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Hello everyone! I'm Ashley Snyder, the Executive Editor for The Northern Light. I am a 24 year old senior majoring in Journalism and Public Communications. I enjoy spending my free time with kung fu (three years of experience and counting), photography, fishing, and biking. For the moment, I am really unsure of my goals after college, so for right now I am just taking on college one semester at a time in order to maintain my sanity.

Stories By Ashley Snyder

Reindeer Sausage easier than it looks

Pizza is a wildly addictive confection. But ordering pizza every time you get a craving can cost exorbitant amounts, only for the pizza to arrive cold and flavorless. A great solution to this dilemma is to make pizza at home the semi-homemade way. Contrary to popular belief, it is unnecessary to spend an arm and […]

Dancing decker strikes random UAA students

An alert was issued by University Police on Jan. 24 when a report came in that a suspicious male allegedly struck a female student at the Consortium Library bus stop at 8:27 a.m. He was described as “a white male in his mid-twenties wearing a knit hat, a flannel jacket, dark khakis or green pants, and was carrying a backpack.”

Class Canceled

You planned ahead, registered early, and have the perfect schedule for the next semester. You get through finals, relax during the break and have less than a week before the new semester begins. Then it comes without warning, that email that every student dreads: class canceled.

AK follows national trend with minimum wage increase proposals

Last year a group of balloters from the Alaska Needs a Raise (ANR) campaign sought to get a minimum wage increase onto the ballot. In late June 2013 they received the okay to go ahead from Alaska Lt. Gov. Meade Treadwell, permitting them to collect the required 31,169 signatures to get the measure on the ballot.

Celebration tops out engineering building

Crowds gathered in the Bookstore parking lot Dec. 6 to watch a lone piece of metal hoisted to the top of the continually growing Engineering and Industry Building. This piece of metal bore the signatures of more than 50 individuals commemorating the final piece of steel to be outfitted onto the frame of the new building in what is called a “topping-out” ceremony.

Readying for registration

It feels like yesterday that fall classes started. And yet here we are, already past midterms, and many of us are close to choosing classes for the spring semester. Those who are lucky enough to be graduating this fall no longer have to feel the stress of carefully selecting classes to ensure a timely graduation. But for those that have time left, they will soon feel the pressure of figuring out their destiny for the upcoming semester.

USUAA President announces resignation before semester starts

Last week Union of Students of the University of Alaska Anchorage President Andrew Lessig announced his resignation from his student government, effective immediately.
“I have been extraordinarily busy with my academic and professional life these last two months and have been unable to dedicate a significant amount of time to the duties of president and will not going forward into this next semester,” Lessig said in a statement released Aug. 22.

Criticism surrounds controversial cover choice

The August 2013 cover of Rolling Stone magazine is the subject of national buzz lately. It doesn’t feature a glammed-up actress or a bedazzling singer, like one would normally expect of the generally music-oriented magazine. Instead, readers come face-to-face with a figure whose hair is unkempt with eyes like deep black pits. There is no […]

Juneteenth celebrates freedom, inspires action

The sweet sound of jazz music and the alluring aroma of soul food permeated the air in front of the Wells Fargo Sports Complex Wednesday. The occasion? UAA celebrated the national holiday, Juneteenth, commemorating the abolition of slavery nearly 150 years ago.

Juneteenth celebrates freedom, inspires action

The sweet sound of jazz music and the alluring aroma of soul food permeated the air in front of the Wells Fargo Sports Complex Wednesday. The occasion? UAA celebrated the national holiday, Juneteenth, commemorating the abolition of slavery nearly 150 years ago.

Student Activities, Student Life and Leadership and AHAINA cooperated to pull the event together under the direction of Dewain Lee, dean of students and associate vice chancellor for student development.

Preparing for construction on campus

The buzz, clank, and hum of construction are in the air at UAA again this summer as a whole slew of new projects are underway. Students are no strangers to construction as the past several years there has been one project or another taking place.

Updated: Cobb gone, questions ensue

Just a little over a month ago UAA announced the dismissal of former hockey coach Dave Shyiak. Now, after a vote of no confidence from both the UAA Hockey Alumni Association and the Alaska State Hockey Association, UAA’s Athletic Director Steve Cobb has been let go as well.

This came shortly after a letter from Governor Sean Parnell expressed his dissatisfaction with how UAA has been handling the recruitment of a new hockey coach, and recent allegations of player abuse.

Stuffed Peppers are a delight

Looking for a fun, easy, and fantastic tasting meal? Then check out this recipe for stuffed peppers which can be made with or without beef for vegetarians.

Food hazard alert

Food hazard notice: Almost 50 people are being treated for this Hepatitis A outbreak believed to be caused by pomegranate seeds in bags of frozen berries and fruit sold in Alaska (at Costco), said Randy Pfeuffer with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

The brand has been tracked down to Townsend Farms Organic Anti-oxidant Blend berries.

Costco officials warned the public last week about the tainted fruit, which the warehouse-store chain had sold between late February and May.

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