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Hanging in there at the end of a semester

The snow and slippery ice on the streets is becoming a permanent fixture around town.

Next, turkey will be in our bellies, and holiday decorations will be carefully strung through trees and lining sidewalks.

Dismantling the myths of newspaper production

The Northern Light is an entirely student-run newspaper at the University of Alaska Anchorage. It has been in publication since Sept. 19, 1988, after the merger between UAA and Anchorage Community College combined two newspapers: the UAA Voice and the Anchorage Community College Accent.

Hashtags reflect the nation’s concerns better than media

Biden’s teeth bared. Romney’s caffeine overdose. Binders full of women. And the biggest American flagpin of anyone…on the entire stage.

Presidential debates worthless without background information

There are only 20 days left before the presidential election and only two presidential debates left — meaning voters have few remaining opportunities to see how each candidate plans to run this country.

Take a vow against racism

October is the best month of the year. The trees turn vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange; pumpkin becomes a common ingredient used in coffee shops and restaurants; the mid-semester slump is tackled by students; and people herd themselves in costume shops looking for just the right costume to indulge in some childish (or […]

Letter From The Editor

In regard to Matt Brown’s letter to the editor, we appreciate the concern regarding the quality of our writing. We, too, worry about how to best perform our duties as writers and editors representing this university, In fact, we invite all concerned readers to contribute to making The Northern Light the best newspaper it can […]

Occupy an idea

It’s painful to think the revolution of Generation Y will be remembered as a joke. It hurts to think that we will be remembered as jobless, homeless vagabonds who started the Occupy Wall Street movement a year ago Sept. 17.

Permanent Fund Dividend amount disappoints Alaskans

The announcement Tuesday of the first dividend payment below $1,000 in many years caused recipients to question the fairness of this amount.

Bill Hogan, interim dean of the College of Health, said that it seems small to him. He noted, however, that the dividend is figured at the average of five years of fund income and that this included some years of the economic downturn. He has no plans for the money. He usually puts it in savings or gives it to charity. However, he did not “pick, click, give” when he completed his application.

Emergency text more than a weather necessity

Before 6 a.m. the morning after the severe Sept. 4 storm, staff members from The Northern Light received a text message from a leader at the Student Activities office informing us that school was canceled. A TNL staff member posted the information on our Facebook page, and that was the most we could do to […]

20-hour federal work law misses mark

If you are a full-time student employed at UAA, you already know that students can’t work more than 20 hours in one week. That sentiment is understandable. Students working only 20 hours a week should, in theory, be better students because they have more time to study. But this is pre-recession thinking. A few years […]

‘Not enough money’ is a poor excuse for tuition hikes

The tuition increase proposed for the University of Alaska system is unwarranted. While most people can understand and appreciate the fact that the proposed 2 percent increase is the lowest in ten years, what can’t be understood is why the increase is necessary. Pat Gamble, University of Alaska President, is correct in saying that the […]

Setting personal goals is the key to success

It’s happened to everyone. On the first day of class, backpacks are full of clean notebook paper, a half-dozen pens, and a multicolor tipped highlighter. People’s shoes are clean, hair is done and breakfast has been eaten. This is the year assignments will be read before class, essays will be finished well in advance of […]

UAA— it will more than do.

A lifetime of movies and television shows has created a false reality where, directly after high school, one packs their bags kisses their parents good-bye and goes to the dormitory of a far away prestigious university. The narrative usually progresses to tell either one of two stories. The first story is about the wild child […]

The Olympics: international cooperation at its finest

For the past week, the world’s attention has been centered upon the 2012 Summer Olympics, a culmination of four years of dedicated training by athletes and exhaustive planning by the International Olympic Committee. It’s the event everyone is talking about. Whether it’s for the spectacular opening ceremony or to see Michael Phelps become the most […]

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