Aussie band growls out a new album

Come celebrate 30 years!

by Oliver Petraitis, KRUA Music Manager

What do beards, feedback, and vocal static have in common? They’re all fuzzy.

Straight from Australia, The Growl’s new 11-song album “What Would Christ Do?” is a hazy, bluesy indie rock album that lives up to its ambitiously growling title.

The Growl achieves a sound that is very simi­lar to the fuzziness of older Black Keys records, but with a more sophisticated production style and occasional electronic influences unexpect­edly sauntering in.

The album is ripe with opposites. Songs like “Eleven,” “Cleaver Lever” and “John the Rev­elator” are pipe-busting, harmonica-wailing, reverb-rocking knockouts that contort the face of front man Cam Avery.

Songs like “Fee Fi Fo Fum,” which features some Venice-style accordion and stripped-down folklore banjo, and “In The Belly Of The Beast” slow to a mal-tempered crawl. Both tracks have a distinct Tom Waits-like sound. Then the band jumps headlong into grimy experimental noise on “NIYWTLWOE.”

“More” is a melodious slow-goer that is both hollow in spirit but full in soul. On the whole, the album is full of surprises.

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The prevailing grungy sound kicks down the door, and the electronic instrumentation turns heads toward these newcomers. The Growl has set themselves up for future success with this album.