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BBC commentator dreams recessions, money they can bring

October 4, 20110

While there is a major event that is woefully under-covered going on in New York City, there was a comment…

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Columnist shamefully blames ‘gay activism’ for murder

September 21, 20110

According to Michael Brown it may not be okay to be gay With all the media attention that it has…

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Time to tax mary jane

September 13, 20111

Back in 1937, an ambitious man by the name of Harry Anslinger came to Congress with an idea: make marijuana…

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YouTube too close for journalist’s comfort

August 23, 20110

It has recently come up in the world of journalism that using social and political “vloggers” from YouTube as sources…

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American citizens need to take back their government

August 9, 20110

Well, in the 11th hour, congress passed a bill designed to take from the middle class and give to the…

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Anchorage’s homeless blown off by public

July 26, 20110

As everybody already knows, every homeless person has a freshly pressed suit in their cart. At least, that is what…

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Law enforcement officials lack accountability

July 12, 20110

When one reads cases like the shooting in Miami Beach and the soldiers in Afghanistan who killed civilians, it can…

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Who’s watching those who protect us

June 28, 20111

Every so often you hear of an event that actually should disturb people a great deal more than it does.…

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Palin rewrites history, blames ‘got ya’ media

June 14, 20110

It’s always something in this country. If it isn’t Michele Bachmann playing Mad Libs with “American values,” then it’s Sarah…

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The Tea Party’s unofficial leader, zion of ignorance

May 31, 20110

Recently, Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Mn) was issued a challenge by high school sophomore Amy Myers, to a debate on the…

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The End of an Empire: Glenn Beck almost done on FOX

April 19, 20111

Fox News announced recently that Glenn Beck’s time on Fox News is coming to an end. This is good news…

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Paradigm shift of prejudice in America

April 12, 20110

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Character outweighs party affiliations

April 5, 20110

Last week, there was a Candidate Forum at the Student Union here at UAA.  It was a chance for the…

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America can’t afford Libyan intervention

March 29, 20110

In the country of Libya, as story has been unfolding, it is the tale of a tyrant, and those who…

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