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J. Almendarez is a journalism junior who transferred to UAA this fall from San Antonio College, located in South Texas. At SAC, she worked at the national award winning student publication, The Ranger, as a reporter, photographer, Multimedia Editor and Executive Editor. After graduation next fall, she plans to work as a reporter for a daily in South Texas. Eventually, she would like to earn a Master's degree in Media Convergence. After a long career in journalism, she will go back to San Antonio College, teach a reporting class and die while preaching in front of a group of students about the importance of legit journalism and AP Style.

Stories By J. Almendarez

Options available for food insecure students

In the spring semester, sociology majors Rachel Wintz and Nathaniel Chriest used a grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research to conduct a study about food insecurity among UAA students.

A mother never gives up hope

Barbara Klita named her son, Fryderyk, after the famous Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin. It is a piece of her home country that she wanted to give to her Italian born son.

But Fryderyk, known to many as Fred, chose his last name. After he finished high school, he legally changed his last name from Veschi to Frontier, an homage to his love for his adopted home state, Alaska.

Commencement speaker shares experience, advice

Every year, Student Life and Leadership selects a commencement speaker from the graduating class. Representing the class of 2013 is justice major Kelsey Waldorf, whose speech focuses on continuing the quest for success and personal accomplishments well after graduation.

TNL sits down with Kelsey and talks about her current goals, advice for future students, and more.

USUAA election brings results, interesting write-ins

Results are in for the 2013 student government election.

Andrew Lessig and Andrew Lemish are the new Union of Students at the Univer­sity of Alaska Anchorage president and vice president.

Cadaver incident remains a mystery

“Inappropriate” behavior involving a cadaver on campus at the Health Science Building was reported to the University Police Department April 2.

Support group offers services for those in mourning

A grief support group is available tomorrow for anyone wanting to connect with
others about the death of Mabil “Mo” Duir.

Georgia DeKeyser, interim director of the Student Health and Counseling Center and
psychiatric nurse practitioner, said the group offers an intimate setting for people to
know they are not the only ones coping with grief at this time.

“It’s a place to come together and to support each other,” she said.

Mabil “Mo” Duir leaves footprints of inspiration

A lot of people think planning to save the world is naïve. Mabil “Mo” Duir was not one of those people.
“Mabil had amazing aspirations and wanted to help so many people. He was a huge advocate for helping the underprivileged. Mabil had great ideas of ways he could change the world for the better,” business sophomore Max Bullock said.

Beware of ice on campus!

If you think a full cup of coffee, holding a baby or extreme caution can save you, you’re wrong.

Ice will take down just about every person at least one time during the winter. And while the least that could happen to someone who slips are wet pants or few cuts and bruises, broken bones and head injuries are also possibilities.

UAA head hockey coach no longer with program

Hockey coach Dave Shyiak is parting ways with the Seawolves.

In a statement released Friday, the athletics department confirmed a search committee has been appointed and is considering national applicants to fill the position.

Annual women’s wellness exams save lives

The mere thought of pap smears sends a shiver of discomfort down most women’s spines.

But because the test can detect potentially abnormal cell growth, it can also determine whether a woman might have cervical cancer.

Letter From The Editor: Women’s History Month

Welcome to The Northern Light’s Women’s History Month special edition.

This is not the “feminist” or “angry girl” edition. The purpose of this week’s newspaper is to shine light on topics frequently ignored by mainstream society.

Say “no” to the blow

I will not give a man a blowjob.

Whew. That’s over with. I said it. It’s taken me six and a half years to feel comfortable saying that aloud.

Chancellor addresses student problems

About 30 students gathered Tuesday to get answers from Chancellor Tom Case about their concerns regarding the university.

USUAA hosted the event and provided free food and drinks for attendees, who nibbled while they partook in the conversation.

USUAA hosts Chat with the Chancellor

Chancellor Tom Case is scheduled to attend a Q&A session with students this week, giving them the opportunity to ask questions about the future of UAA. The event is at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday on the second floor of the Student Union, directly outside the Student Life and Leadership office in Room 218.

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