Apps keep Seawolves connected to campus life

Being a part of the Seawolf pack can be made easy through the use of two UAA sponsored apps. 

Spirit the Seawolf stands before the campus at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Photo courtesy of the UAA Admissions website.

While some apps can help students to keep track of assignments, schedule appointments or to explore networking opportunities, there are two UAA sponsored apps that can help students to connect further with campus life and information at UAA.

UAA Mobile

Navigate through UAA campus resources with the UAA mobile app, where answers, information and more are right at the touch of a button.

The UAA Mobile app offers a variety of services, resources and information for students to access from their phones. Students can check course information, athletics updates, the UAA/APU Consortium Library website, UAA shuttle times and more through the app. The calendar provides information about upcoming events and is broken into different groups based on the user’s connection to UAA, including alumni, faculty, staff, students and the general public. Users can also explore UAA through the photo galleries provided by an assortment of UAA organizations, programs and people. If a student needs to contact faculty or staff, they can use the app’s directory to locate their program on campus or to find specific individuals. Emergency contact information is also available on the app, providing phone numbers for a multitude of services for UA campuses. The UAA Mobile app helps to guide students through the UAA websites for information on Title IX training, the 2019-2020 UAA Student Handbook and UAA dining services on campus.

UAA Seawolves

Always know Seawolf scores and results on the go with the UAA Seawolves app.

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For students wanting the latest information on Seawolf Athletics, the UAA Seawolves app helps users explore what the Seawolves sports teams are up to. Students can access information on UAA teams, including men’s and women’s basketball, cross-country running, gymnastics, hockey, track and field, skiing and volleyball. Articles and information are available on student-athletes, athletic staff and sporting events in which the UAA Seawolf teams have participated. Photos and videos from the teams are available as well. The rosters for a variety of teams can be explored through the app, allowing the public to get a glimpse of each team, its players and coaches. An event schedule helps to keep track of Seawolf activities throughout their seasons, and users can purchase tickets to Seawolf sporting events through the app. Whether users join the Seawolf pack on the ice, court or the trails, the UAA Seawolf app connects students further with the teams, events and information while they make their way around campus.