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BBC commentator dreams recessions, money they can bring

While there is a major event that is woefully under-covered going on in New York City, there was a comment on BBC that may be slightly more terrifying than people could possibly imagine – that there are those on Wall Street who believe that another recession is a good thing.

Columnist shamefully blames ‘gay activism’ for murder

According to Michael Brown it may not be okay to be gay With all the media attention that it has gotten, it is not a mystery that LGBT bullying in schools is still a problem.  According to Michael L. Brown, it may just be that being gay is part of the problem. Brown is the […]

Time to tax mary jane

Back in 1937, an ambitious man by the name of Harry Anslinger came to Congress with an idea: make marijuana illegal. He got a lot of help from a journalist named William Hearst who wanted to make pot illegal, because hemp was in danger of replacing timber as the primary material for making paper. These […]

YouTube too close for journalist’s comfort

It has recently come up in the world of journalism that using social and political “vloggers” from YouTube as sources may not be completely kosher. This is an interesting thing to think about, because when one looks at how connected the world has become there is very little reason for not using it as a source.

American citizens need to take back their government

Well, in the 11th hour, congress passed a bill designed to take from the middle class and give to the wealthy. It has proven, once again, that President Obama cannot govern, and that corporations have a complete stranglehold on this country. Everybody who has a modicum of political sense knew the debt ceiling debates were […]

Anchorage’s homeless blown off by public

As everybody already knows, every homeless person has a freshly pressed suit in their cart. At least, that is what the mayor of Anchorage, Dan Sullivan, seems to believe. However, homelessness in Alaska is not that simple.

Law enforcement officials lack accountability

When one reads cases like the shooting in Miami Beach and the soldiers in Afghanistan who killed civilians, it can often be more interesting to observe the reactions of those who should have taken responsibility rather than what happens to those who committed the crimes, especially in law enforcement.

Who’s watching those who protect us

Every so often you hear of an event that actually should disturb people a great deal more than it does. The sad fact here is that these events are becoming kind of common, and there is a greater question that society as a whole needs to be asked, but isn’t.

Palin rewrites history, blames ‘got ya’ media

It’s always something in this country. If it isn’t Michele Bachmann playing Mad Libs with “American values,” then it’s Sarah Palinplaying Cranium with American history- and doing it poorly.

Last week, Palin was visiting the Old North Church in Boston while she was on her tour around America. She says the purpose of her tour is to raise awareness about the rich history that this country has.

The Tea Party’s unofficial leader, zion of ignorance

Recently, Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Mn) was issued a challenge by high school sophomore Amy Myers, to a debate on the United States’ Constitution, history, and civics. Myers was met promptly with silence from the Congresswoman and her staff, and for good reason too- Bachmann wouldn’t stand a chance again the well-informed teen. In a letter […]

The End of an Empire: Glenn Beck almost done on FOX

Fox News announced recently that Glenn Beck’s time on Fox News is coming to an end. This is good news for advocates of free thought. It is the end of the television career of a man who has passed himself off as being so absurdly mad, that reality doesn’t matter anymore. It only seemed to […]

Paradigm shift of prejudice in America

@font-face { font-family: “Calibri”; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 10pt; line-height: 115%; font-size: 11pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Apparently, it is pretty common knowledge that there has been a sizeable paradigm shift in the hate-crime community in this country.  The shift has been from the black community to […]

Character outweighs party affiliations

Last week, there was a Candidate Forum at the Student Union here at UAA.  It was a chance for the students and the citizens of Anchorage to be able to meet their municipal candidates, and to think about who they want to have representing them. There is a concerning issue about municipal elections- the fact […]

America can’t afford Libyan intervention

In the country of Libya, as story has been unfolding, it is the tale of a tyrant, and those who stand against him. It has become a story now of a group of nations who have risen to defend the rebels, and to stand against this tyrant. It has caused some friction on all sides […]

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