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Hi! I'm Heather, the A&E Editor for TNL. I like sappy romance music, long walks on the beach, watching Doctor Who... Oh, wait, this isn't a personal ad. Whoops. In any case, I love my job, and my little corner of The Paper. The art, music, dance, and theatre scenes are always so interesting to me, and I adore taking the time to explore and write about them. I feel that they are an under appreciated part of society, despite how important they are TO society. How did the Greeks introduce moral concepts to one another and debate them? Through plays. See kids, they ARE important! If you have any ideas for me, please feel free to get in touch with me and pitch your angle; I am more than happy to step outside of the box and report on something different and new!

Stories By Heather Hamilton

Art exhibit explores the many facets ‘of love’

Like there are many ways of expressing love, there are also many forms of love. The love of a friend, family member or significant other are all types of love that everyone experiences at one point or another, sometimes for better or for worse.

“of love” is a multimedia art exhibition being held at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art in June, and is UAA adjunct professor Enzina Marrari’s emotional brain-child.

Why viral ad campaigns work

Viral ad campaigns and “leaked” information should be evil. They make fans feel preyed upon for their predictability, and stupid for being so excitable. But man, do they get the job done. Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” a new live-action television show set to air on ABC, is just the latest show or movie to use […]

Charles Ramsey: More than an Internet sensation, a hero

Heroes aren’t jokes. Cartoon superheroes wearing their underwear on top of their pants are funny, and it’s perfectly fine to go nuts with the wisecracks. But the real heroes, men and women who presented a choice of “do or do not” and choose “do” — especially when risking their lives — are not jokes. They […]

‘Secondhand Rapture’ a clutter of songs

Remember the song that played during the season three teaser-trailer for “Game of Thrones?” The intense drums and haunting lyrics made that one of the most epic trailers this year. It’s also the best song on MS MR’s debut album, “Secondhand Rapture.” MS MR is a New York-based duo comprised of singer Lizzy Plapinger and […]

Smooth merlot with a gentle kick

Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. But simplicity with a subtle kick is often much more satisfying. Milbrandt Vineyards’s 2009 merlot is a deep reddish-purple, and at a 13.5 percent ABV, it’s also a decent hitter. The wine can be served either chilled or at room temperature, which is the traditional temperature for consumption. […]

‘Star Trek’ flies into theaters, exceeds expectations

If anyone out there is concerned about how Benedict Cumberbatch (“Sherlock”) will perform as Khan in the new “Star Trek” movie, they needn’t worry. He owns this role.

Even his iconic line from the movie trailer gives off chills.

“Now, shall we begin?”

‘Iron Man 3’ amazing in some areas, suffers in others

In “The Avengers, ”Captain America had some choice words for Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr., “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”): What is he worth once if Iron Man armor was removed from the equation? Tony offered a witty retort, but it isn’t until “Iron Man 3” that fans actually get to see what the […]

Now that you’re done, don’t stop learning

Don’t stop. When seniors walk across the commencement stage and enter what professors and administrators call the “real world,” the things they had to do to graduate will fall to the wayside. Most won’t read 100 pages a night to keep up in their English classes. Most writers won’t write stories with difficult prompts. Most […]

Fine arts, useless degree or hidden gateway?

Years of learning, hours of waiting, minutes in line,seconds of congratulations, one placeholder document — and finally, weeks later, your degree.

Now, what exactly do you do with it?

Mixology course needed for Graduate

Graduation parties are places for family, friends, food and fun. It’s also a place for beer and cocktails because most grads are over 21. One cocktail to stay away from is The Graduate from http://idrink.com. There are other variations of the recipe, but steer clear from this particular variation at all costs. To make this cocktail, pour one shot of Disaronno or other amaretto liqueur, one […]

‘Oblivion,’ a disappointment

‘Tis the summer of dystopian sci-fi movies. The pitcher is known for throwing curveballs, and first up to bat is Tom Cruise’s “Oblivi­on.” While it doesn’t strike out, it also doesn’t knock anything out of the ballpark.

Zombie Zin offers an undead perspective on a very human wine

The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and the only way to get out alive is to act like the ene­my. You must shamble as they shamble, groan as they groan and drink what they drink — which, for the more sophisti­cated undead out there, is appar­ently a zinfandel.

Making up stories increases the heartbreak of tragedy

If there is one thing that is completely and utterly deplorable, it’s taking a mas­sive tragedy and creating lies about it.

How to avoid making bad movie sequels

There’s a special place in “you-know-where” for bad mov­ie sequels. Unfortunately, it’s a very crowded place.

That doesn’t stop fans from getting excited though. Ellen DeGeneres just announced her involvement in Disney and Pix­ar’s upcoming sequel to “Finding Nemo.” the Internet is buzzing with general delight over “Find­ing Dory,” set to release in 2015.

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