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Poetry Parley connects Alaska poetry community

Some poems are meant to be read, like Emily Dickinson’s others are meant to be performed, like Gil Scott Heron’s. At the Poetry Parley, a gathering of poets from all around Alaska, any poem is fair game. “Six years ago, a group of people gathered together because Out North AK had some space, and I […]

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Let’s be honest: Sitting through movie credits is boring. A bunch of names the viewer probably won’t recognize scroll from bottom to top until it fades to black or opens to a special scene. But sitting through the credits is rewarding. It’s not about trying to recognize the names of the crew like you would […]

‘The Quiet Earth” is Sci-Fi done right

Title: Director: Country: Release date: Rating: “The Quiet Earth” Geoff Murphy New Zealand October 18, 1985 4/5 The best science fiction embraces its premise. This is clear 20 minutes into “The Quiet Earth,” when the protagonist gallivants around an empty chapel wearing a dress, screaming, and firing a shotgun, that the movie wholeheartedly embraces its […]

‘Beyond the Black Rainbow’ is beautiful, empty

Title: Director: Country: Release date: Rating: “Beyond the Black Rainbow” Panos Cosmatos Canada December 31, 2010 3/5 stars The annals of sci-fi are haunted by the campiness, and occasional genius, of the ‘70s and ‘80s. With the advent of CGI, amateur and professional filmmakers alike had a field day with visuals. Playing out with fever […]

Girls Rock Camp Alaska empowers women, challenges stereotypes

When popular music focuses on women, they’re often stereotyped or dominated in some way by a man, according to B. Lee Cooper, professor of history and American culture at Reinhardt College. In response to this, Monica Lettner decided to start a summer music camp that focuses on girls called Girls Rock Camp Alaska. The camp […]

‘Nymphomaniac: Vol. 1’ is lusty indulgence

Film: &nbsp Director: Release date: Rating: Country: “Nymphomaniac: Volume 1″ Lars von Trier March 6, 2014 4/5 stars Denmark If the viewer could look into filmmaker Lars von Trier’s mind, chances are it would look almost exactly like his opus, “Nymphomaniac: Volume 1.” Every character struggles with an emptiness and the most damaged of them, […]

Rapper Sage Francis fights change on Copper Gone

After a long and tense hiatus, Rhode Island-based emcee Sage Francis is back with his much-anticipated LP, “Copper Gone.” His previous album, “L(i)fe,” was produced with live, poppy instrumentation, but that change was only superficial. It was clear that the elder statesman of underground hip-hop was stalling. On the upside, Francis steps out of his […]

“Dreaming Bears” is a captivating memoir

Trading Greenwood, South Carolina for the remote Alaskan village of Venetie, then medical student J. Michael Holloway, along with his brother, Ted and friend Volk, took a road trip to The Last Frontier in 1961. After being diverted from their original path, the group travels to Venetie and meets the Gwich’in storyteller and former medicine […]

J. Michael Holloway: “Messenger” of the Gwich’in

South Carolina born and Alaska bred medical doctor and author J. Michael Holloway is quick to refute his title of “Messenger” of the Gwich’in people, the United States’ northernmost Native tribe. “Johnny (Frank) was the real messenger,” said Holloway. Johnny Frank was a Gwich’in elder, storyteller and former medicine man. He lived in Venetie, Alaska […]

‘Noroi: The Curse’ is slow to build, quick to release

Title: Director: Release Date: Genre: Country: Rating: “Noroi: The Curse” Koji Shiraishi Aug. 20, 2005 Japanese Horror Japan 4/5 When Japanese horror took the United States by storm in the early 2000s, movie theaters saw a slew of “The Ring”-inspired remakes like “The Grudge” and “Dark Water” terrifying viewers across the nation. But the trend […]

Top 5 movies to look forward to this summer

Plenty of popcorn flicks and more underrated features are coming out this summer. Between nights around a bonfire and vacationing out of state, here are five movies to fill up that extra time.   “Guardians of the Galaxy” Director: James Gunn Starring: Chris Pratt, Benicio del Toro Release date: Aug. 1, 2014 Based on the […]

Intimacy and evolution: BFA art exhibition

Words can only do so much. When it comes to ideas like intimacy, confronting one’s personal past and dealing with inevitable change, visual art has a specific power to it that words may not and vice versa. Six artists featured in the two upcoming Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibitions will confront these topics and more […]

‘Bad Guy’ meditates on evil, mixed results

Title: “Bad Guy” Director: Ki-duk Kim Release date: Feb. 11, 2005 Genre: Drama Country: South Korea Rating: 3/5 Some people are just born evil. As for the wordless sociopath at the center of “Bad Guy,” he’s got some good in him, but it shows in the worst ways. After being justifiably rejected by the virginal […]

Alaska Native storytelling: Will it survive?

When the boarding schools came to Alaska and the lower 48, an entire generation of Alaska Natives was robbed of their language. Those who went to boarding school and went on to have kids carried shame in speaking their own language, and their language was not always passed down. “A lot of the storytellers are […]

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