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Hello! My name is Teresa Kennedy. I'm a Wasilla High Grad of 2011, and am currently a freshman seeking a B.A. in History. I am Alaska born 'n bred but someday hope to live in France. My interests include reading, hiking, and piano. I have yet to figure out what the rest of my life will entail, but for now I am happy to wait and work at the paper!

Stories By Teresa Kennedy

Bookstore not in red, deficit rumors dispelled

Rumors swirling through UAA’s student body have recently included the declaration that the campus bookstore is experiencing financial difficulties and is in a deficit. Alessandra Vanover and Bob McDonnell, the Directors of the Bookstore and Business Services, met to dispel the speculation.

“Right now, we are definitely not in a deficit,” Vanover squarely stated.

Both were surprised to hear of the rumor traveling the student grapevine.

UAA campus unites for suicide prevention effort

A study conducted by the Center of Behavioral Health Research (CBHR) in the spring of 2011 concluded 15.3 percent of UAA students have seriously considered suicide at some point in their lives. An additional 5.5 percent of students have seriously considered it in the last year.

UA Interns join AK Legislative Session

UA Students from across Alaska have joined the Senate Bipartisan Working Group for the 27th Legislative session. The fours students are: Grace Abbott, interning for Senator Johnny Ellis’; Thomas Priestly, interning for Senator Bill Wielechowski; Katya Wassillie, interning for Senator Bettye Davis; and Shyan Ely, interning for Senator Lesil McGuire. “Interning for the State of […]

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ – John Green

From the author of An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska comes a new-age Shakespearean tragedy, The Fault in Our Stars. Trading poison for cancer, John Green’s story revolves around Hazel Lancaster, a 16-year-old girl diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Hazel has been sick for so long she now no longer has friends, doesn’t […]

The cost of a condom

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, Student Health & Counseling Center dedicated the 7th through the 14th to being Health Sexuality Week, including the spreading of one particular supply: condoms.

UA supports senate bill against suicide

University of Alaska has declared support for the Alaska Legislatures’ new efforts to battle the state’s high suicide rates among youth. Senate Bill 137, also entitled the Jason Flatt Act, would require a minimum of two hours of suicide awareness and prevention training for education personnel in grades 7-12.

UA has joined a large coalition of Alaskan organizations supporting the bill.

Channel 9 provides no content for students

University of Alaska Anchorage currently has a television channel dedicated solely for their free use. GCI Channel 9, “UAA Tele-Campus,” has existed since 1972, when a mandate by the FCC started requiring large television markets to dedicate a channel to educational access.

Bedbug incident at dorms eradicated

Resident buildings at UAA have witnessed five separate incidences of bedbugs over the past three years – two of which occurred this month.

Bedbugs were found in a North Hall dorm room and in a room in Main Apartment Complex (MAC) 1 at the beginning of the semester – an occurrence “not uncommon, because a lot of people travel over Christmas,” said Jody Inman, the Associate Director of Housing.

New position connects Honors College and CCEL

A New Year and a new semester finds UAA’s Honors College with new leadership. Dr. Judith Owens-Manley was appointed Interim Associate Dean of the College Jan 9 and will be handling the advising, curriculum planning and programming for the college.

“Hookup” site stays afloat amid allegations of copyright violation

UAAHookup – a combination of eBay, Match.com, and iSawYou – launched in late December from the hosting account of a man who only identified himself as “Vlad”. Designed as a variation of Craigslist, the site offers users the ability to post items and residences for sale, personal ads for relationships or friendship.

Bed bugs sink their teeth into North Hall

The number of bedbug cases in Anchorage has been dramatically increasing over the past few years, according to Eagle Pest Control owner Randy Beuter.

“That would be an understatement,” he said. The problem extends to bedbugs and scabies. Scabies and bedbugs are two separate things, according to Beuter, but similar in the result.

“Scabies are a mite that burrow into your skin,” he explained.

Piracy complaints prompt campus internet changes

By October of this year, the University had received 638 complaints of copyright violations from recording industries, and still rising. The number of complaints in 2010 reached as high as 878.

As a result of the complaints, the Information and Technology Services department decided to start limiting Internet access across campus. The changes are set to take place within the next two weeks. The department was frustrated with the high number of piracy complaints and the failure to remediate violators.

Low 4 year completion rate prompts “Stay on Track”

The UA system sees a graduation rate of 10 percent of their student in four years. At six years, the number increases to just 28 percent. Low graduation rates is just one of the issues UA hopes to address in their new “Stay on Track” campaign.

UAA campus sees peak in break in, assault crimes

A male student was assaulted before entering the Student Union last Thursday morning around 10:00 a.m. The student’s name has not been released by the University Police Department.

The victim was not seriously injured; the attacker struck him in the neck as the he passed and then continued on his way. While friends may horseplay around in this matter, the student and the assailant were strangers.

“Talking to the victim, it definitely wasn’t playing around,” said UPD Deputy Chief Brad Munn.

UPD searched the Student Union and adjoining buildings following the assault but did not locate the assailant.

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