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November movie preview

Check out the synopsis for movies coming out in November including: Dallas Buyers Club, Ender’s Game, Last Vegas, Big Sur, Diana, 12 Years a Slave, Free Birds, Man of Tai Chi, About Time, Thor: The Dark World, The Starving Games, The Book Thief, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Best Man Holiday, Charlie Countryman, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Delivery Man, Nebraska, Black Nativity, Frozen, Homefront, Philomena, Oldboy, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Media coverage causes jury system malfunction

Many cases throughout the U.S. history have caused shock and upset as jury members decide the fate of those standing accused of heinous crimes like kidnap, rape, and murder.

Becoming a society member

You open up the mail and receive a letter that says “Congratulations! Your outstanding grades and/or achievements have opened up the opportunity to be a part of our awesome honor society.” So you run to the computer and say, “Sign me up!” However as soon as you get to the join organization page you stop […]

Summer bus fee should be option for student workers

Despite the gloom and overall lack of greenness, summer has arrived. While most students will go away to visit family or find some other adventure to occupy their summer vacations, some will continue to come to campus several days of the week to work a student job and earn some extra money.

Repealing the big oil giveaway is a smart move for Alaskans

There is not a lack of interest in Alaska’s oil supply. So the old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” is not applicable to how legislators should be doing business with oil companies. A better adage for the situation is, “If you sit and do nothing, they will still come — because it’s […]

Prioritizing your future

Sometimes it is hard to look into the future optimistically. There is always going to be something along the path has not gone the way you had planned. There is always going to be some hope that burns inside you but slowly fades away as you realize that it may not be as attainable as hoped.

Taking more than a five minute break

Everyone already knows how important it is to take a five-minute break while studying and working. These mini-breaks increase productivity and brain power. But what about a semester long break? Or a year-long hiatus? Even the thought of taking a break from college strikes fear in the heart of people. Everyone has heard that waiting to go to college or taking a break from […]

Editorial – Removal of the Rec Department, oh my!

UAA may be making a small, but resounding, mistake. On April 6, the decision came to cut the UAA Housing Recreation & Activities program from the university. The reason, according to Business Services Director Bob McDonnell, centered on budgetary concerns that there wasn’t enough revenue to keep the rec program afloat. There wasn’t enough revenue […]

Samantha Koenig: a tragic wake-up call

It seemed like a scene out of a movie: a pretty young woman working late, alone and probably without a care in the world — until out of nowhere a man takes her by gunpoint to an unknown location, probably never to be seen again.

Martin, Zimmerman and the media machine

The racist shot the drug dealer.

If mass media is to be taken at its word, George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin assume different roles each day in the revolving door of a story being broadcast on every news outlet available for the past month.

‘Yes’ on 5 is a safe and necessary vote

The editorial this week discusses One Anchorage’s Proposition 5, equal rights for gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals, which will take place on the April 3 municipal ballot, and why the general population should vote in favor of it.

APD does not help in undercover bar slings

It’s been nearly a month since Anchorage police began searching bars for people who were a bit too drunk, aka the “drunk plus.” Through Alaska statue 04.16.040 Access of Drunken Persons to Licensed Premises, police enter bars in plainclothes and identify those they believe are intoxicated, eventually charging them with drunkenness on a licensed premise.

The controversial, non-existent holiday tree

In recent weeks, we’ve been going down the line of states to see which will dare to call their amply decorated and brightly lit spruce trees Christmas trees or holiday trees. In Rhode Island, it’s a holiday tree, though calling it so cause much grief for Gov. Chafee.

Moral ambiguity explains why we won’t intervene on another’s behalf

The Penn State investigation has led most to question not only how someone could commit such acts, but also how other people could fail to stop them from happening.  If asked, most Americans would say they would’ve intervened if they had seen what assistant coach Mike McQueary says he saw happening in a shower between […]

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