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Islam’s history supports modern violence

June 14, 20117

I would like to thank Brett Frazer for his response to my article “Islamic Violence Justifies Islamophobia,” in the May…

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French snobbery exposes elitist mentality

May 31, 20111

A common critique of American society is the extent to which inequality runs rampant. It’s all been said before; how…

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Chicago school bans bagged lunches, further strips parental rights

April 19, 20110

Whether it’s the recent ban on trans fat in California, sugary drinks in Massachusetts, or salt in New York, one…

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Abortion clash at heart of shutdown debate

April 12, 20115

One of the more heated issues over the budget debate in Washington is the amendment passed by House Republicans to…

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The Obama Administration: From anti-war doves to warmongers

April 6, 20112

“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does…

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Japan responds to tsunami disaster with dignity

March 29, 20110

The devastation in Japan is mind boggling. As most are aware, the country experienced a record-breaking 9.0 earthquake off its…

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Islamic violence justifies ‘Islamophobia’

March 22, 201115

In the past month the world witnessed two barbaric acts of terrorism in the name of Islam. Arid Uka shot…

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Modern feminism distorts truth on gender wage gap

February 22, 20118

Apart from a few radicals, most Americans believe in equality. The great disagreement comes when people try to determine what…

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Multiculturalism has failed

February 15, 20110

Multiculturalism as a defensible concept seems to be standing on its last few legs. Recently, both German Chancellor Angela Merkel…

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Political protests propagate through Middle East

February 8, 20110

We are witnessing the passing of the old order in the Arab world. A change of this magnitude has not…

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Revolution begins in North Africa and Middle East

February 1, 20110

Tunisia, a country whose citizens have long put up with a corrupt leadership and rigid controls on both their economic…

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In a turbulent world, progress is made

January 18, 20110

During an age in which Americans are bombarded from all sides over stories of natural disasters, overpopulation, pandemics, terrorism, and…

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Death tax harmful to a dying economy

December 8, 20102

The estate tax (also known as the death tax) is possibly the most devastating form of taxation ever created. It…

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Gay marriage upends traditional family

November 30, 20108

Proposition 8 in California defining marriage as being between a man and a woman was overturned in August of this…

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