Anchorage Heart Walk raises awareness in community

On Saturday, September 13th, an estimated number of 400 people from all over Anchorage will come together, rain or shine, to take part in the 10th annual Anchorage Heart Walk, sponsored by the American Heart Association, in dedication to Henry P. Sullivan.

The three-mile course on the west side of Delaney Strip will be the host of this annual tradition, and a growing crowd is expected this year. Already, the sponsorship donations are soaring past $50,000 and the total expected goal is $155,000, which includes both sponsorships and walker donations.

Registration opens at 9:00 a.m. for runners to obtain brief physicals, and the race follows at 10:00 a.m. It is free to register for the walk, but donations are accepted and appreciated. Walkers already registered have done so online, which will be possible for all interested participants until the day of the walk. In the past two years, the number of walkers has reached approximately 350 participants, and is only expected to grow as the years pass.

“The money raised at the heart walk goes directly to research and development which assists in fighting both Heart Disease and Stroke,” Noel Gabler, Regional Director of the American Heart Association in Anchorage, remarked. Heart disease is listed as the leading cause of death for both males and females in our nation.

By participating in the Anchorage Heart Walk, funds will be raised to assist research in reducing and possibly eliminating heart disease in the nation. In 2003, cardiovascular diseases cost the United States about $352 billion, and numbers are only getting worse as the years pass and cardiovascular disease rises in our country. Community education and training will also benefit from the donations raised at the Anchorage Heart Walk, as well as organizations for Childhood Obesity and Women & Heart Disease.

Awards will be handed out to “top walkers”, who are participants who have raised at least $250. These participants will be awarded a prize on the day of the walk. Those who raise $100 will be awarded a t-shirt and entered into a contest to win two Alaska Airline plane tickets for every $100 they raise. These are only a few examples of the prizes the American Heart Association will be giving out at the Heart Walk.

UAA is also taking action in this year’s Anchorage Heart Walk. Team UAA’s goal was to register at least 50 participants to take part in this event, and 81 have already registered. Team UAA has also raised over $2,000 dollars, which will go directly to the American Heart Association for research and development. Students can register for the walk online, and the American Heart Association is accepting all donations on the day of the walk.

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In this year’s walk, over one million participants in over 450 events will participate all over the country. By participating in these events, participants will not only get a chance to spend their day in a healthy way, but they will also raise millions of dollars to aid research on two of our nation’s most deadly killers, heart disease and stroke. Make your decision now and fight heart disease and promote healthier living!