Although his remarks have been criticized, Wilson still continues to stand up for himself

South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson did a big thing badly when he shouted “You lie!” to the President of the United States, during his address to a joint session of Congress.

Such behavior is expected from a child throwing a tantrum and not from an elected representative of the people.
But maybe we shouldn’t jump to set those up as two points on opposite sides of the spectrum.

In the aftermath of the congressman’s vocal misappropriations, Wilson found himself mired in the muck of a broad American public expecting him to uphold certain common sense standards of decency.

In other words, don’t cry “fire!” in a theater, don’t kick the elderly, and don’t turn a Presidential address – something many dream about one day witnessing firsthand – into your own nationally televised town hall meeting, where you play the role of the crazy.

If you should so happen to forget one of these very basic and fundamental rules of decorum, for God’s sake, apologize. And so he did.

“While I disagree with the President’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the President for this lack of civility,” Wilson robotically stated while his eyes  were methodically moving from left to right, like a fatigued typewriter, reading the cue cards.

He followed up with a phone call to the White House, reaffirming the apology.
Then someone, many people in fact, came up with a good idea. They sent five bucks over to Rob Miller, a retired Sergeant in the Marine Corps who has served twice in Iraq, and who is also coincidentally the Democratic challenger for Wilson’s seat in 2010.

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By that weekend, Miller had raised about $800,000. To Wilson, this meant one thing: the time for apologies was over.

Putting a new video on his Web site, the distinguished gentleman from South Carolina once again read from the cue cards, attempting to break his own record for excellence in emotional abstention.

“The supporters of the government takeover of health care and the liberals who want to give health care to illegals are using my opposition as an excuse to distract from the critical questions being raised about this poorly conceived plan. They want to silence anyone who speaks out against it. They made it clear they want to defeat me and pass the plan. I need your help now,” Wilson said.

The congressman essentially plummeted into the depths of humility, embarrassment and shame, for acting in a way that even John McCain identified as “totally disrespectful.” But, through true grit and determination, he was able to persevere, to buck up and rise like the phoenix from the ashes, and reintroduce himself to society as a new man, ardent in his stance to defeat “Obamacare,” which Bill Maher, the uber-liberal host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, pointed out was ironic in the sense that “the healthcare plan that Mr. Wilson so angrily opposes would get him the Prozac he so desperately needs.”

Criticism brushed aside, Wilson stood up to his critics, and boldly addressed his supporters… and told them to give him money. A lot of money. Or you’re a dirty socialist.

Wilson, censured by the House last week while currently serving his fifth term, has dutifully spent his tenure in Congress doing the work of the people, voting along Republican Party lines 96 percent of the time, with an emphasis on tax cuts. He has sponsored eighteen separate bills and cosponsored 244, culminating in the passage of a grand total of one single resolution, which condemned the attack on a Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in July 1994.

Truly, he is a testament to the achievements of independent thought and a champion of current events. Where do I donate again?

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