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‘Come Out and Play’ fails to justify its existence

April 29, 20150

In an impressive feat, “Come Out and Play” manages to destroy viewers’ sympathy and investment within the first 15 minutes.…

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Even in ‘The Painting,’ the world is divided

April 21, 20150

If central metaphor of “The Painting” is too on-the-nose for some, it’s well deserved. The movie makes no qualms about…

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‘Miss Violence’ is quiet, too quiet

April 14, 20150

Calling the group of people in “Miss Violence” a family is like calling prisoners of war safe because they have…

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Darkness reigns in ‘Burke and Hare’

April 7, 20150

Getting by is hard. This adage is so true in the British dark comedy “Burke and Hare” that it drives…

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“Angel’s Melancholy” is garbage

April 1, 20150

“Angel’s Melancholy” is the artsy torture trash your parents warned you about. There’s a right way to make hardcore horror,…

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‘Force Majeure’ is unbearably tense

March 24, 20150

In many other movies, an avalanche would be the climax. The hero, at the end of his rope, hanging over…

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‘Predestination’ runs laps around viewers

March 19, 20150

A good time travel movie makes the viewer naive. It’s a wonder that genre fare like it has stuck around…

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‘Hell of the Living Dead’ transcends nonsense

March 4, 20150

Horror has a history of reveling in disaster. Where other genres lock away their failures, horror holds a special place…

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‘I Saw the Devil’ is perverse fun

February 26, 20150

Revenge flicks have been done and redone to death. Man loves woman, woman is killed, man avenges woman’s death. Who…

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‘The Returned’ needs a reality check

February 18, 20150

“The Returned” sincerely wants to be deep, but doesn’t put in the effort to actually be deep. It’s the worst…

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‘Audition’ holds up after a decade

February 11, 20150

Japanese auteur Takashi Miike has probably one of the strangest career trajectories in film. He’s made incest-laden allegories like “Visitor…

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‘The Raid: Redemption’ is mostly bad

February 2, 20150

Most martial arts movies have bad character development and stories. They’re only redeemed through their fight scenes. A swift kick…

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‘Chinese Take-Out’ undercuts humor with grief

January 27, 20150

People of a certain personality just can’t stand folks in their space. It’s not that they hate people, necessarily, their…

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OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies’ is hilarious, drags on

January 20, 20150

Ian Fleming brought James Bond into existence in 1953, but French author Jean Bruce cranked out no less than 88…

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