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Stories By Tim Brown

South Lot sprawl

Complaining about the parking situation at UAA is, well, low hanging fruit — but something has been hanging over my head about the state of asphalt in the UAA South Parking Lot. The construction site for the new engineering building is swallowing up the South Parking Lot with chain link fence that seems to inch […]

Create sushi at home

Sushi is a delicate spectacle that balances presentation with delicate flavors. While quietly sitting at the bar of a sushi restaurant, one can watch the practice that goes into every plate. Sushi should be made by the masters of the craft.

‘Space Dandy’ first impressions

“Space Dandy” is a new space-themed comedy anime series by director Shinichiro Watanabe and studio Bones that premiered Jan. 4 on Toonami. The protagonist, Dandy, is an alien-hunting womanizer who travels across galaxies to harvest rare specimens of alien life.

Seawolves, Nanooks aircraft to remain under ‘Ravn Alaska’

Last year the University of Alaska received a publicity “lift” from Era Alaska. The airline announced Thursday that it will retire the Era brand to rein in “Ravn Alaska.”

One of Era Alaska’s commuter aircraft received a UAA- and UAF-themed paint job in July. The paint scheme was conceived in hopes of increasing University of Alaska’s visibility around the state.

Ai Kuwabara Trio Project

Wednesday evening pianist Ai Kuwabara took to the stage in a floral dress and Dr. Martens. She played hours of beautiful music to a packed house. The recital was sublime.

Soda smorgasbord

A drink review of Sioux City Sarsaparilla, Kickapoo Joy Juice, Bawls Guarana, and Waialua Soda Works Mango Soda!

Proposed anti-smoking campaign enforces culture of exclusion

UAA is a vibrant and diverse campus that people of all races, creeds, belief systems and, yes, habits call home. A blanket ban on smokers will undermine the policy of inclusiveness the university has put so much emphasis on.

Bountiful breakfast baguettes

This one goes out to the breakfast hounds out there. The notion of slashing a baguettes into shiploads of breakfast ‘nom was foreign to me only until recently. Then this rendition of baked egg boats from the food blog Spoon Fork Bacon popped up on Tumblr.

The 4th annual Anchorage 48 Hour Film Challenge pits filmmakers against the clock

The Anchorage 48 Hour Film Challenge is a chance for amateur filmmakers to test their skills under unique constraints. Participating teams have two days to write, shoot and edit a short film to be shown at Bear Tooth Theater Pub Oct. 10.

USUAA shuffles leadership

In the wake of former USUAA President Andrew Lessig’s resignation, former Vice President Drew Lemish has taken over the position. Lemish explained the transition at a press conference on August 29th.

Andrew Lessig had cited an inability to keep up with the demands of being USUAA president as a reason for stepping down.

Burger with pineapple

Burger and pineapple is a simple recipe for flavorful hamburgers with cooked fruit. Pineapple is a natural source of essential nutrients and an ideal addition to marinades.

Movie night off the beaten path

It is Saturday night. A group of friends thinks about going out to the movies. Why not try something different? Affordable home theater is a decent alternative to expensive tickets, scarce choices and schlocky movies designed for broad appeal.

Anchorage Brewing Company Galaxy White IPA

Local craft beer producer Anchorage Brewing Company doesn’t shy away from bold ingredients with their Galaxy White IPA. The Belgian-style white IPA is a hoppy and aromatic, medium-bodied ale fermented in French oak barrels. To fully strap in your senses, pour sparingly into glass stemware. Galaxy White pours opaquely as a rich, light orange color […]

H20 is FTW

When it comes to the beverage industry, trends are everything. For the fashion-conscious choice of drink is can be a statement — “Are you Coke or Pepsi?”

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