Alpha Sigma Phi to join UAA fraternities

Starting in the fall semester, UAA will introduce a new fraternity on campus, Alpha Sigma Phi. APS is the 10th oldest fraternity in the United States with 127 active chapters across the nation.

Mike Carlo, one of the coordinators of expansion and growth, looks forward to working with student activities to acclimate APS onto campus.

“Right now, we’re one of the fastest-growing fraternities in the last five years,” Carlo said. “We’ve opened about 70 new chapters across the U.S. and internationally in Canada as well. As far as Alaska goes, we have yet to open up a chapter in Alaska, so UAA will be the flagship fraternity in the state.”

Carlo also stated that UAA and the surrounding area would be a great place for APS expansion.

“We look at a lot of different factors when coming to universities,” Carlo said. “UAA all around has a good reputation for campus life, which is growing.”

A major concern for any prospective student deciding to join a fraternity is hazing. Five percent of all college students admit to being hazed, according to research from a national study found on Carlo assured that APS has a zero-tolerance policy for hazing in their fraternities.

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“When you look across the nation, hazing is a fear for a lot of people. We are a strict, 100 percent, non-hazing fraternity,” Carlo said. “So much so that Alpha Sigma Phi has helped sponsor, across the nation, the Anti-Hazing Hotline, not only for our fraternities but for fraternities across the nation. This is something we take very seriously and we have no place for it.”

APS is one of 47 national and international Greek life organizations sponsoring the Anti-Hazing Hotline, which was established in 2007.

Alexus Tisega, a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, believes that the addition of another fraternity is redundant.

“I don’t think we should be getting another fraternity,” Tisega said. ” We already have two fraternities that aren’t flourishing or expanding themselves. We also have Tau Kappa Epsilon, who have about 30 members, but still aren’t as big as we’d like them to be. We should have the fraternities we [have] now expand instead.”

Leadership Coordinator of Student Clubs and Greek Life Cody Buechner helps new fraternities and sororities settle in.

“It’s always been our policy here that if a group wants to come to campus that we are open and welcoming, but they have to do the recruitment themselves. We won’t recruit for them,” Buechner said.

The fraternities and sororities already at UAA will help Carlo in some capacity with his expansion.

“I think it’s a relief that most people see that bringing more groups to campus is beneficial for the community,” Buechner said. “We don’t want people joining for the sake of joining, we want them to find their home.”

Carlo arrives on campus Aug. 26, is excited that UAA has welcomed him with open arms, and will be looking for founding fathers to join APS.

“Everything I’ve heard about the community and the administration is super welcoming, so I’m excited about this new fraternity coming up here and super excited to start working with everyone,” Carlo said.