App Review: Jurassic Park Builder

It’s like the “The Sims,” but for dinosaurs.

Ok, so you won’t be giving Mr. Tyrannosaurus Rex a career and shopping directions, but you will find his DNA, hatch him and use him to resurrect Jurassic Park.

That’s right, resurrect Jurassic Park. You get to build it back from the bottom up, starting only with a triceratops found roaming in the remains of the first park.

Here’s the gig: You feed the triceratops a few times, build a road from the gate to the animal and follow the missions given to you by various characters from the “Jurassic Park” movies.

Jurassic Park Builder

Most of the missions (tasks, really) revolve around building the park while keeping the place safe. The more land you clear, the more dino DNA you find stuck in amber fossils. You code the DNA in the lab using money you get from completing missions and from visitors at the park.

Once the DNA is successfully coded (it can take a few tries and lots of additional money), you can purchase the dinosaur enclosure and hatch the egg. Once that’s done (it takes several minutes, or you can pay special credits to speed the process up), you can build a road to that dinosaur to put it on the tour and make money off of it.

The more money you bring in, the more opportunities for expansion and safety features you can unlock. You also level up as you complete missions and do other small things to gain experience tending the park. Higher levels mean you have access to and opportunities to do various things throughout the game.

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You also level up your dinosaurs by feeding them. The higher level of your dinosaur, the more money it brings in. The amount of food they require increases as well, which in turn increases the cost of food.

You have to pick and choose what’s most important in the park. Is your triceratops ready to evolve? Are you in need of a Pachycephalosaurus to expand your park and complete a mission? Chances are, you’ll only have the funds to do one at a time. (By the way, cchoose the Pachycephalosaurus. It’s cheaper to start up and will help earn you $7,000-and-over funds you’ll need to evolve that stupid Triceratops.)

Jurassic Park Builder” is a fun and addictive game and, once you level up some, it forces you to put it down and walk away in order to earn enough money to advance. Or, if you’re really competitive, you can always spend real money on their fake money and move things along that way.

The only actual downside is the technical difficulties. It seems like every five minutes or less, the app shuts down and you have to start all over. When you’re lucky enough to get a good amount of time in, the game is great.

Luckily though, the app is free, so at least you won’t waste money on something that glitches.

App: “Jurassic Park Builder

Maker: Ludia

Compatibility: iPhone 3GS and up, iPod Touch 3 and up, and iPad

Price: Free

Rating: 3