Anchorage Brewing Company Galaxy White IPA

Photo by Tim Brown
Photo by Tim Brown

Local craft beer producer Anchorage Brewing Company doesn’t shy away from bold ingredients with their Galaxy White IPA. The Belgian-style white IPA is a hoppy and aromatic, medium-bodied ale fermented in French oak barrels.

To fully strap in your senses, pour sparingly into glass stemware. Galaxy White pours opaquely as a rich, light orange color in a pinot glass. It has a small but persistent head and beautiful lacing.

Galaxy White is not an overload of hoppy bitterness, but contains 50 International Bitterness Units. Characteristics that spike out of the glass are of coriander and peppercorn, which compete perfectly with funky tart of brett and kumquat fruit.

The beer’s namesake is taken from the Australian Galaxy hops it is fermented with. The official webpage of Anchorage Brewing plays with branding that hits close to home, laying out the narrative, “Captain Cook travelled from Australia to Alaska, and so have the Galaxy hops used to create this adventurous brew.”

Anchorage Brewing Company has clearly put an emphasis on product presentation. All of their bottles feature real cork and beautiful original artwork from local graphic artist Ray Flores.

Clever marketing aside, the ale stands out on its own in the increasingly crowded craft beer market. In the eyes of this reviewer, Anchorage Brewing Company isn’t blowing smoke when it claims to be brewing on the “frontier of beer.”