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‘McLintock’ a treat for classic John Wayne lover

John Wayne just never gets old, figuratively speaking of course.

In the comedic western “McLintock,” John Wayne (“Rooster Cogburn”) and Maureen O’Hara (“The Parent Trap”) are a duo of perfection.

UAA Glee Club packs the house

The UAA Glee club closed out the semester this weekend with two performances that absolutely packed the house.

By the end of the Friday night concert, the nineteen member performance ensemble had received two standing ovations and a call for an encore, for which they received yet another standing ovation.

As a group that began with a six member collaborative roughly two years ago, this is a dream come true.

Classic with a twist

Upon seeing the trailer for “Mirror Mirror” (a Snow White parody) many people shrugged it off with disdain, mentally comparing it to 2007’s “Enchanted,” however, you may be pleased to know, it is significantly better and lacks any terrible musical fluff.

SU gallery shows art uncensored

When it comes to “art” pretty much anything goes. The word “art” refers to a broad spectrum of mediums and interpretations, the work displayed within the “2D invitational” at the Student Union Gallery March 28th through April 12th, is no exception.

“Well my first impression was the sign that said, “Warning, this exhibit contains explicit materials,” said JPC major Russell Porsley. “So I went in and I expected nudity, but it seemed like a very wide variety of pieces. I really liked the intermediate woven fibers; the scarves were really neat.”

‘Back-Room Boy’ a classic flick

When life and love get you down, move to an isolated island. At least that is what Arthur Pilbeam (Arthur Askey “Bees in Paradise”) does in this off-beat comedy about love lost and adventure found. Directed by Herbert Mason and released back in 1942 this black and white comedy is classic to its era, featuring […]

‘RENT’ the controversy continues

The enigmatic musical that moved and defied many generations premiers in Anchorage for your enjoyment and consideration. Starring members of the “Theater Artists United” with a collaboration with the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.

When it first officially opened at the off-Broadway theater “New York Theater Workshop” back in 1996 the musical received much the same reaction that it receives today, you either love it or you hate it.

An audiovisual explosion

Located on the second floor of the Conoco Philips Integrated Science Building (CPSB) is a little-known entertainment wonder, the UAA Planetarium and visualization-theater.

If you are a space junkie or a frequenter of the CPSB then you are most likely already aware of the Planetariums existence and grandeur. But for those students who are not scientifically inclined or supporters of re-locating E.T. it is quite possible that you have never heard of the Planetarium, let alone taken in a show.

Classics never fade

This week’s TNL movie review takes a look back at the 2002 hit movie musical “Chicago,” based on the even bigger hit Broadway show, starring well-known Hollywood names like Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Richard Gere.

World of Dr. Seuss brought to life once more in ‘The Lorax’

TNL took a look at the newest movie for kids and adults alike, Dr. Seuss’ classic The Lorax.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Seuss

77th Fur Rondy festival offers multitude of events

“Rondy, Rendezvous come on!” The familiar jingle can only mean one thing: ladies and gentlemen, it’s Rondy time.
The citywide Fur Rendezvous festival has been a staple celebration in Anchorage for the last 77 years. Highly anticipated by locals and annual pilgrims alike, Rondy is one of the largest tourist attractions that Anchorage annually presents. It is steeped in history and provides a rare display of uniquely Alaskan wares and activities.

‘Wanderlust’: a sad attempt at comedy

The budget for “Wanderlust” was $35 million, and just one question lingers on my mind: why couldn’t that money have gone to charity? “Wanderlust” originally seems interesting because it examines a world that is unfamiliar to the everyday American.

Read, recycle, Eco Chic it up

In the midst of “continually depleting’” natural resources, and the recycling craze that is meant to help circumvent the “extinction” of nature’s wonders; it is only fitting for UAA to creatively get on board the band wagon of sustainability. Thus USUAA’s sustainability committee presents: Eco Chic.
“The clothing industry is really bad with the amount of water they use, and the pollutants they put into the air,” said Director of sustainability Paula Williams. “So if there is something that already exists, we should try to make use of it.”
The focus and goal of this recyclable fashion show is to encourage the general populace to think outside of the box with their clothing choices, visually, creatively and locationally.

Non-alcoholic beer, a tragic misconception

A glass of Vino, a bottle of Corona; these are foreign concepts to the underage here at UAA. But for the individual who loves and longs for the taste of a good ‘ol brew with their burger, there has always been the saving grace of that single beautiful commodity: non-alcoholic beer. Or not. That’s right, […]

Artfully taming the shrew

If you are looking for a humorous and romantic movie to watch with your honey this Valentine’s day, take a trip back into the world of William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.” Though the old English mixed with Shakespearian jargon is hard to comprehend clearly at first, within about ten minutes you have re-acclimated […]

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