Stories By John Budnik

UAA service offers advice, professional clothing

A job interview doesn’t require a top hat, but the clothes a potential employee wears might be the difference between being hired or not. There is an office on campus helping informal students because it’s true that employers prefer a sharp-dressed candidate.

University of Alaska Anchorage’s Career Services Center, located in Rasmuson Hall, has a small room called the “Professional Clothes Closet.” It’s a wardrobe full of clothing available to any student or alumni in need of new duds to woo possible employers.

Kachemak campus introduces outdoor courses

Winter camping and telemark skiing are among the new courses set for the 2012 spring semester at the Kachemak Bay Campus (KBC), located in Homer. This will be the first year that KBC will be offering outdoor classes, though attempts have been made in the past. “This is a pilot program,” said Carol Swartz, campus […]

Latrine Dean: Seeking simple sanitation

It is certainly that time of the year again with the snow melting and finals at a rapid approach for all of us.  Trying to balance the time of studying and the desire to go outside and bask in the sun is like taking on a second job.  Soon enough though we’ll all get through […]

Latrine Dean: SSB, Second Floor

With a mixture of departments, ranging from Psychology to IT Services, the Social Science Building tends to facilitate just that, being social.  While in the SSB you will find yourself at a juncture of many options to choose from.  There are options such as to study in the library down the hall, grab a latte […]

Latrine Dean: Consortium Library, Second Floor

The Consortium Library, a haven of silence and one of my favorite places to be on campus.  After walking out of the Starbucks adjacent to the Consortium with a latte in one hand and a Danish in the other, is there anything finer than finding your favorite reading nook and cracking open a text of […]

Latrine Dean – ConcoPhillips Integrated Science Building – 1st Floor

Walking into the ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building a sensation of awe-inspiring architecture takes hold.  There are plenty of places to sit and study with a group or alone.  The staircase in the middle of the atrium is reminiscent of the famous M.C. Escher artwork ‘Relativity’ as the flights of stairs jag their way to the […]

Latrine Dean: Administration Building – 1st Floor (Atrium)

The word ‘Administration’ makes me think of this building as the heart of campus.  No longer where our administration works, the building itself lends a hand in the shaping of our university’s history as being the place our noble administrative personnel worked feverishly helping us all obtain a higher-education at one time. The building is […]

Latrine Dean – Fine Arts Building restrooms not so fine

Mozart.  Michelangelo.  Van Gogh.  Stravinsky. Picasso. Their art and influence bleed into the hallways of the Fine Arts Building here on main campus.  Unfortunately for their scholars, it doesn’t into the restroom they use. Walk into the men’s restroom on the 1st floor of the Fine Arts Building backed against the east wall of the […]

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