Avid cyclists prepare for the long season ahead

Students are breaking out studded tires for their bikes in preparation for winter, which will not put a damper on the sport and what we are seeing more as a form of transportation.

Despite bikers’ desire to keep active in the winter, other reasons are effecting the number of cyclists.

With gas prices on the rise and the economy taking a “green” turn, many are finding biking to be not only an alternative form of transporation but also cheaper and cleaner.

Many students took part in UAA Bike Club’s Winterizing Clinic in the Student Union. Those who attended brought their bikes and changed over their summer tires to homemade winterized studded tires.

Studded tires are essential for winter riding, in order for riders to remain safe while peddling through the slush, snow and ice.

“I’m a little afraid to ride without studs,” said Hilary Seeger, a psychology major, “a little like I’m afraid to drive my car without studs.”