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UAA Confessions page is not a counseling service

Recently, a Facebook page entitled “UAA Confessions” appeared on the TNL Facebook wall asking us to “like” them. We did.

Green Fee: It’s your money, spend it

Our voice was heard.

The student body collectively decided to add $3 to student fees for those taking three or more credit hours in the November 2011 general election at UAA.

Friends’ funerals should never trump birthday parties in frequency: Free STI testing on campus

A penis or tongue can fit into three holes commonly associated with the loss of virginity.

If you’ve been putting or receiving a body part in any of those holes, you should take advantage of the free STI testing taking place from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Feb. 13 in the Student Health and Counseling Center in Room 116/120 of Rasmuson Hall.

Editorial: UAA fails to light dark paths

Being afraid of the dark is not a childhood fear — not in Alaska and not in any city.

FAFSA offers free money for students

The government wants to give you free money. Well, in most cases they do.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is designed to help relieve the financial burden of college expenses people face and nearly every college attendee can apply for it.

The Northern Light gets a facelift

In the past year, The Northern Light has been through a lot of changes.

There were times when there was no executive or managing editor; times when writers had to put all hands on deck and design, take photos and draw graphics for the newspaper; and times when staffers were still working on the newspaper at 3 a.m.

Digital filing, a time saver

In the digital age, it’s easy to verify things purchased online via email or on a confirmation page, but it’s essential to keep a digital filing folder for important information.

Hanging in there at the end of a semester

The snow and slippery ice on the streets is becoming a permanent fixture around town.

Next, turkey will be in our bellies, and holiday decorations will be carefully strung through trees and lining sidewalks.

Dismantling the myths of newspaper production

The Northern Light is an entirely student-run newspaper at the University of Alaska Anchorage. It has been in publication since Sept. 19, 1988, after the merger between UAA and Anchorage Community College combined two newspapers: the UAA Voice and the Anchorage Community College Accent.

Hashtags reflect the nation’s concerns better than media

Biden’s teeth bared. Romney’s caffeine overdose. Binders full of women. And the biggest American flagpin of anyone…on the entire stage.

Presidential debates worthless without background information

There are only 20 days left before the presidential election and only two presidential debates left — meaning voters have few remaining opportunities to see how each candidate plans to run this country.

Take a vow against racism

October is the best month of the year. The trees turn vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange; pumpkin becomes a common ingredient used in coffee shops and restaurants; the mid-semester slump is tackled by students; and people herd themselves in costume shops looking for just the right costume to indulge in some childish (or […]

Letter From The Editor

In regard to Matt Brown’s letter to the editor, we appreciate the concern regarding the quality of our writing. We, too, worry about how to best perform our duties as writers and editors representing this university, In fact, we invite all concerned readers to contribute to making The Northern Light the best newspaper it can […]

Occupy an idea

It’s painful to think the revolution of Generation Y will be remembered as a joke. It hurts to think that we will be remembered as jobless, homeless vagabonds who started the Occupy Wall Street movement a year ago Sept. 17.

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