Award for most disruptive area on campus

Illustration by Casey Kleeb

The Student Union has gotten out of hand this semester.

It is a place where students come to unite, study, make friends, socialize, get coffee and do their clubs in the Greek Life section. From what I have witnessed lately, the Student Union has been trashed, thrashed and treated like an animal’s play land whenever I walk through or have a cup of coffee with someone.

With the exception of Noon Music, events and KRUA 88.1 FM’s shows, the noisiness has been the biggest problem for a number of reasons.

At the ping pong tables located downstairs near Subway, you will hear screams as if someone were getting murdered. A few minutes later, a female will scream her best friend’s name so loud that the entire building can practically hear it.

Upstairs, students are studying, talking about penises, jumping on tables, bad-mouthing faculty and staff, or yelling and laughing at the same time with a volume about ten notches too high. And of course, you will see littering. Lots and lots of littering. Some students who are studying even get up and walk away because of it.

People often leave messes after they eat. Sauces, wrappers, crumbs and spills can be found on the tables with the expectation that janitors to clean it up.

Have people forgotten how to pick up after themselves? Do they not know that the trash can is only a few feet away?

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Do some students not care when being in a public place?

The Student Union provides entertainment, a coffee shop, a convenient food store, a cafeteria, a ping-pong table, a TV and pool table.

Why are people not being grateful? It seems as if most students like to play on the monkey bars there.  Is laughingly saying the word “penis” and talking about it loudly, really necessary in a college atmosphere?

Why does a song about banging someone’s mother need to be blasted through a laptop next to someone who is trying to study for a test?

To make things worse and completely crude around the Student Union, both the men and women’s restrooms are ripped up most of the time.

Here we have, in door number one, an entire roll — yes, an entire roll — of toilet paper stuffed down the toilet with red liquid drizzled on top.

Door number two displays torn yards of toilet paper inside and outside the toilet. It is also covering the entire ground.

As for door number three? Let’s just say that my stomach loses its appetite for the next eight hours.

According to a janitor who has been working at UAA for a while now, he has to put on gloves and dig in deep to fish out the rolls of toilet paper stuffed in the toilet. It makes his job that much more difficult.

To solve problems like this, because they could get worse, the school should have a recreational center with sound proof walls for behavior like this.

Or maybe students shouldn’t use the “F” word at the top of their lungs or talk about some other grotesque topic for five minutes. It’s offensive to many people.

The property at UAA and their bathrooms should be respected and so should the staff. Though this is college and not “the real world,” why not practice now? In the real world, jobs would not tolerate this sort of talk and behavior.

Take pride in the school and clean up after you eat something. Be aware that there are other students around you who may not want to hear all the details about your sex life.