Atmosphere returns with new EP album

After a two-year hiatus, the indie hip-hop duo, Slug and Ant as Atmosphere, is back with a new LP. While Atmosphere stated that the new album is a fusion of two EPs, it is a return to established form.

Like most Atmosphere records, the songs tell stories in Slug’s life. Using the skill set from the last album however, he tells fictitious stories while telling bite size chunks of his life as well.

The third song, “Scalp,” is about how Slug went to a bar to have a good time and wondering afterwards if he paid off his tab. While talking to the bar tender, he learns about an opportunity to make some quick scratch. While mulling it over in his head, a drunk driver T-bones his car and kills him.

The next song of note is “Americareful,” a jab at Obamacare and the American issue of health care. Slug starts off by telling the story of Tommy, who has a rather horrible affliction. He is sick, doesn’t have insurance, but he has the good idea to use a fake name.

The flip side to this song is the story of Katie, who is at an abortion clinic trying to act like a big girl, but her problems increase when the doctor gets shot outside of the clinic. Telling the story of interests and conflicts, “Americareful” is Slug at his best.

There are a myriad of other good songs, such as “The Best Day” and the title track, but none really resonate with the darkness of “Americareful” and “Scalp.” For these alone, the album is worth a listen.

It seems a little on the hodge-podge side overall, but it is a record that Atmosphere fans have been waiting for.