Annual exhibit shows off Camera Club’s talents

The Camera Club will exhibit their photographs at The Hugh McPeck Gallery for their annual exhibit, “Through Our Eyes.”

The Camera Club, one of many clubs on UAA’s campus, welcomes students and the public to brush up on their skills, discuss future or current projects and get feedback from fellow photographers.

“There is a good chance that one of the club members has done something similar or at least has done some research on the subject and can help with some of the technical issues or just be an extra pair of eyes to catch something that has been missed or [give] advice on how to improve,” Ray Dummar wrote in an email.

Dummar is a Camera Club member, photography lab technician and a UAA alumnus.

“Through Our Eyes” is the Camera Club’s annual exhibit that takes place in the Hugh McPeck Gallery in the Student Union. It’s open-themed, allowing photographers to submit their own photographs of anything.

The exhibit has been a tradition at UAA for over a decade, allowing an opportunity for students to exhibit their photography in a friendlier setting. Part of The Hugh McPeck Gallery’s goals is to help art students gain exhibition experience.

“The show is an important part of the club. It gives members a place to show their work and gives a deadline for some of us that need that kind of motivation,” Dummar said.

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The Camera Club holds around 10 to 30 members, depending on the year. The Club also holds workshops with special guests and gives members access to the studio and lab on Saturdays.

Evelyn Sharratt-Ash, sophomore UAA student and a new member to Camera Club, entered five of her prints into the exhibit this year.

“My favorite part of photography is making people feel good. I primarily focus on portraiture, and that’s because I love working with people, making them laugh and smile, and making them feel good about themselves,” Sharratt-Ash said.

The club’s photos were hung over the weekend and opened Sep. 10. They will stay on display until Oct. 3. The Hugh McPeck Gallery is open Monday through Thursday, 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. on the second floor of the Student Union. For more information about Camera Club, visit their Facebook page, Camera Club at UAA.