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Sean is chaos. He tramps to the ends of the earth, exploring the back alleys of civilization and documenting human toil, because he doesn't know what else to do with his life. It is highly advised to keep your distance from this whimsical poet, and use caution when reading his words.

Stories By Sean Talbot

Off the radar Alaskan hiking

It’s high summer – the bugs are out, and you should be too. Luckily, there are many more places to enjoy the out doors than the bustling avenues around Flattop and the Glen Alps. Outlined here are a couple of hikes – of varying difficulty – that are not far from Anchorage, and have some semblance of solitude.

•Bear Mountain and Mount Eklutna
•Blacktail Ptarmigan Rocks and Roundtop Mountain

‘Softball questions’ for Begich on Talk of Alaska

Senator Mark Begich fielded questions on Alaska Public Radio Network’s (APRN) “Talk of Alaska,” in an unprecedented cross-platform broadcast for the show. The weekly statewide radio program, hosted by Steve Heimel, featured both a TV crew and live studio audience.

UAA grad rides bicycle home from California

UAA alumnus Cole Robbins is riding her bike from California to Alaska. Some might call it crazy; she calls it performance art.
“Alaska is home for me, and I haven’t been back in years,” she said.
She’s riding for a dual purpose: to support the Children’s Hospital of Oakland, and to gather stories and information for her graduate thesis.
“I always wanted to be involved in art therapy, but I didn’t want to get my degree in it,” she said.

The oblivious tourist: Travel like you’ve done it before

Congratulations. You’ve graduated college. You’re free! Now what? Do you think you have to run to the nearest big American city after college in order to start paying off those loans? Sure, you’ve got some major debt to deal with, but other than that, you can go anywhere now, and be anything you like! If […]

‘The Real Fighters’ knock out UAA campus

“How many of you have made mistakes?” Richie Farrell asked the Wendy Williamson audience. Nearly everyone raised his or her hand. “How many of you have had those mistakes broadcast on national television?” he added. No hands rose. Farrell, a former heroin addict whose book What’s Left of Us outlines his first week in detox, […]

New UA insurance plan draws criticism from employees

Mike Humphrey made his best attempt to answer questions from the indignant crowd. For an hour and a half, he laid out the changes he had made to the University of Alaska employees’ health care plan, and the employees were not at all happy. As the Benefits Director for UA, Humphrey has to adapt the […]

Local activist goes national to end child hunger

Kokayi Nosakhere is calling every college student in America to help end child hunger. A grassroots activist who has been working for over a year, Nosakhere has one goal in mind: ending child hunger in Alaska by 2015. The former Food Bank of Alaska Food Stamp Outreach Coordinator says he’s gotten the word out enough […]

Parking Services drives the commuter bandwagon

As if there wasn’t enough trouble in the world – tsunamis, civil war, nuclear meltdown – Parking Services is raising permit fees this fall. But they’re making up for it, according to Glenna Muncy, Director of Parking Services. The money is going to helping students who don’t necessarily have cars to park. In an effort […]

Pot culture in Alaska reaches new high

Pot culture in Alaska is taking on a whole new dimension. Now that the synthetic alternative, Spice, has proven to be far more harmful (See “Senate Bill 17 would ban synthetic marijuana,” in The Northern Light, March 1), the talk of the town is returning to its roots in marijuana. Marijuana has long been a […]

University insurance plans to see big changes this July

The University is trimming the fat off of employee health care benefits. Currently, University of Alaska employees aren’t required to provide documentation for their claimed dependents to receive medical benefits. As of July 1, they’ll have to break out the birth certificates to prove that their kids are their kids. Under the new documentation plan, […]

3-D art invitational to showcase UAA’s finest

The handpicked artists in the upcoming 3D Invitational are the cat’s pajamas of the current UAA art community. The Student Union Gallery is kicking off this annual show on March 3 with a 5 o’ clock meet ‘n’ greet ‘n’ check-it-out reception. As of today, the votes will be counted and invitations mailed out to […]

Rogue Ale goes organic

Brewery: Rogue Brewery Brew: Chatoe Rogue IBU: 35 Stars: :*: :*: :*: Welcome to the revolution. Rogue Brewery is on a grow-your-own kick, so they brewed up a blondie. The Chatoe First Growth Single Malt Ale is made with four ingredients grown on site, a nice, earth-conscious touch. The brew pours a cloudy dark gold […]

UAA celebrates its 26th Black History Month

A drum circle led by Jesse Wright started the kickoff of Black History Month that continued through the afternoon of Feburary 1st in the Student Union. The kickoff continued with culinary joy and discussion. Ears and eyes went to keynote speaker Dr. Cheryl Easley, Dean of the College of Heath and Social Welfare while noses […]

Red Chair a deceptively dark pale ale

Brew: Red Chair, NWPA Brewery: Deschutes Available: January to April ABV: 6.2% IBU: 60 For those who aren’t fond of pale ale, Red Chair is a decent in-between to try. On the pour, there’s almost no head (but pour it too quickly and you’ll have to wait for the clouds to subside). It’s a little […]

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