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Prioritization reports go public

UAA released its final reports for the massive review process known as prioritization Aug. 13. The project, with many hours of faculty and staff input, examined and ranked the 313 academic programs and 178 support functions at UAA’s main campus to make the university “a stronger, more nimble and responsive university in the face of dwindling resources.”

Last call at the polls

Depending on when you’re reading this, you’re either:
a) Basking in satisfaction, having cast your ballot in the 2014 primary election
b) Soon-to-be basking in satisfaction of having cast your ballot in the 2014 primary election
c) Feeling ashamed for foregone voting
d) Not feeling much of anything

Former engineering dean sues UAA

Tien-Chien Jen, whose abrupt resignation in May as dean of the College of Engineering had some scratching their chins, has filed a civil suit against the university, claiming he was wrongfully terminated. The 17-page complaint filed in Anchorage Superior Court June 24 asserts that Jen was denied procedural due process after being called to a […]

Black bear with two cubs shot near Goose Lake

A black bear family that had since early June been a familiar sight around UAA will not be returning. Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologists on Thursday made the decision to euthanize the sow with two very young cubs that had become accustomed to life in the bustling U-Med district. According to KTVA, the […]

Prioritization update

UAA Chancellor Tom Case has announced that reports for the massive review process known as prioritization will be released Aug. 11. In a July 15 email to staff and faculty the chancellor said reports will be accessible to the “internal campus community,” and that the release date coincides with faculty coming back on contract. Assessment […]

Program prioritization report submitted to provost

UAA’s 18-member Academic Task Force submitted its final report on program prioritization to Provost Elisha Baker on June 30. The report is the culmination of a massive review process begun in spring 2013 to place each of the over-300 programs at UAA into one of five categories ranging from “priority for higher investment” to “subject […]

Food wagon from the high seas

When in 2010 JeanetteĀ DiPiero began searching for a food wagon to call her own, she didn’t plan on selling Sicilian food out of a miniature pirate ship. After finding Alaska didn’t have anything that suited her fancy, DiPiero scoured Craigslist in several Lower 48 states where she had family. In Merced, California, local character William […]

Denali Alaskan ATMs on the way out

After selecting another competitor on a contract put up for bid, Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union will be withdrawing five ATMs from UAA’s main campus as of July 1. The contract, which called forĀ  nine machines, including three in the newly built Alaska Airlines Center, has been awarded to Alaska ATM Service. According to the […]

Kincaid’s Car Mountain

Think back to a time before protected areas within population centers were all the rage, and you’ll understand how hundreds, if not thousands, of junked automobiles ended up stuck between a park and a wildlife refuge in Anchorage proper. It’s not immediately apparent that the 444-foot bluff below Kincaid Park’s motocross track is actually a […]

Regents convene in Anchorage UAA students offer testimony

After a slow start Thursday morning in UAA’s Gorsuch Commons, the 11-member University of Alaska Board of Regents opened the floor to public testimony. Vice president of the UAA Political Science Association, Ceezar Martinson stepped up to urge the board to reconsider its policy on concealed handguns. “It is our belief that the current policy […]

College of Engineering dean abruptly resigns

Following an inspirational speech by civil engineering graduate Michael Ulroan at this year’s commencement ceremony, the College of Engineering now faces the challenge of finding a new person to head operations. Tien-Chien Jen, Ph.D., announced his resignation as dean of the UAA College of Engineering after serving one year in the position. The resignation, effective […]

The Full Monte Cristo: 5 local versions of this unique sandwich exposed

Like the ice cream sundae, chicken and waffles, or the Crab Louie salad, the exact origins of the Monte Cristo sandwich are a mystery. It is said to be a variation on a French ham sandwich called the croque-monsieur, but how it came to be battered in egg and dipped in sweet sauces is unclear. […]

Course hide-and-seek

There is a feeling of accomplishment for a student who is able to lock in the perfect class schedule, a harmonious balance struck in a vast sea of knowledge. In some cases, though, UAA students aren’t actually seeing all of the course sections that may become available. Keeping certain course sections hidden, primarily those taught […]

Board of Regents passes two considerable motions

Late last week the 11-member University of Alaska Board of Regents met in Kodiak to work through a lengthy agenda, and two of the motions passed are sure to make waves at all three universities in the UA system. One motion calls for a common academic calendar for all university campuses, including common daily schedules, […]

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