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Death by caffeine

The slogan, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of Tootsie Pop?” takes a much more morbid turn when asked in reference to caffeine — how many energy drinks does it take to die?

A website called Energy Fiend gives consumers this information on a platter. All one has to do is type in his or her weight, and find which energy drink he or she would like to test.

The legend of the Lady in the Moon

Throughout September, the UAA Confucius collaborated with the Alaskan Chinese Association in order to celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival throughout the state of Alaska. Also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, these celebrations often coincide with the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. As one of the most important festivals in the Asian culture, it was eventually introduced to Anchorage when the Chinese population began to grow in the area.

Examining the creativity effect

UAA’s Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence hosted a workshop Sept. 11 that aimed to encourage student creativity inside the classroom. There, faculty members had the chance to embrace their inner creativities while playing games related to this concept.

Cheers to Campus Politics

More often than not, there’s friction between the Democrats and the Republicans. Yet, when the season ends, these two adversaries must make amends and bury the hatchet in order to accomplish a similar goal of maintaining political interest among UAA students.

TNL interviewed Jonathan Taylor and Joe Samaniego, representatives from UAA College Republicans and UAA College Democrats, respectively. See those interviews here.

‘Why butts?’ A Q&A with the artist

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Pjae Naiima, better known as the elusive “Butt Sketcher,” comes to UAA every year to draw the derrieres of countless students.

The legacy began when Naiima’s boss, Krandel Lee Newton, was painting a picture of someone. In the middle of painting, he left to go get something. Someone came by and asked to purchase his unfinished work. Over the years his friends suggested he start up his business as a butt sketcher.

National Wellness Week sparks awareness

In previous centuries, the mentally ill have faced ridicule, torture and have been burned alive by religious figures who believed evil spirits possessed their minds. But over the years, these beliefs have changed because of scientific research and education about the brain. Despite this, discrimination has yet to fade entirely.

The faster you go the more friends you make.

Unlike other creatures that sniff butts, fan feathers or call out for mates, mankind has redefined a new, innovative way to meet others. Called “speed friending,” this new social gathering encourages people to meet as many other individuals as possible within an allotted timeframe.

The Unheard Voices of Religion: Mennonites

While often stereotyped by archaic bonnets, hand plows and simple living, the Mennonites have long separated from their Amish counterparts. As Mennonites progressed with the ages, they accepted change and let it transform their image.

UAA Suicide Prevention Initiatives

On Tuesday, July 16th, 2013, there was a gatekeeper training for the University of Alaska- Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative conducted by graduate students Jaime Spatrisano & Lace Louden.

Their preamble at the training states that “No universal standards will prevent suicide” and “the Purpose of this training is to prepare you to provide help to someone at risk” Using the example of a responder to the scene of a heart attack, gatekeeper friends can only help as much as they can before the professionals arrive to the scene. Unfortunately “there is no guarantee that suicide can be prevented” in every possible way.

The Red Feather: An Advice Column with a Twist.

Ladies, Gents, Circus performers in all forms, colors, and sizes, -Huddle up and lend me your ears! Today is the beginning of a new era.  A day where advice, street smarts and the thirst for knowledge are just around the corner. The Northern Light will now host an advice column for advice-seekers, mission inquirers, and […]

Exploring the Alaskan faith revolution

What is faith? Is it hope? Is it simply believing without seeing? Or is there concrete evidence that faith exists, only in different forms?

Deacon Mick Fornelli of Saint Patrick’s Parish believes faith is evident in Alaska.

HIV: Get Tested, Be a Hero

While students explore their sexuality with multiple partners and unsafe sex, a health journal from PubMed Central says college has become the perfect place for HIV to fester.

College students have always been at medical risk. Whether it’s sexually transmitted diseases or the lack of health insurance, college students can’t afford to care for their health.

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