loves and has an unmatched excitement and passion for her classes,” Mobley said.

Originally born in Anchorage, Sola has lived in many places, from Colorado to Vienna, Austria. Traveling around the world and seeing new places is one of Sola’s top priorities.

“I travel a lot. I’ve been to Europe a few times. I studied abroad last time I went to college. I lived in Austria, Vienna,” Sola said. “I’m going to Europe this summer for two weeks to Iceland, Norway and Denmark. I love traveling.”

A great friend of Sola, Jana Christen, confirms this desire for adventure.

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“Nicole’s always ready for the adventure. Whether it’s traveling to another country, going out to remote Alaska, or finding hijinks around town, she’s a great partner in crime,” Christen said.

In between her classes and work, Sola finds time to practice roller derby.

“I recently got into roller derby last fall. It’s a new passion. I haven’t quite made the team yet, but I’m hoping to within the next few months,” Sola said. “If I can make the team I’ll be playing with the Rage City Roller Girls B team, which is called Orange Crush.”

Sola described a feat she had to overcome to get one step closer to her goal of making the roller derby team.

“The hardest part about it was making your laps, which I just did. I had to (roller skate) 27 laps (about a mile) in 5 minutes. It was a super awesome feeling to accomplish that,” Sola proudly exclaimed.

Kari Daly, a longtime friend of Sola, is confident that Sola has the drive to achieve her dreams.

“She’s an ambitious, amazing person, and I love that I can call her my friend,” Daly said.

Until her first bout, one can catch Sola in the library studying for her classes.